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I am happy that, at long last, BJP decided to nail the opposition lies in both houses of Parliament. Yesterday, the CPI MP (CPI supported emergency to the hilt) Manya Mohammed Salim brandished a news magazine to put words into the mouth of the Home Minister. The Home Minister countered his lie and immediately SM was abuzz with truth that the impugned statement was made by Late Ashok Singhal and pat comes an apology from Outlook, an avowed Left Wing Magazine from ages. Should we take that the learned Member of Parliament did not know the truth or was it a part of the orchestrated negative campaign unleashed by the Congress, despite which, it had very little consolation in Gujarat Municipal polls?

Then comes the lie of Kumari Shelja. I did not expect it from her. She was highly educated, non-controversial and soft spoken. She did good job as Minister. But Congress ways are inimitable. They used her services too in their nefarious designs. She said that in famous Dwaraka Temple, she was asked her caste. It was orral. No proof. Lie flies. But I did not expect BJP to nail her lie with documentary evidence. Result; panicked Congress started shouting. But truth came out. A Satvik BJP hesitates to hiss too. But it could bite. This is a change for the good. Modi effect is slowly percolating. Now, Congress will have to be on the back foot. Their inability to make mark in Corporations and urban Centre shows, their campaign has had not much effect on urban populace. If they want to come to power, they should change tack, build party. 

One more pleasant surprise came from Venkaiah Naidu when he said that the Government had enough evidence that the orchestrated campaign was to see that India did not get UNSC seat. This point should have been brought out earlier and should be taken forward. Another point that the Home Minister raised in Lok Sabha was that the UP Government could not conclude that the Dadri incident was either communal, personal animosity, related to cow slaughter or any other crime. He offered CBI inquiry. This should be made a big issue using, if required, Mayawathi. Why is UP Government not willing a thorough probe?  Take it to all states and the Rahul lie starting from the Weekend with Charlie. Other point is why has Sonia left for USA soon after a discussion on GST took place. It will become clear once she returns and makes or breaks her GST Bill commitment. Let us wait.At another point f time Venkaiah Naidu brought the cat out of the bag, by confirming the worst suspicion of 125 crore intellectuals minus Award wapsi Gangs, intolerant Khans, Kulkarnis that, those feeling suffocated by the probes into their illicit dealings of the past, are seeing intolerance everywhere. This is good. The points must be taken to the ground level. using cadres of both BJP and RSS. 

BJP has a lesson to learn here. It can not remain Satvik in a jungle where wild animals roam. In Pnchantantra the bull Sanjeevaka falls prey to the machinations of the two wily foxes, Karataka and Damanaka and sacrifices her life. Tamas is needed when you deal with wild animals. Ramakrishna Paramahansa was telling a parable of a snake that stopped hissing when asked not to bite. It goes on like this. 

Ramakrishna narrated this story saying, "A man living in society should make a show of tamas to protect himself from evil-minded people. But he should not harm anybody in anticipation of harm likely to be done him."

Some cowherd boys used to tend their cows in a meadow where a terrible poisonous snake lived. Everyone was on the alert for fear of it. One day a brahmachari ( Bachelor) was going along the meadow. The boys ran to him and said; 'Revered sir, please don't go that way. A venomous snake lives over there.' 'What of it, my good children?' said the brahmachari. 'I am not afraid of the snake. I know some mantras.' So saying, he continued on his way along the meadow. But the cowherd boys, being afraid, did not accompany him. In the mean time the snake moved swiftly toward him with upraised hood. As soon as it came near, he recited a mantra, and the snake lay at his feet like an earthworm. The brahmachari said: 'Look here. Why do you go about doing harm? Come, I will give you a holy word. By repeating it you will learn to love God. Ultimately you will realize Him and so get rid of your violent nature.' Saying this, he taught the snake a holy word and initiated him into spiritual life. The snake bowed before the teacher and said, 'Revered sir, how shall I practise spiritual discipline?' 'Repeat that sacred word', said the teacher, 'and do no harm to anybody.' As he was about to depart, the brahmachari said, 'I shall see you again.'
"Some days passed and the cowherd boys noticed that the snake would not bite. They threw stones at it. Still it showed no anger; it behaved as if it were an earthworm. One day one of the boys came close to it, caught it by the tail, and, whirling it round and round, dashed it again and again on the ground and threw it away. The snake vomited blood and became unconscious. It was stunned. It could not move. So, thinking it dead, the boys went their way.
"Late at night the snake regained consciousness. Slowly and with great difficulty it dragged itself into its hole; its bones were broken and it could scarcely move. Many days passed. The snake became a mere skeleton covered with a skin. Now and then, at night, it would come out in search of food. For fear of the boys it would not leave its hole during the day-time. Since receiving the sacred word from the teacher, it had given up doing harm to others. It maintained its life on dirt, leaves, or the fruit that dropped from the trees.
"About a year later the brahmachari came that way again and asked after the snake. The cowherd boys told him that it was dead. But he couldn't believe them. He knew that the snake would not die before attaining the fruit of the holy word with which it had been initiated. He found his way to the place and, searching here and there, called it by the name he had given it. Hearing the teacher's voice, it came out of its hole and bowed before him with great reverence. 'How are you?' asked the brahmachari. 'I am well, sir', replied the snake. 'But', the teacher asked, 'why are you so thin?' The snake replied: 'Revered sir, you ordered me not to harm anybody. So I have been living only on leaves and fruit. Perhaps that has made me thinner.'
"The snake had developed the quality of sattva; it could not be angry with anyone. It had totally forgotten that the cowherd boys had almost killed it.
"The brahmachari said: 'It can't be mere want of food that has reduced you to this state. There must be some other reason. Think a little.' Then the snake remembered that the boys had dashed it against the ground. It said: 'Yes, revered sir, now I remember. The boys one day dashed me violently against the ground. They are ignorant, after all. They didn't realize what a great change had come over my mind. How could they know I wouldn't bite or harm anyone?' The brahmachari exclaimed: 'What a shame! You are such a fool! You don't know how to protect yourself. I asked you not to bite, but I didn't forbid you to hiss. Why didn't you scare them by hissing? "

There is a lesson for BJP here. We may be party with difference. But with differently behaved persons we should be different. Counter the orchestrated propaganda  with counter offensive. Do not bite, but hiss. The urban voter still believing us proof enough that the voter realized opposition game plan. Consolidate in urban areas. Concentrate on rural segment. They are least bothered if one eats beef or pork or wants to be murdered. Beef up their real earning power. That is the only way to decimate Congress. Bridge urban-rural divide.  Concentrate more on modern agriculture as happened in USA.  Use pliable CMs for taking message to farmers. Make them feel one among Indian.


                             SATYAMEVA JAYATHE

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