Saturday, December 19, 2015



Your life is not in your hands. Your actions are guided by the others. You take a step forward, four hands pull your legs to the hind. Just see what is happening in the political spectrum. One CBI raid, CBI is silent, the raided officer is silent but the AAP guys who never did, do or will do any work continue to chatter on Idiot Boxes 24x7 on all irrelevant subjects.


We do not observe closely but our destiny takes turns and U-turns, not because of our actions but the constant nagging of outsiders. Let us take an example. You get married to the most loving girl you loved. She too loved you. Suddenly a childhood friend meets you on the street or at a Cinema Theater. "Hey Pappu!" he calls loud. You get a shiver in your spine. He comes near, blasts you with his fists, showers all affection but finally he tells your wife, "We used to call him Pappu, as he was good for nothing. We used to write script for his speeches in debates," He goes on blabbering. There is no immediate danger as you both are hot. But as time passes winter sets in life. Disputes arise. She may call you "Pappu". You may get wild. You may hit her. She may file a case  under sec.498 a. You may find yourself behind bars. All this, just because, someone unnecessarily blabbered some nonsense without basis. I hear that our inimitable PAPPU does not marry for this reason only. It is a different subject.


Vaastu is a subject that every other Indian is expert.  I studied MA (Astrology) at a late age.  There is one Viva Voce paper. Professors take oral test.  They asked me why I chose Astrology. I said that I did not believe in mundane predictions or Vasstu and I wanted to know whether I was right. They were not happy but I passed as I  answered all other questions. Finally they asked, "Will you practice?" I told that what I gained was a tip of the iceberg and I would  save the knowledge instead of making use of it commercially.

But, you can observe many Vaastu experts. In 1990, I constructed an apartment, the first and the last, I constructed. (Later I sold it too). I performed house warming ceremony. One of my closest relations counted the number of windows and doors and told my wife that the number was ten and all would be zero within no time. She told this to my wife as she was related to her. My wife was shaken. She pestered me to increase the number by adding two more doors. Under pressure, I broke the new walls and adjusted two more doors. The relation again visited and with her finger on lips (her lips, not mine) she exclaimed, "How could you break new walls?? This is disaster waiting." I told my wife, "I believe in Karma and whatever has to happen will happen" The issue closed there.  Whether it was Vaastu or Fate, I suffered the worst humiliation. It is different. But, here it was unnecessary for the sweet relation to  say words that pinched my wife life long. It became an issue of constant strife. I solved it my own way, of course. I sold the flat. Issue closed. I educated my children. They bought many properties. I never saw them nor advised on the Vasstu aspects. I believe in non-attachment, as far as possible.

I do not know whether you observed or not. If you construct a house, there is inevitably one person who skips the house warming ceremony but comes separately with a gift and his family. From the second he enters the house his searching eyes take rounds and rounds about the house. He does this until you ask him out of curiosity and apprehension, "Is something wrong?" That is his moment. He says, "North East of the site seems a bit cut and South West was more than it should be. That is OK. You can rectify by minor alterations." You believe him and you are finished. He asks, "Why is Pooja Room here? Why is iron safe in the North East? There should not be weight there. Why is water flowing through South West? It should be North East. Change the children room to that side. Make this your bed room. Close this door permanently." By the time he leaves, the whole of your arrangement takes a U-turn. And some issues remain to be tackled by construction workers, carpenters, plumbers etc., And you lose sleep. You get depressed. Your children may lose examinations. Your wife may suddenly turn against you. One fine morning he may walk in again to remind you that he forewarned. If you are pragmatic you will tell him that it is his interference that turned your fate and not Vaastu.


I attended one function. Two old men greeted each other. One said " Oh! Karodpathi colony!" (Billionaire). The other mumbled something. This Billionaire looked like a pauper in rags. I was looking better. I do not own a billion paisa too. This real estate fad can be seen in the upcoming colonies of every city. Most of the owners/residents are neo-rich turned neo- middle classes.  Most of them struggle throughout their lives to own that marvelous piece of land on the outskirts of the city. They construct a middle class home raising loans from banks, from money lenders etc.,, They settle there. By the time the first man constructs a house it is barren land. Slowly people gain in confidence and start occupying the lands. Houses are made with no roads, no transport and no sanitation. Ten years, twenty years and thirty years on, many colonies remain in as is where is condition. After thirty years, the Government may it is Wakf Land or assigned land and declare the colony illegal. We are in square one running from pillar to post. (This is the latest in Hyderabad city, regularization fee running in lakhs) Only consolation is big malls come in the vicinity. Oh! Development! But it is never seen. Most of the owners let the houses out, buy an apartment in the mid-city and shift there. The pride of owning a house in the outskirts remains. You visit any house, the talk goes to the real estate owned by them. "I purchased the land at Rs.200/- per yard. Now, it is quoting at Rs.10,000/-. Ask him, "Will you sell?" He says "No" firmly. It is like gold kept in lockers. Until he retires the mortgage continues. He will be calculating the inflation in rate and one fine morning his life deflates. None knows what happens next. But the satisfaction of talking about the value of assets owned is more than anything. 

I observed this even in very rich classes when I was very young. We used to have a client who was MP throughout his life in LS or RS. He had a house in the posh Banjara Hills Colony.I might have visited his house umpteen times accompanied by each executive from HO. He was taking pride in his possession. "See! Chandrmohan! I acquired this sculpture in Japan @ Rs. 1.00 Lakh (then in 1980s)." It went on like that umpteen times. All vanity.  Where will  he take them? But attachment to possessions is more than any thing.

Alexander,it is said, on his death bed expressed three desires to his Minister. Number one his body should be carried by his physicians, number two all his earnings like gold, diamonds etc., should be scattered on the road to the graveyard and that both his arms must be stretched open while cremating his body. The Minister asked why it were so. The King replied ,"It is to show the world that the best physicians in the world could not save the King who conquered the world, number two that all the earnings will be scattered once the soul leaves the body, number three to show the world that even the mightiest of Kings came here empty handed and went back empty handed.

This is philosophy of the highest order. For a man who possesses nothing "HAKUNA MATATA" No worry, it is philosophy. Live and let live.