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Times Of India has an obnoxious habit of presenting blogs in its on line editions, that teach you how not to be moralistic. The arguments presented by the authors, mostly drawn from journalistic clan, are stupid and to be derided by all nationalistic thinking Indians. I already responded in my blogs to two such degraded authors and pat appears a third one. This one is from Prasad Sanyal, who presnts the stupidest of all arguments why one need not stand when National Anthem is played. He does not stop there. He says one is free to sit, lie down, crawl or sleep on floor when the Anthem is played. It is individual choice, he says. Counter view is that those who opposed the family of those who did not stand when the Anthem was played had the same FOE. Only difference lay in the way it wass expressed. In our childhood my father used to say, "A man needs a word, a bull needs a thrash". So, in a free society that the author envisages, it is free for all. Accept the fact. He further elaborates,

"As I understand, there is noting that constitutionally mandates that as an Indian citizen, I stand up when the National Anthem is being played. People do it as a mark of respect."

Is it mandated in constitution that when a teacher enters a class room all students, whatever their religious faith is, stands in veneration and says "Good Morning, Teacher"? Is it mandated in constitution that you should respect women and treat all other women as your sisters and mothers? Is it mandated in constitution that you should drive only on the left, you should not spit in public places, nor urinate? Should someone beat you with a stick to see that you follow these ethics, not strictly a law. Why you feel vexed when people honk at traffic signals knowing fully well, the red light was on? Do you not shout on those so honking? Is it constitutionally mandated? It is ethics. It is veneration.

Did you expect a few years back that people stop smoking in public places, buses, trains etc., Was constitution amended? Through public awareness campaigns it was made possible. Your arguments that what is not stated in constitution is not morally binding falls flat on your face, Mr. Sanyal. You are spitting on the high skies imagining it to be constitutional.

My four year old grandson was telling the other day that he would be a dumping truck driver and dump all garbage outside the city. My three year old grandson picks up any piece of garbage on the way, searches for a bin and throws it. They do not know constitution. They follow what teachers teach. Why are teachers teaching them these morals now? It is because the Government gave a call for cleaner India to prevent diseases. We have a moral or two to learn here.

It is not law but it  is ethics to stand up in veneration when a National Anthem is played. Our flag and our Anthem are symbols of the Idea of India. Idea of India is not that one religious faith has one set of ethics different from others. We all heard the saying "Your freedom stops, where my nose starts.". Let us have freedom coupled with national respect. This is what Theodore Roosevelt has to say.

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” 
― Theodore Roosevelt

Be an Indian, if you want to asimilate in Indian culture. Your faith follows that.



Sagarika and satire? Unimaginable. For writing satire one needs humor and not a hammer in hand. And Sagarika is known for her inimitable style of using the hammer for every issue whether it be a real problem or not. When I saw the headline "Amir Khan and the third page patriots", I thought she was hitting the nail again. The very short blog in Times of India may have been the result of the editorial team hammering her blog into pieces, unable to control laughter. We hope to see the other parts soon. 

On hammering there is a theory called Law of Instruments. Ptecisely it states thus.

The first recorded statement of the concept was Abraham Kaplan's, in 1964: "I call it the law of the instrument, and it may be formulated as follows: Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

I expected pounding by Sagarika but I was dumbfounded to find Sagarika running after the hares and hunting with the  hounds. She found lost herself in the middle. 

After all she is a journalist. She cant be humorous. Even her hubby too cant. Or else, he would have used humor instead of hammer in Madison. Ask Arnob to smile. You will not find it in  10000 miles. Ask Barkha. She is more serious than the Gorkha regiment at war. 
It is said

Other forms of narrow-minded instrumentalism include: déformation professionnelle, a French term for "looking at things from the point of view of one's profession", and regulatory capture, the tendency for regulators to look at things from the point of view of the profession they are regulating.

So, as per this theory, a journalist views every issue from his or her own point of view. And unfortunately in India, journalism is associated with hammer and never with humor. So, we cant blame Sagarika.

The subject Sagarika Ghose chose was to humor us by hammering the third page patriots, obviously who left India, to the West. She lost on both hammer and humor. She chose "a party that was not" to hammer these third  page patriots. They discuss among themselves about the statement of Amir Khan (that he later denied and blamed all for distorting) in which he puproprtedly said that his wife 9preferred leaving India due to growing intolerance. And Sagarika chose to target the settlers in the West, who left India due to the filth, the violation of rule of law et al. She says they have no right to attack Amir or his wife as they too attack India.

Where she loses the plot was that slums, filth, violation of rule of law etc., are for real. Intolence is a mirage created by hammerers. Gandhi, soonafter returning from South Africa, felt the same. He did not mock. He pitied us. And his Congress party could do nothing to clean the nation. When Modi started doing work in the direction cleaning India of the slums, filth and corruption, he is mocked. By whom? The Prince. Where? In a college. He mocked "Swatch Bharath!"  and he was mocked by the audience. So, you do not allow India cleaned of the garbage. But you mock at those who say we remain filthy due to the filthy rulers of the  past decades. 

And what did Amir Khan do? He produced a serial moralising "Satyameva Jayathe" and he did nothing to solve the issues. And the Bollywood that provides him food and bread is full of filthy black money, hawala money and it is mostly controlled by Mafia or underworld dons. He cant say a word on this. But he sees intolerance in India thst his wife wants to leave the country. May be Syria or Libiya suit them better. 

And this third rate Journalist suddenly wants to change her identity as Satirika from Sagarika. Bollywood style. Missing kid story.


Satitica Blog


Mr. Akar Patel,

I am not surprised at the vagueness in your arguments about Hindutva, for, your whole thought process was filled with hatred to a single individual, Manya Narendra Modi, whom the world is appreciating as a statesman, a hard worker and a nationalist par excellence. And true! This transcends religion and race. Christian countries and hardcore Islamic Nations invited him with warmth. The few who hate him are here, in India unfortunately. Thy name is liberal, leftist, intelellectuals (I still fail to understand why these guys call themselves intellectuals) and film personalities who amass black wealth and who are controlled, cajoled or threatened by the underworld dons like Dawaood Ibrahim, who shelter themselves in the cozy hospitality of Pakistan, that violates our borders daily and beheads our soldiers in a fit of extreme tolerance as per intellectuals like Ilaiah and Kulkarni. 
In this hate-filled blog,  which you  preferred to title "Intolerance has a name and that is HINDU-TVA.
 you too consider yourself as an intellectual like Nayantara Sehgal, Ashok Bajpayee, Kancha Ilaiah or Sudheendra Kulkarni. If so, one should pity. Intellectualism is not all about education. It is about knowledge, wisdom and experience. You may have been educated like these pseudo intellectuals but what you assimilated might have been limited, your wisdom derailed and your experience might have been nil. 

For example you mentioned HINDU-TVA. Tva means parity. Hinduism says Tvamevaham. You are me. It says Sarvey Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu. It absorbs all irrespective of faith. It does not say "Come to Me, I will protect you." Instead it says, " I will come to You, You can protect me, as I see You as me, or me as You.".That is the reason Hinduism does not preach expansionism. It does not attempt to convert people to It. For, Hinduism is not a Faith. It does not command with commandments. It has no tenets. It considers as universally present. It is a way of life. Life is HINDUTVA. It never says "Thou shalt not" It says , "This shalt be like this". The all pervading blesses thus.

Mr. Patel! You might well know we have Temples all over the world. No where do you see our Priests, Preachers inviting, forcing, inducing other faiths into our fold. If any one comes on his or her volition we do invite and absorb him/her in our faith. There too, we do not prescribe commandments. We allow such devotees who visit Temples to follow their way of life. We do not say our idols perform miracle cures. There may be cult leaders who resort to such practices. We can call them as ultra leftists or intellectuals, who try to divert attention by theatrics.

Let us consider your own standing as an individual. You name yourself as Akar, the one with a shape. To that you add a tail Patel, that shows your ego that you are a Hindu Patel, one of the most affluent, enterprising communities. You hate Hindu Tva, that denotes parity. Which one of these is to be derided? Tva, that shows  parity of all or Patel, that shows you as yourself, an egoist, and not part of the universe that is one? Just think, if you have capacity to think.

Our scriptures say, let the whole world be peaceful. It again trascends religion. It never asks anyone to follow the faith, for Hinduism is not faith, it is way of life. That is the reason we have crores of forms of God. We see God in a Cross, we see God in the Holy Book. We do partake in festivals of all. In India, Christmas and Ramadan were adopted as our own festivals. We enjoy the festivities. We partake in their festivities and feasts, We never prohibit our children to enjoy kheer in a Muslim household or take offerings from a Church. I have experienced people of other faiths throwing away Prasad from a Temple as if it were poison. Truth, no? But you consider Hindu Tva as hate filled. You see Hindus as intolerant. Surprising, you call yourself intellectual!

And what do our scriptures say? 

Swasthi prajabhya paripalayantham,
Nyayena margena maheem maheesa,
Gobrahmanebhyo shubhamasthu nithyam,
Loka samastha Sukhino bhavantu.

Let good things occur to the king of the country,
Who looks after his people well, in the path of justice,
Let Cows and Brahmins** have a pleasant life daily,
Let all people of the world have a very pleasant life.

** People in search of God

Kale varshathu parjanya,
Prauthwee sasya shalini,
Deso yam kshobha rahitha,
SAjjana santhu nirbhaya.

Let the monsoon be timely and plentiful,
Let  earth  be covered with vegetation,
Let the country live without problems,
And let good people never have fear.

Aputhra puthrina santhu,
Puthrina santhu pouthrina,
Adhana sadhana,
Santhu jeevanthu sarada satham.

Let sonless people have son,
Let people with son have grand sons,
And let people who are poor or rich,
Live and see one hundred autumns.

Sarvathra sukhina santhu,
Sarve santhu niramaya,
Sarve bhadrani pasyanthu,
Ma kaschid dukha bhag bhaveth.

Let people live with pleasure everywhere,
Let all people live without diseases,
Let every one feel themselves secure,
And let none have at anytime sorrow,

Om Sarvesham swasthir bhavthu,
Om Sarvesham santhir Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham poornam Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavathu.

Let comfort be every where,
Let peace be everywhere,
Let there be plenty everywhere,
And let good things happen everywhere.

Om Santhi, Om Santhi, Om Santhi

Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace! 
If you are intellectual, you will understand the purport of the meaning of the Scriptural Message. Let the Worlds be Peaceful. Let the Kings and Learned (People with Brahma Gnana, not caste), cows be blessed. Cows give brawn through milk, provide manure, its urine is used in many medicines worldwide, (Do not kill and enjoy beef for youself). Let there be bountiful of rains, let agriculture flourish, let people be happy. Do you find this hatred? Or do you find the evangelism that instills fear of the dooms day and induces people to convert? 

Our Temples in Christian nations do not replicate Church Structures to attract people to our way of life. But unfortunately, Churches in many parts of the country replicate Temple structures. Is it needed unless they do not believe in their way of life, in their miracle cures or in their non-stop preachings? Our greatest strength is in our way of life, our hard work and our pure thoughts. We do not hate any one. We do not disbelieve anyone. For us our work is our God. Welfare of billions is our God. We give shape (in crores) to relect our belief that God is all pervading. If you want to call it hatred, I leave it to your Aakar (shape). Still I do not hate you, I only pity you. 

Do not try to identify a way of life with an individual. We do not have messengers of God. In our thought we see God in all intellectuals, all service minded and all Brahma Gnanis. as God forms. You might have observed that we fall on the feet of an eight year old Brahma Gnani, as we respect his wisdom. Understand our belief. Read more before you spew venom on others and call them intolerant. Come out of your sty. 

Tvamevaham. You are me.

Sarvey Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu. 

Friday, November 20, 2015



Could you bear the hug, Mr. Kejriwal? Or did you feel it was a bear hug? Or was it like the hug of Dhritarashtra to Bheemasena after the war? Oh! You are secular, you are intolerant to Hindu Mythology? You are one of those secular, anti-corrupt guys? Is it not? Yes! Dhritarashtra tries to hug Bheemasena in a rage of love for his courage. But Lord Krishna keeps a steel idol of Bheema and when Dhritarashtra, the blind king, hugs the idol it is crushed to dust. Beware of Lalu! He is more dangerous! What did you tweet in October, 2013?

"Lalu made crores in fodder scam. But no order for recovery of that money. Just twenty lakh fine and few years in jail? A sweet deal."

Now, we dare question you. What is the sweet deal between you two that you hugged him in a such a rage of love? How much did you and your great brain that settled between you, Mr. Prashanth Kishore get out of the crores he swallowed?  What is your USP? Why do you play one kind of role on  stage and another off-stage? What is the bond that binds AK, PK and NK? Do you think a guy who cannot read an oath properly, deserves to be a Cabinet Minister? And in the same breath you guys feel that a Statesman who worked with sincerity for three terms as CM did not deserve even eighteen months as PM?

But one thing is certain. Biharis got what they deserved, just as Delhites got what they deserved. Delhi can enjoy movies when universe is burning. And they got a good movie reviewer. Bihar wants to burn when the Universe is enjoying the movies. They got a fire-ball. God bless both!

Since 1977, many attempts were made to form non-congress fronts. All bit dust. Is it not quirk of fate that you disgruntled, disoriented, ideologically bankrupt, disunited with many PM aspirants are including Congress to form a non-BJP front? Do you not see BJP enjoying the Heaven of superiority even as you are rotting in hell in the company of Satan? Good luck! You too will get what you deserve.


Today's swearing-in was fun. BTW the guy who is going to be a Cabinet Minister and going to sign important files could not read a written oath in Hindi without being corrected. What does that bother a common Bihari, who is more bothered about the caste of the Minister? Anyhow, most of them will migrate to other states and raise the bogie of "intolerance" on bahari migrants and again vote on caste lines after five years. Did not these guys make the Thackerays the good guys, who tried to protect the food in their thalis? Good if they now protect with more vigor their own people. No regrets on that count. All states must emulate them, without resorting to violence. Just tell them to go back to Lalu who has capacity to feed them more delicious food. 

One Telugu poet said "The train you have to get into is always a life time late". Rahul arrived in Patna one hour after the due time. What? Did they not wait for the Prince in wating to be King of India? He might have expected that they would have deferred the Swearing In for the to-be-king. Was it not common for Congress leaders to purposely delay flights arriving late to prove they were rulers? Did we forget Renuka Choudary? What Rahul missed out was that each one on stage was a king-to-be-hopeful, including Prashanth Kishore. The stage was like a boxing ring. Everyone was like a Rocky 1,2,3,4,5. Let us wait to see who the victor is. But who cares for a self-declared British National? They might have thought he would be King of Great Britain. Not surprising. 

And seeing the face of Nitish and the fate of Lalu we cannot but remember this funny anecdote.

Two billinonaires arrived in Chauffeur driven Limos at a Seven Star Hotel to savor an evening coffee. The first billionnaire sat at one table and asked his driver to sit at another table. The second billionnaire sat at the table on which the driver of the first Mercedes was sitting and asked his driver to sit at another table. He devotedly sat opposite the first billionnaire. See any Front starting from Janata Party. You will find a repetition of the story.

The two drivers savored their coffees mercilessly in the company of two billionnaires. The two billionnaires were enjoying their coffees thinking their drivers were shown their proper places. Fate plays games. Did we not hear of Lord Indra who hid in the trunk of a tree to escape from Lord Sani and Lord Sani said that as he was hit by him only Indra left his Heaven and hid in a tree trunk? Pity Bihar, pity Nitish. Do not forget to congratulate Lalu Yadav.

Grapewine is that UP Yadavs are allergic to Bihar Yadavs and now they fear traveling to Bihar. Let us wait and see what is in store for India.


Thursday, November 19, 2015




Two incidents were reported in small print today. As a responsible Indian Nationalist, I do not advocate these incidents making headlines and creating tensions in the country. But, we can not lose sight of the fact that these incidents have similar backgrounds and similar result as the Dadri incident. What happened to our intellectuals that they maintain silence on these incidents, while the make undue noises otherwise? Killing of a VHP  activist in Karnataka remained either unreported or not condemned. One Senior Editor involved in the Madison madness went to the extent of saying that the VHP man deserved it.  The two incidents that I referred happened in Bihar and UP.

1. In Bihar a car driven by a minority community driver ran into the house of a majority community house owner killing an old man and his grand daughter. The driver was nabbed by locals, thrashed and handed over to the Police. Police took it easy. Next morning, a rumor was spread by interested elements that the same car ran into the house of another Hindu and injured an old woman.  (This was neither confirmed nor denied by police). A riot broke out. A police man of majority community was killed in rioting. A youth of majority community was killed in firing. Both Media and Intellectuals did not consider loss of four lives as serious as Dadri lynching. Killing a police officer on duty was not as serious.


2. In UP  youths studying in a Madrasa in Agra pulled a 11 year old girl behind a temple and tried to sexually assault her. This is not as serious as Dadri, as per intellectuals.  One VHP leader alleges a terrorist took shelter in the Madrasa for a week. Not serious even after what happened in Paris. Local Muslims joined the chorus to close own the Madrasa, but Police are playing hide and seek.  


These two incidents did not make headlines.  No intolerance debate was initiated by the Media. No awards were returned. What does all this indicate?  

This is where the surmise that the whole debate surrounding "INTOLERANCE" of Hindus was well orchestrated by very experienced conspirators in India with active connivance/funding by International Organizations. It smacks of MAFIOSO style. After Hardik and Dadri, followed by "I ate beef, you ate beef" debate, a concerted effort was made by the so called intellectuals ( the title was the most misused in India).  This was started, not surprisingly by none other than Ms.Nayantara Sehgal, the niece of Nehru, close to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. She was envious of Indira and Sanjay Gandhi and opposed them and their families tooth and nail. 

She returned her Sahitya Academy award, ostensibly intolerant about the intolerance in the country. There is no definition of intolerance when you are talking of a population of 125 crore. It is ubiquitous. But, since Modi is at the helm, this woman whose life style is aristocratic felt intolerance was on the rise. In fact, post Modi, there are less incidents of communal tensions, caste wars etc., But for these perverted men and women, a statement by some one, some where on some issue without any violent intent seemed suddenly giving rise to intolerance. When she returned the award, the BJP should have exposed her history vis a vis Nehru family, should have exposed the rot in Sahitya Academy during her uncle's party's regimes. 

This news made head lines as if Nayantara Sehgal was Caesar's sister or sister-in-law of Brutus and Shakespeare immortalized her character. It is a kind of Grand Opera show on Broadway, where she stabbed herself and started singing. NDTV joined the chorus followed by ABP News. These two channels bear a grudge on Modi regime. NDTV honchos are allergic in view of the FEMA notices and the inevitable money laundering investigations that may follow. Their impatience about Modi continuing for a second term is too overt to be hidden. They knew Modi was not such a person to talk too many words before action followed. Sources in the power corridors dried out. In place of cameras of Media people, CC cameras found their way into bureaucratic corridors. This suffocated the visiting Editors of few channels who were caught red handed on tapes, infamously known as Radia tapes. Paranoia that truth would come come out sooner or later made them so intolerant that they started the "intolerance' debate on full scale. Had BJP taken on Nayantara, links of Channels to the erstwhile power brokers and the rot in those Institutions under Congress regime, it would have applied temporary breaks on the self styled liberals out to destroy nation in the name of FOE. 

Then came the bureaucrat poet Ashok Vajpayee. He enjoyed various positions under Congress regime. He need not have manipulated any award. The award givers would have manipulated him to be in the good books of the powers that be He returned the award. All hell broke lose. Channels, news papers sang only one song. Intellectuals are angry, they are frustrated, people (I do not know what they mean by people) are vexed with the intolerance that is all pervading. At least then, BJP could have started counter attack. By the time BJP gave a measured response the debate reached menacing proportions. 

It was so well orchestrated that each day for one month or more one or two guys with heads on necks, calling them intellectuals (no test conducted for brain power) returning awards. Whoever used the word "tolerance" in whichever context was attributed to Right Wing Intolerance. President, RBI Governor, Dalai Lama etc., all were dragged into the mess. Besides Bihar polls, that is overtly seen as reason, the main reason lies in the fact that Modi is growing in stature internationally, his team of ministers and bureaucrats are working with devotion, people are feeling the change in the functioning of government without corruption. It made their task urgent. The most important factor that acted upon their small brains was the fact that Modi was gaining firm grip on the country's governance and unless he was disturbed each day with sinister campaign, he might not rest until he did what he promised. In this backdrop only Modi said with confidence at Wembley that he would complete what he started and no force on earth could stop him. Defeat in Bihar did not deter him a bit. This was a source of worry for Congress. The likes of Advani were used to attack him. They are spent forces and their word carries value not with .00001% of population. It is not a source of worry. Good! BJP is ignoring them and a few dissenting voices in Bihar. 

The surmise that intolerance debate might have been part of larger conspiracy was proven beyond doubt, when Karnataka Government decided to celebrate Tipu Sultan Birthday on Diwali eve, the most important festival for the Hindus. Not only they took the decision to celebrate, but the Government lined up people from all fields to eulogize Tipu, the good things done by him. Can we say Lalu did all bad things? How can it be? A man's character is measured by the net of good and bad. KCR played the same game to woo Muslims in Hyderabad. He started showing Nizam in good light compared to Andhra rulers, Girish Karnad went a step further and asked Government to rename Airport after Tipu's name. So, they initiated a discussion not liked by the majority community and Christians alike. The idea was simple. Aggravate their feelings. See they react. Pit one community against the other. See they fight. Blame majority for fomenting trouble. This was played by Congress before and after independence. Why did they take 260+ years to celebrate Tipu birthday? Why only now when they say the country is passing through a phase of intolerance? We know the result. People died. 

As the tables turned on Congress leaders by Dr. Swamy throwing a gauntlet in the form of irrefutable proof, the issue died a natural death. Now, all eyes are on the "INTOLERANCE" in the dynasty. Hope, nation shows what real intolerance looks like in the near future. One thing is certain. Many big fish will face the heat in the next 18 months and no conspiracy can derail the investigation process. MMS might have got temporary reprieve to make him prosecution witness. If he fails to fall in line, he too will have to be in the line. 

The fate of the pseudo secular guys, intellectuals with brains under mortgage to foreign banks, (their interest is very high), the Pakistan apologists like Sudheendra, MS Aiyar or Salman Khurshid, the BackOps Rahuls, the Radia's Media, the Mafioso like Naseeruddin Hodja who bought his own donkey at fifty dinars' more price. Please read the story.

Nasruddin Hodja took his donkey to the market place and sold it 

for 30 dinars. 

The man who bought it immediately put it up for auction. 

"Look at this fine animal!" he shouted to passersby. "Have you 

ever seen a better specimen of a donkey? See how clean and strong 

it is!" 

And he went on to list the many qualities of the animal. At the end 

of his sales talk a man said he would give 40 dinars for it. 

Another man offered 50. A third offered 55. 

Hodja who was watching was amazed at the interest everyone was 

showing in the donkey. 

"What a fool I was to think it an ordinary animal," thought Hodja. 

"It is an incomparable beast, one in a million..." He suddenly 

realized that the owner had received a good offer and was about to 

close the bidding. 

"75 dinars once..." said the man.”75 dinars twice..." 

"80 dinars!" said Hodja. 

Donkey of Hodja

Now Dr. Swamy quoted the Donkey (ASS)  price at 75 Dinars and 

Rahul is intolerantly buying it at 80 Dinars. His outburst indicates 

his frustration and intolerance. 

Please be reading.


Om sarveshaam swastir bhavatu
Sarveshaam shantir bhavatu
Sarveshaam poornam bhavatu
Sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niraamayaah
Sarve bhadraani pashyantu
Maakaschit duhkha bhaag bhavet

Wednesday, November 18, 2015



What happened in Dadri? Ask Mulayam, he does not know. Ask Akhilesh. He will look at Mulayam. Ask UP Police. They know but they feign to be in the dark. Was it the first time that a man was lynched due to local disputes allegedly over missing cows and calves? No! You can take the Bhagalpur blinding incident. Take the Tsundur massacre in AP. Many a time Dalit houses were burnt across many states with women and children trapped. Village politics is a different cup of tea. But, this one-off incident was given prominence in the Media. Within hours all civil activists, seculars, apologists of Pakistan living in India (not Muslims), Media, politicians of all hues started a heated debate. If they are really interested in such incidents not being repeated, why is the debate relegated to the background now? The prince, who flew to Aspen suddenly returned, as if the purpose of his visit was fulfilled. Reaction from BJP was muted. They are still living in the past decades when issues used to die after twenty four hours. What they did not grasp was that these incidents were orchestrated to destabilize the nation. Obviously, it was scripted, funded and directed by powerful International forces. Create an incident in a state where BJP has no role in the administration, create hype, hide the real truth, show to the world that Hindus under Modi dispensation are violent and intolerant, there is lurking danger to minorities, Dalits etc. Killing of three thousand minority people was not intolerance. It was spontaneous anger. But that was not the issue. Centre should have stepped in immediately after the incident and taken over the probe. If required, the Government in UP should have been suspended until law and order was restored. There should not be red tape in the Home Ministry and Raj Bhavans. Intelligence Agencies failed in their duty to warn the Centre about the deep rooted conspiracy. 

Any person interested in the general welfare of the nation agrees with this surmise. Hours after the lynching and arrest of a few villagers on suspicion of involvement, a news item appeared in many news papers that a Home Guard was detained and was being questioned for having threatened a Priest in a Temple to announce about the theft of the cow and he only prodded people to assemble at the place of the victim. It was authentically reported in news papers that this Home Guard had an alleged grudge on the victim and hence he orchestrated the incident. (What was not reported was if this Home Guard's animosity was used by the alleged international conspirators). It was reported that the reported detention was confirmed by one senior police officer in-charge of the investigation. But within minutes or an hour the news item disappeared. It is usual practice for news papers to correct the news item if found incorrect and say who misguided them, so that government can take up the issue and take action on the concerned. Here the news item disappeared in toto and no clarification was forthcoming. Instead of projecting the issue as secular-communal debate that opposition was orchestrating through carefully calibrated conspiracy, BJP leaders should have lapped up this issue and made mince meat of the Media. They failed on this count. Instead they concentrated on counter polarization. It boomeranged. I remember a joke doing rounds in our Brahman families in AP. 

In our families old women were not allowing children to enter kitchen and touch them or their silk sarees that they were considering Divine Clothes. These silk sarees were costly usually. One morning, one thief entered one such Brahman house and stole valuables. The old woman saw him and chased him into the backyard. He saw a big tree and climbed it. The clever woman went inside, brought her Silk saree kept for drying and tied it to the tree trunk. She told the thief, " Now come down! I will see how you will touch the saree." So saying, she went in thinking that if the thief came down and touched her Pious saree, he would burn of sin. The thief not only came down, took away the costly saree too.  

As the clever old woman in the above anecdote BJP leaders played the Brahman here. Lost both. 

The UP government did not allow BJP to take centre stage again. They kept the arrested villagers under detention under NSA. They need not be produced in courts nor do they get bail till one year. They paid huge compensation to the family of the victim. It was unprecedented. All the time BJP was trying to polarize. They lost both. Right strategy should have been making UP government the target, take over of investigation under existing laws, make the Home guard issue big with national leaders pitching in and seek bail to the detainees. In a dirty game, play dirty. BJP should learn lessons at least now. There should not be any let up in the counter attacks. If top leaders intervened in right voices, the voices of small time leaders would have drowned in the melee and Media would have ignored them and lapped up the big leaders. Opportunity lost, but not forever. 

The foregoing is clear indication that as reported in some news reports Dadri was an orchestrated incident to destabilize nation. Even now, the home Ministry can intervene and see that UP government sticks to rule book or face ax. Just as truth in Delhi church attacks came out later, this truth also should come out. Use the best lawyers and get bail to those detained under NSA. Let them spill beans. Challenge their detention under NSA. Make proper noises now only before it is too late. BJP should learn that if they are, however losing as in Bihar, to an united opposition let them lose it by improving their own lot with people. Be Indians in India. Learn what Indians want. they like sensation, caste, creed, cult, lies, propaganda, drama, fakery, black magic more than comfortable living, bread and butter, better roads or toilets. After establishing the party pan India, show them the real face of infra development. The process is slow and tedious but gives results. That is how BJP can establish a pseudo-secular free India. 

The beef controversy preceded this. Maharashtra government re-issued an order that is routinely issued every year that eating beef be banned for two days for beef festival. This is not new. People jumped, "It is my right what I want to eat". All these years, order was being issued and they were eating what they wanted. What new happened this year? Nothing but a well-orchestrated conspiracy of sorts. On Gandhi's Birthday bars are closed, butcher shops are closed, non-vegetarianism is discouraged. Did these self-proclaimed rights groups forget their rights to eat and drink what they want?  No one tweeted, "I ate beef, I drank beer. Come and murder  me" on Gandhi birthday. No Aiyar from Tamilnadu hosted a beef party or beer party declaring himself as an orthodox Brahman. Where did these perverted guys lead the psyche of a peaceful, co-existing Hindu way of life. Anarchy? Who prompted them? What is the quid pro quo, if any?  Truth will come out soon. An unknown member of an unknown outfit nothing to do with RSS/BJP calls police telling them that beef was being served in Kerala House, in Delhi. Yes! It was there on the menu, "Beef Fry". Police went there as a precautionary measure. From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, all hell broke lose, in a concerted, pre-planned manner. Beef parties were held to provoke fringe elements. Who knows? No right-winger might have been involved in the protests. It could have been stage managed. 

To know better how this happens, please read the story of George who made Police eat a humble pie. If one wants to conspire, he can do do that. So too, if one wants quick justice he too can plan it. George did it for justice, the conspirators did it to throw a peaceful nation out of gear. 

This is the true story of George Philips of Meridian, Mississippi, who was going to bed when his wife told him that he had left the light on in the shed. George opened the door to go and turn off the light but saw there were people in the shed in the process of stealing things. He immediately phoned the police, who asked, " Is someone in your house?' and George said, "No" and explained the situation. Then they explained that all patrols were busy and he should simply lock the door and an officer would be there when available. George said, "Okay" and hung up. After thirty + seconds he called them again. 

"hello! I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. well, you don't have to worry about them now because I've just shot them all"
Then, he hung up. Within five minutes three squad cars, an Armed response unit and an Ambulance showed up. Of course, the police caught the burglars red-handed. 

One of the Policemen said to George. "I thought you said that you'd shot them"

George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available"

Though this story does not exactly fit into the scheme of things we discuss here, an analogy can be drawn at the way a panic can be created in the administration by falsehood. That is what Congress and cronies did in the country. They created a scene, created panic, sent nation scurrying for cover fro the ghostly (non-existing) intolerance.  T

This was continued with Award Wapsi, twisting normal routine statements of statesmen, actors etc.,, Those who opposed this calumny were branded Right Wing Terrorists out to tear the secular fabric of the nation. For them secularism meant appeasement,, keeping specific sections of population in illiteracy and deprivity and thus in paranoia.

Please be reading.

                  SATYAMEVA JAYATHE

Tuesday, November 17, 2015




 सह नाववतु 
सह नौ भुनक्तु 
सह वीर्यं करवावहै 
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै 
 शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः 
Om Saha Nau-Avatu |
Saha Nau Bhunaktu |
Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai |
Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Om, May God Protect us Both (the Teacher and the Student),
2: May God Nourish us Both,
3: May we Work Together with Energy and Vigour,
4: May our Study be Enlightening and not give rise to Hostility,
5: OmPeacePeacePeace.


Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

One evening,Nasruddin Hodja's wife saw her husband walking 

up and down the verandah in great agitation. 

"What's the matter?" she asked him. 

"I borrowed a hundred dinars from our neighbor last month

and I promised to return the money on the last day of this 

month," explained Hodja. 

"Tomorrow is the last day and I don't have the money. I don't

know what to do." 

"What is there to do!" said his wife. "Go and tell him you can't


Hodja took his wife's advice. 

When he returned from his neighbor’s house he looked relaxed

and happy.

"How did he take it?" asked his wife. 

"Ah, well," said Hodja. "Now he is walking up and down his 


Mulla Nasruddin Hodja Postpones Paying

Not without reason, I narrated this story. BJP should havemind-readers as advisers. I was shocked to see BJP spokespersons and few strong leaders too talk too apologetically without reason. India has been, is and will a be a mine field of caste, creed, religion, cults, liars, propagandists, crooked politicos et al. They should be able to speed up their counter attacks in a way the opposition has no way but to run restlessly. They need tact. They should be like Nakula in Mahabharata, the speediest horse rider, who can ride the horse in between rain drops without getting wet. They should make the apologists of Islamic terror groups roam in their verandahas?  Why should they look defensive, when no offense is committed but campaign is carried out with ulterior motives?

Now, read!  


This INTOLERANCE debate took its toll on a beleaguered nation so much so that, whomsoever you try to talk suddenly turns the tables on you. What is intolerance, after all? A mother-in-law, who gave birth to a son, breast-fed, fed him food, cleaned his bowels, dressed him, schooled and tutored him, had high hopes on his owing allegiance to her throughout her destined life suddenly finds herself intolerant of the same son, who brought another lady into his life and was devoting more time to her than to the mother, Goddess Incarnate. A private limited company, with closely held family shares and management of the Company in its grips until the Government declares itself owner of the Company, becomes intolerant overnight. This happened with Insurance Companies in 1956 and again with Banks in 1969 and 1980. Take a Mafia group, that originated in Italy, flourished in Mexico and landed in India too. Mafia don and his cohorts suddenly turn intolerant and if required, violent, if the family business is usurped by a different family that may want to stop the underworld activity and join the mainstream. 

If we take the three examples above, we understand why the Indian National Congress that feels it has an indubitable, unquestioned and axiomatic right to rule over India the way they want,
 have suddenly turned intolerant and when another party took over reins of rule with absolute people support have started feeling suffocated and raised the INTOLERANCE debate. In Medical terms this intolerance can be adduced to the party's allergy to a drug called "people power." They feel people are a flock of sheep that follow the shepherd into a ditch, if directed. But when the same people roared like a lion, they ran helter skelter and unable to fight a direct war with the lion hid behind trees (here Media Cameras) to fight a guerilla war. NGOs and other uncivil groups that have many holes to cover lent a helping hand. As I stated earlier, a kind of conspiracy was hatched, Mafia Style on foreign shores, lot of money allegedly was pumped in and a concerted and orchestrated debate was initiated in elite circles that Hindus are intolerant.

In a population of 125 crores with different ideologies, different view points, different languages, beliefs and superstitions, a persona non grata somewhere makes some statement. It is caught by the Congress honchos, Media, pseudo intellectuals and extinct political parties like Communists to show to the world that Hinduism is intolerant. Laughable but but not a laughing matter as International Media is fed with lies, who like vultures in the sky, look for dead bodies down below start spreading the lies and the malice accompanying it. And for every minor issue Modi was made a target and the only aim is to see that he does not get an iota of chance to proceed in corruption cases. But, those familiar with Hindu mythology might pretty well know that those with "ASURA" qualities who appease Gods for boons, take a misstep somewhere in their arrogance. We had Ravana who underestimated men and monkeys, Hiranya Kasyap who wanted death neither here nor there and got in the middle, a Bhasmasura who wanted all those on whom his hand lay got burned but finally burned himself etc. Did we not hear the story of the ant that asked God a boon, "Should die if bitten" and God said TATHASTU and from then on ants die when they bite? Did we not hear the story of Midas' touch and he turns his daughter into gold with greed overtaking good sense? So it happens here too. 

For those who were after Modi to make a statement on intolerance, he said in unequivocal terms in the G 20 summit that now India had turned very intolerant to black money and corruption. It is a direct slap on Congress that not only tolerated but participated in both actively for decades and wants that regime back. 

In fact BJP leadership could have turned the tables on Congress from day one by raking up the Scams, one each hour and repeating it every hour. If Media did not cover, it should have used Social Media and Cellular phones extensively. It could have spent party funds in circulating hand outs in all languages and sent them across with daily news papers. The cost factor does not work out as much as a full page advertisement in a news paper or "Daag acchah hai" advertisement on TV. Even now, it is not too late. BJP should install giant screens in cluster of villages or towns, cities and go on countering Media campaign. At no point BJP should succumb to blackmail of Media and give them advertisements. They should starve of funds until they follow Media ethics. Please read the above anecdote and we can take a leaf out of the book of Hodja to make other person intolerant, even supposing one of our own slipped his tongue a bit too much.


It all started with disruption of Parliament. Ostensible reason? Some one some where made statement on something. Ninety nine percent Indians never might have heard their names nor understand implications of what they said or not said, but  twisted by pliant Media. Then, the church attacks in Delhi. It proved a damp squib. It was either insider job prompted by politics or robbery attempts. All were neatly orchestrated to show Modi in bad light and prove he was a mass murderer in 2002. But, as Hindu mythology suggests sins accumulate before ax falls. It was too premature for government to turn the tables. It would have been accused of hiding behind the alibis. By the time the truth came out Media stopped airing the truth. This was where the BJP, as a party should have taken issues to grass roots. I feel ten percent of  ministers, like Dattatreya, are basking in the glory of their power 

This weed should be removed ASAP, even at the cost of  short term damage to the party.Similarly, Congress was caught on wrong foot on Rahul Gandhi's British nationality. Though declaration might have been mistake, the role of the Company in money laundering is fit case to be investigated. BJP need not wait for investigations. It can raise dust on streets. BJP should use State units to conduct press Conferences. Use local media effectively. Have good spokespersons, who are well-read, who can twist and turn heads and spin them like balls of fire on the opposition heads. 

And the diabolic double speak of Congress, SP, JDU, Commiies was exposed today when they faced with the foot in the mouth Mani Shankar Aiyar defended ISIS terrorists and sought help of Pakistan to remove Modi. they did not apologize. They took shelter under the alibi that Congress had nothing to do with his comments. I was surprised BJP hit the streets demanding a statement from Sonia. The time to build up heat was lost. It is not too late. congress leaders shoot their mouths frequently. Shoot your arrows, BJP! No need to be on the defensive. So, you could have attacked Mulayam for Azam Khan comments. BJP need not create issues in the air. They need not manipulate. They need not fly to Aspen to conspire. grab the opportunities. Keep cadre ever ready. Hit streets non-violently. Give no gap to Media. Appropriate prime time.There is no rule that ruling class can not agitate. Mamata enforced Bandh, KCR did, Jaya did. who did not?  Prove what tolerance and intolerance are. 

Then came the reservation issue. Hardik was obviously financed by strong foreign groups. It was clearly orchestrated by a local political party that can stoop  to any level to be in power. When there was no violent agitation in India for inclusion of other groups under reservation, how could it suddenly crop up. How was violence perpetrated? What is the main demand? Who is Hardik? Many questions remained unanswered until this inexperienced youth shot his mouth and is charged with sedition. Even SC did not consider his plea. The whole nation is waiting with anxious anticipation three events. One is Neta Jee File declassification, Sonia's NH case and Hardik spilling beans revealing names behind his violent acts. Hopefully, all events will unfold in January, 2016.

Then followed the Dadri incident, the provocation through beef parties, the killings in Jammu, the award wapsi, the intolerance debate all aided and abetted by Media. Why is Media abetting this type of false propaganda? In the coming blogs. Please be reading.