Monday, November 30, 2015


Mr. Akar Patel,

I am not surprised at the vagueness in your arguments about Hindutva, for, your whole thought process was filled with hatred to a single individual, Manya Narendra Modi, whom the world is appreciating as a statesman, a hard worker and a nationalist par excellence. And true! This transcends religion and race. Christian countries and hardcore Islamic Nations invited him with warmth. The few who hate him are here, in India unfortunately. Thy name is liberal, leftist, intelellectuals (I still fail to understand why these guys call themselves intellectuals) and film personalities who amass black wealth and who are controlled, cajoled or threatened by the underworld dons like Dawaood Ibrahim, who shelter themselves in the cozy hospitality of Pakistan, that violates our borders daily and beheads our soldiers in a fit of extreme tolerance as per intellectuals like Ilaiah and Kulkarni. 
In this hate-filled blog,  which you  preferred to title "Intolerance has a name and that is HINDU-TVA.
 you too consider yourself as an intellectual like Nayantara Sehgal, Ashok Bajpayee, Kancha Ilaiah or Sudheendra Kulkarni. If so, one should pity. Intellectualism is not all about education. It is about knowledge, wisdom and experience. You may have been educated like these pseudo intellectuals but what you assimilated might have been limited, your wisdom derailed and your experience might have been nil. 

For example you mentioned HINDU-TVA. Tva means parity. Hinduism says Tvamevaham. You are me. It says Sarvey Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu. It absorbs all irrespective of faith. It does not say "Come to Me, I will protect you." Instead it says, " I will come to You, You can protect me, as I see You as me, or me as You.".That is the reason Hinduism does not preach expansionism. It does not attempt to convert people to It. For, Hinduism is not a Faith. It does not command with commandments. It has no tenets. It considers as universally present. It is a way of life. Life is HINDUTVA. It never says "Thou shalt not" It says , "This shalt be like this". The all pervading blesses thus.

Mr. Patel! You might well know we have Temples all over the world. No where do you see our Priests, Preachers inviting, forcing, inducing other faiths into our fold. If any one comes on his or her volition we do invite and absorb him/her in our faith. There too, we do not prescribe commandments. We allow such devotees who visit Temples to follow their way of life. We do not say our idols perform miracle cures. There may be cult leaders who resort to such practices. We can call them as ultra leftists or intellectuals, who try to divert attention by theatrics.

Let us consider your own standing as an individual. You name yourself as Akar, the one with a shape. To that you add a tail Patel, that shows your ego that you are a Hindu Patel, one of the most affluent, enterprising communities. You hate Hindu Tva, that denotes parity. Which one of these is to be derided? Tva, that shows  parity of all or Patel, that shows you as yourself, an egoist, and not part of the universe that is one? Just think, if you have capacity to think.

Our scriptures say, let the whole world be peaceful. It again trascends religion. It never asks anyone to follow the faith, for Hinduism is not faith, it is way of life. That is the reason we have crores of forms of God. We see God in a Cross, we see God in the Holy Book. We do partake in festivals of all. In India, Christmas and Ramadan were adopted as our own festivals. We enjoy the festivities. We partake in their festivities and feasts, We never prohibit our children to enjoy kheer in a Muslim household or take offerings from a Church. I have experienced people of other faiths throwing away Prasad from a Temple as if it were poison. Truth, no? But you consider Hindu Tva as hate filled. You see Hindus as intolerant. Surprising, you call yourself intellectual!

And what do our scriptures say? 

Swasthi prajabhya paripalayantham,
Nyayena margena maheem maheesa,
Gobrahmanebhyo shubhamasthu nithyam,
Loka samastha Sukhino bhavantu.

Let good things occur to the king of the country,
Who looks after his people well, in the path of justice,
Let Cows and Brahmins** have a pleasant life daily,
Let all people of the world have a very pleasant life.

** People in search of God

Kale varshathu parjanya,
Prauthwee sasya shalini,
Deso yam kshobha rahitha,
SAjjana santhu nirbhaya.

Let the monsoon be timely and plentiful,
Let  earth  be covered with vegetation,
Let the country live without problems,
And let good people never have fear.

Aputhra puthrina santhu,
Puthrina santhu pouthrina,
Adhana sadhana,
Santhu jeevanthu sarada satham.

Let sonless people have son,
Let people with son have grand sons,
And let people who are poor or rich,
Live and see one hundred autumns.

Sarvathra sukhina santhu,
Sarve santhu niramaya,
Sarve bhadrani pasyanthu,
Ma kaschid dukha bhag bhaveth.

Let people live with pleasure everywhere,
Let all people live without diseases,
Let every one feel themselves secure,
And let none have at anytime sorrow,

Om Sarvesham swasthir bhavthu,
Om Sarvesham santhir Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham poornam Bhavathu,
Om Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavathu.

Let comfort be every where,
Let peace be everywhere,
Let there be plenty everywhere,
And let good things happen everywhere.

Om Santhi, Om Santhi, Om Santhi

Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace! 
If you are intellectual, you will understand the purport of the meaning of the Scriptural Message. Let the Worlds be Peaceful. Let the Kings and Learned (People with Brahma Gnana, not caste), cows be blessed. Cows give brawn through milk, provide manure, its urine is used in many medicines worldwide, (Do not kill and enjoy beef for youself). Let there be bountiful of rains, let agriculture flourish, let people be happy. Do you find this hatred? Or do you find the evangelism that instills fear of the dooms day and induces people to convert? 

Our Temples in Christian nations do not replicate Church Structures to attract people to our way of life. But unfortunately, Churches in many parts of the country replicate Temple structures. Is it needed unless they do not believe in their way of life, in their miracle cures or in their non-stop preachings? Our greatest strength is in our way of life, our hard work and our pure thoughts. We do not hate any one. We do not disbelieve anyone. For us our work is our God. Welfare of billions is our God. We give shape (in crores) to relect our belief that God is all pervading. If you want to call it hatred, I leave it to your Aakar (shape). Still I do not hate you, I only pity you. 

Do not try to identify a way of life with an individual. We do not have messengers of God. In our thought we see God in all intellectuals, all service minded and all Brahma Gnanis. as God forms. You might have observed that we fall on the feet of an eight year old Brahma Gnani, as we respect his wisdom. Understand our belief. Read more before you spew venom on others and call them intolerant. Come out of your sty. 

Tvamevaham. You are me.

Sarvey Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu.