Monday, November 30, 2015


Sagarika and satire? Unimaginable. For writing satire one needs humor and not a hammer in hand. And Sagarika is known for her inimitable style of using the hammer for every issue whether it be a real problem or not. When I saw the headline "Amir Khan and the third page patriots", I thought she was hitting the nail again. The very short blog in Times of India may have been the result of the editorial team hammering her blog into pieces, unable to control laughter. We hope to see the other parts soon. 

On hammering there is a theory called Law of Instruments. Ptecisely it states thus.

The first recorded statement of the concept was Abraham Kaplan's, in 1964: "I call it the law of the instrument, and it may be formulated as follows: Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.

I expected pounding by Sagarika but I was dumbfounded to find Sagarika running after the hares and hunting with the  hounds. She found lost herself in the middle. 

After all she is a journalist. She cant be humorous. Even her hubby too cant. Or else, he would have used humor instead of hammer in Madison. Ask Arnob to smile. You will not find it in  10000 miles. Ask Barkha. She is more serious than the Gorkha regiment at war. 
It is said

Other forms of narrow-minded instrumentalism include: déformation professionnelle, a French term for "looking at things from the point of view of one's profession", and regulatory capture, the tendency for regulators to look at things from the point of view of the profession they are regulating.

So, as per this theory, a journalist views every issue from his or her own point of view. And unfortunately in India, journalism is associated with hammer and never with humor. So, we cant blame Sagarika.

The subject Sagarika Ghose chose was to humor us by hammering the third page patriots, obviously who left India, to the West. She lost on both hammer and humor. She chose "a party that was not" to hammer these third  page patriots. They discuss among themselves about the statement of Amir Khan (that he later denied and blamed all for distorting) in which he puproprtedly said that his wife 9preferred leaving India due to growing intolerance. And Sagarika chose to target the settlers in the West, who left India due to the filth, the violation of rule of law et al. She says they have no right to attack Amir or his wife as they too attack India.

Where she loses the plot was that slums, filth, violation of rule of law etc., are for real. Intolence is a mirage created by hammerers. Gandhi, soonafter returning from South Africa, felt the same. He did not mock. He pitied us. And his Congress party could do nothing to clean the nation. When Modi started doing work in the direction cleaning India of the slums, filth and corruption, he is mocked. By whom? The Prince. Where? In a college. He mocked "Swatch Bharath!"  and he was mocked by the audience. So, you do not allow India cleaned of the garbage. But you mock at those who say we remain filthy due to the filthy rulers of the  past decades. 

And what did Amir Khan do? He produced a serial moralising "Satyameva Jayathe" and he did nothing to solve the issues. And the Bollywood that provides him food and bread is full of filthy black money, hawala money and it is mostly controlled by Mafia or underworld dons. He cant say a word on this. But he sees intolerance in India thst his wife wants to leave the country. May be Syria or Libiya suit them better. 

And this third rate Journalist suddenly wants to change her identity as Satirika from Sagarika. Bollywood style. Missing kid story.


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