Friday, November 20, 2015



Could you bear the hug, Mr. Kejriwal? Or did you feel it was a bear hug? Or was it like the hug of Dhritarashtra to Bheemasena after the war? Oh! You are secular, you are intolerant to Hindu Mythology? You are one of those secular, anti-corrupt guys? Is it not? Yes! Dhritarashtra tries to hug Bheemasena in a rage of love for his courage. But Lord Krishna keeps a steel idol of Bheema and when Dhritarashtra, the blind king, hugs the idol it is crushed to dust. Beware of Lalu! He is more dangerous! What did you tweet in October, 2013?

"Lalu made crores in fodder scam. But no order for recovery of that money. Just twenty lakh fine and few years in jail? A sweet deal."

Now, we dare question you. What is the sweet deal between you two that you hugged him in a such a rage of love? How much did you and your great brain that settled between you, Mr. Prashanth Kishore get out of the crores he swallowed?  What is your USP? Why do you play one kind of role on  stage and another off-stage? What is the bond that binds AK, PK and NK? Do you think a guy who cannot read an oath properly, deserves to be a Cabinet Minister? And in the same breath you guys feel that a Statesman who worked with sincerity for three terms as CM did not deserve even eighteen months as PM?

But one thing is certain. Biharis got what they deserved, just as Delhites got what they deserved. Delhi can enjoy movies when universe is burning. And they got a good movie reviewer. Bihar wants to burn when the Universe is enjoying the movies. They got a fire-ball. God bless both!

Since 1977, many attempts were made to form non-congress fronts. All bit dust. Is it not quirk of fate that you disgruntled, disoriented, ideologically bankrupt, disunited with many PM aspirants are including Congress to form a non-BJP front? Do you not see BJP enjoying the Heaven of superiority even as you are rotting in hell in the company of Satan? Good luck! You too will get what you deserve.


Today's swearing-in was fun. BTW the guy who is going to be a Cabinet Minister and going to sign important files could not read a written oath in Hindi without being corrected. What does that bother a common Bihari, who is more bothered about the caste of the Minister? Anyhow, most of them will migrate to other states and raise the bogie of "intolerance" on bahari migrants and again vote on caste lines after five years. Did not these guys make the Thackerays the good guys, who tried to protect the food in their thalis? Good if they now protect with more vigor their own people. No regrets on that count. All states must emulate them, without resorting to violence. Just tell them to go back to Lalu who has capacity to feed them more delicious food. 

One Telugu poet said "The train you have to get into is always a life time late". Rahul arrived in Patna one hour after the due time. What? Did they not wait for the Prince in wating to be King of India? He might have expected that they would have deferred the Swearing In for the to-be-king. Was it not common for Congress leaders to purposely delay flights arriving late to prove they were rulers? Did we forget Renuka Choudary? What Rahul missed out was that each one on stage was a king-to-be-hopeful, including Prashanth Kishore. The stage was like a boxing ring. Everyone was like a Rocky 1,2,3,4,5. Let us wait to see who the victor is. But who cares for a self-declared British National? They might have thought he would be King of Great Britain. Not surprising. 

And seeing the face of Nitish and the fate of Lalu we cannot but remember this funny anecdote.

Two billinonaires arrived in Chauffeur driven Limos at a Seven Star Hotel to savor an evening coffee. The first billionnaire sat at one table and asked his driver to sit at another table. The second billionnaire sat at the table on which the driver of the first Mercedes was sitting and asked his driver to sit at another table. He devotedly sat opposite the first billionnaire. See any Front starting from Janata Party. You will find a repetition of the story.

The two drivers savored their coffees mercilessly in the company of two billionnaires. The two billionnaires were enjoying their coffees thinking their drivers were shown their proper places. Fate plays games. Did we not hear of Lord Indra who hid in the trunk of a tree to escape from Lord Sani and Lord Sani said that as he was hit by him only Indra left his Heaven and hid in a tree trunk? Pity Bihar, pity Nitish. Do not forget to congratulate Lalu Yadav.

Grapewine is that UP Yadavs are allergic to Bihar Yadavs and now they fear traveling to Bihar. Let us wait and see what is in store for India.