Tuesday, November 17, 2015




 सह नाववतु 
सह नौ भुनक्तु 
सह वीर्यं करवावहै 
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै 
 शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः 
Om Saha Nau-Avatu |
Saha Nau Bhunaktu |
Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai |
Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Om, May God Protect us Both (the Teacher and the Student),
2: May God Nourish us Both,
3: May we Work Together with Energy and Vigour,
4: May our Study be Enlightening and not give rise to Hostility,
5: OmPeacePeacePeace.


Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

One evening,Nasruddin Hodja's wife saw her husband walking 

up and down the verandah in great agitation. 

"What's the matter?" she asked him. 

"I borrowed a hundred dinars from our neighbor last month

and I promised to return the money on the last day of this 

month," explained Hodja. 

"Tomorrow is the last day and I don't have the money. I don't

know what to do." 

"What is there to do!" said his wife. "Go and tell him you can't


Hodja took his wife's advice. 

When he returned from his neighbor’s house he looked relaxed

and happy.

"How did he take it?" asked his wife. 

"Ah, well," said Hodja. "Now he is walking up and down his 


Mulla Nasruddin Hodja Postpones Paying

Not without reason, I narrated this story. BJP should havemind-readers as advisers. I was shocked to see BJP spokespersons and few strong leaders too talk too apologetically without reason. India has been, is and will a be a mine field of caste, creed, religion, cults, liars, propagandists, crooked politicos et al. They should be able to speed up their counter attacks in a way the opposition has no way but to run restlessly. They need tact. They should be like Nakula in Mahabharata, the speediest horse rider, who can ride the horse in between rain drops without getting wet. They should make the apologists of Islamic terror groups roam in their verandahas?  Why should they look defensive, when no offense is committed but campaign is carried out with ulterior motives?

Now, read!  


This INTOLERANCE debate took its toll on a beleaguered nation so much so that, whomsoever you try to talk suddenly turns the tables on you. What is intolerance, after all? A mother-in-law, who gave birth to a son, breast-fed, fed him food, cleaned his bowels, dressed him, schooled and tutored him, had high hopes on his owing allegiance to her throughout her destined life suddenly finds herself intolerant of the same son, who brought another lady into his life and was devoting more time to her than to the mother, Goddess Incarnate. A private limited company, with closely held family shares and management of the Company in its grips until the Government declares itself owner of the Company, becomes intolerant overnight. This happened with Insurance Companies in 1956 and again with Banks in 1969 and 1980. Take a Mafia group, that originated in Italy, flourished in Mexico and landed in India too. Mafia don and his cohorts suddenly turn intolerant and if required, violent, if the family business is usurped by a different family that may want to stop the underworld activity and join the mainstream. 

If we take the three examples above, we understand why the Indian National Congress that feels it has an indubitable, unquestioned and axiomatic right to rule over India the way they want,
 have suddenly turned intolerant and when another party took over reins of rule with absolute people support have started feeling suffocated and raised the INTOLERANCE debate. In Medical terms this intolerance can be adduced to the party's allergy to a drug called "people power." They feel people are a flock of sheep that follow the shepherd into a ditch, if directed. But when the same people roared like a lion, they ran helter skelter and unable to fight a direct war with the lion hid behind trees (here Media Cameras) to fight a guerilla war. NGOs and other uncivil groups that have many holes to cover lent a helping hand. As I stated earlier, a kind of conspiracy was hatched, Mafia Style on foreign shores, lot of money allegedly was pumped in and a concerted and orchestrated debate was initiated in elite circles that Hindus are intolerant.

In a population of 125 crores with different ideologies, different view points, different languages, beliefs and superstitions, a persona non grata somewhere makes some statement. It is caught by the Congress honchos, Media, pseudo intellectuals and extinct political parties like Communists to show to the world that Hinduism is intolerant. Laughable but but not a laughing matter as International Media is fed with lies, who like vultures in the sky, look for dead bodies down below start spreading the lies and the malice accompanying it. And for every minor issue Modi was made a target and the only aim is to see that he does not get an iota of chance to proceed in corruption cases. But, those familiar with Hindu mythology might pretty well know that those with "ASURA" qualities who appease Gods for boons, take a misstep somewhere in their arrogance. We had Ravana who underestimated men and monkeys, Hiranya Kasyap who wanted death neither here nor there and got in the middle, a Bhasmasura who wanted all those on whom his hand lay got burned but finally burned himself etc. Did we not hear the story of the ant that asked God a boon, "Should die if bitten" and God said TATHASTU and from then on ants die when they bite? Did we not hear the story of Midas' touch and he turns his daughter into gold with greed overtaking good sense? So it happens here too. 

For those who were after Modi to make a statement on intolerance, he said in unequivocal terms in the G 20 summit that now India had turned very intolerant to black money and corruption. It is a direct slap on Congress that not only tolerated but participated in both actively for decades and wants that regime back. 

In fact BJP leadership could have turned the tables on Congress from day one by raking up the Scams, one each hour and repeating it every hour. If Media did not cover, it should have used Social Media and Cellular phones extensively. It could have spent party funds in circulating hand outs in all languages and sent them across with daily news papers. The cost factor does not work out as much as a full page advertisement in a news paper or "Daag acchah hai" advertisement on TV. Even now, it is not too late. BJP should install giant screens in cluster of villages or towns, cities and go on countering Media campaign. At no point BJP should succumb to blackmail of Media and give them advertisements. They should starve of funds until they follow Media ethics. Please read the above anecdote and we can take a leaf out of the book of Hodja to make other person intolerant, even supposing one of our own slipped his tongue a bit too much.


It all started with disruption of Parliament. Ostensible reason? Some one some where made statement on something. Ninety nine percent Indians never might have heard their names nor understand implications of what they said or not said, but  twisted by pliant Media. Then, the church attacks in Delhi. It proved a damp squib. It was either insider job prompted by politics or robbery attempts. All were neatly orchestrated to show Modi in bad light and prove he was a mass murderer in 2002. But, as Hindu mythology suggests sins accumulate before ax falls. It was too premature for government to turn the tables. It would have been accused of hiding behind the alibis. By the time the truth came out Media stopped airing the truth. This was where the BJP, as a party should have taken issues to grass roots. I feel ten percent of  ministers, like Dattatreya, are basking in the glory of their power 

This weed should be removed ASAP, even at the cost of  short term damage to the party.Similarly, Congress was caught on wrong foot on Rahul Gandhi's British nationality. Though declaration might have been mistake, the role of the Company in money laundering is fit case to be investigated. BJP need not wait for investigations. It can raise dust on streets. BJP should use State units to conduct press Conferences. Use local media effectively. Have good spokespersons, who are well-read, who can twist and turn heads and spin them like balls of fire on the opposition heads. 

And the diabolic double speak of Congress, SP, JDU, Commiies was exposed today when they faced with the foot in the mouth Mani Shankar Aiyar defended ISIS terrorists and sought help of Pakistan to remove Modi. they did not apologize. They took shelter under the alibi that Congress had nothing to do with his comments. I was surprised BJP hit the streets demanding a statement from Sonia. The time to build up heat was lost. It is not too late. congress leaders shoot their mouths frequently. Shoot your arrows, BJP! No need to be on the defensive. So, you could have attacked Mulayam for Azam Khan comments. BJP need not create issues in the air. They need not manipulate. They need not fly to Aspen to conspire. grab the opportunities. Keep cadre ever ready. Hit streets non-violently. Give no gap to Media. Appropriate prime time.There is no rule that ruling class can not agitate. Mamata enforced Bandh, KCR did, Jaya did. who did not?  Prove what tolerance and intolerance are. 

Then came the reservation issue. Hardik was obviously financed by strong foreign groups. It was clearly orchestrated by a local political party that can stoop  to any level to be in power. When there was no violent agitation in India for inclusion of other groups under reservation, how could it suddenly crop up. How was violence perpetrated? What is the main demand? Who is Hardik? Many questions remained unanswered until this inexperienced youth shot his mouth and is charged with sedition. Even SC did not consider his plea. The whole nation is waiting with anxious anticipation three events. One is Neta Jee File declassification, Sonia's NH case and Hardik spilling beans revealing names behind his violent acts. Hopefully, all events will unfold in January, 2016.

Then followed the Dadri incident, the provocation through beef parties, the killings in Jammu, the award wapsi, the intolerance debate all aided and abetted by Media. Why is Media abetting this type of false propaganda? In the coming blogs. Please be reading.