Wednesday, November 11, 2015



One eighty eight year old guy went to a Doctor. "Doctor! My friend who is ninety five says he still gets sexual desires. I am not getting any. Can you suggest a medicine? "

The Doctor smiled and replied, " It is just talking about desires. You also tell him you get double of it."

Dear Mr. Advani, 

I will tell you a joke first. So that you can forget PM post and laugh Rolling Over Floor. ROFL. 

Two eighty eight years old guys like you and one of your co-letterers (wrong but right for wrong people) were travelling in a train. One asked the other, "What is your age? " The other replied, "Just fifty five. The other day Caliphate offered me Chief of ISIS post, as I am secular.". And he asked the other,"What may be your age?" I am just fifty two. The other day Putin offered Russian Presidentship to bomb you." 

Just then a forty five year old dropped down from upper berth and said, " I am just born and I am thinking of becoming PM of India. My name is Rahul." You know the other names by now. Please read now.

Yesterday, you turned eighty nine, crossing eighty eight. You must have toured the world over and must definitely have visited Europe. At your age, citizens delink themselves from all anxieties of family but spend active life. They cycle, go to malls, carry their own provisions and stay separately from children and grand children. There is not any kind of interference from their side in the life style of their children's families. Once every Christmas they meet, enjoy the new year and retreat. They do not entertain any ambition and  wait for their last second in their lives. My daughter showed me this kind of life and gave  a good advice. "Enjoy your life. Do not interfere in our lives. Do not give unsolicited advice. Even if you give, none cares. We provide you everying. Live a happy and healthy life." Later I visited my last daughter  in USA .She too showed me similiar scences (No cycles, but cars) and she too gave similar advice. I stay with my son in India (Now my son migrated to Australia), and I am provided for everything, I do not interfere, never advise my son or his wife. I look after my grandson, teach him only education. I do not moralize with him, as I think his parents are good enough for that. I do not pamper him too. I am less than seventy. If I learned so many life lessons at the relatively young age, I am surprised that you Senior Guys are still to learn lessons in political life.

One reason I can deduce from your ill-timed out burst on Modi and Shah (Media thinks it is well-timed, as you have tried to reduce the impact of reform measures announced by the Government. Laughable.) is that you suffer from Alzemer's or selective amnesia. (progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the commonest cause of premature senility.) One thing I observed was for each advice I give my children, they can dig my past life and give ten examples of exactly what I did similarly. So, I thought I would remind you your own blunders in Jana Sangh, Janata Party and in BJP. Today, you remembered individual responsibility be fixed for Bihar loss.

You have collected a bunch of old guys who never proved  their worth as mass leaders. One among them is Murali Manohar Joshi. Now, you are on the same page. Problem with BJP is everyone thinks he is intelligent. You too can be counted as a role model in this aspect to others. 

Second guy, now not in BJP, is Arun Shourie who, I have read has been in a meeting with you before you have released the letter. He changes his stance at the drop of a hat. He was extreme Right Winger, who attacked personal life of Prophet Muhammed in his writings and suddenly became secular. He had the rare honor of getting defeated in a debate on Islam and beat a hasty retreat. As a proud, honest, sincere Hindu, I was ashamed of him after reading the news. 


If you guys have written a letter to Nitish Kumar, castigating him for aligning himself with both Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress, who are corrupt to the core and who stoop to any level to keep themselves in power, nation would have paid rich tributes to you. You did not do this meant that you approved of the corrupt and crooked ways of these two parties. Then, it follows like night the day that the accusations on you in the Hawala Scam were true and the following accusations that the CBI was soft on you were too true. Even though I never agreed with many of my friends in Social Media that you were soft on Sonia because of your own interests in all scams that too seems to me not out of place. Basically, you are not above suspicion and may have been dishonest and may be, outright corrupt. This is one trait you may be finding yourself being intolerant of Modi, who is hailed as one of the few in the world who are incorruptible. Your letter may be read in this context.

In the Kanpur Session of Janasangh Working Committee, you were elected President of Bharatiya Jana Sangh and you immediately removed the founder member of BJS, Dr. Balraj Singh Madhok. Prior to that in 1971 General Elections,you resorted to negative campaign on Indira Gandhi, where posters were displayed across India that you guys were bowling to Indira and the ball hit her on her chest and it boomeranged. Ball did not boomerang, your campaign boomeranged. By that time you were one of the top leaders of BJS overseeing campaign, were RS member since 1970. But in that poll you lost 22 seats, and 2% vote share. After 1973, your party decline was fast. You did not take personal responsibility then but took up Party President post. In 1975, when you were all arrested it were Modi and Dr. Swamy, (not part of BJS) who fought Indira escaping from the clutches of police. You were never known to have that kind of dedication, Modi did not aspire for any position then until you mentored him as CM of Gujarat, 26 years later. 

After the failed experiment of Janata Party and formation of BJP you were the second most influential leader in the party. As soft Hindutva of ABV  failed you adopted a hard stand on religion. This encouraged Congress to engineer communal riots on large scale in the '80s. You did not take responsibilty. You said it was collective decision dictated by the ideals for which the party stood. What happened? Despite your aggressive campaign, your party was reduced to two seats in LS, the lowest tally ever. You took collective responsibility only. No leader was asked to explain nor you explained. And you remained RS member for two terms, this time from MP. Could you not win one LS seat being in the party for 31 years till then? But you wanted positions, power and all lucrative things that go with it. Today you are overtly hands in glove with Congress. The two of  you were two different poles on ideology. Whither ideology, Old Man? 

Not your personal charisma but your hardcore Hindutva ideology gained you 86 seats in 1989, but nation paid heavily under unstable givernments. And you supported VP Singh, who opened the Pandora's Box of Mandal reservations. In 1990 you undertook Rath Yatra, that led to your arrest by Lalu Yadav whom you covertly supported through the likes of Yashwanth and Shatrughan Sinha! Am I right? For you power is the ultimate goal. You want to enjoy the PM post at least one day. It will remain a dream and sooner than you guys expect, nation will spit on your faces as you are attacking a reincarnation of Swamy Vivekananda, for whom power and fame are like straw, on which few politicians built their mansions of power. Are you not one of them, like the proverbial fox, for whom grapes not reachable are sour? 

Do you remember your own pictures of trying to pacify Kar Sevaks who were demolishing Babri Masjid and print media used the photos against you showing you were instigating them? Now, you rely on the same Media and Press to demoralize a Statesman. One billion Advanis and an equal number of Sinhas, Shantakumars, Shouries, Joshis can not harm Modi's stature. He is like Vamana, who only grows, grows and grows to occupy the whole world with his fame.

After much instability you formed Government under AB Vajpayee. You were Home Minister and Dy Prime Minister, thought very high of your own performance, ran an India Shining Campaign but were outsmarted by Congress and allies simply because they had no ideology or qualms but BJP was a party with difference. Was it not the same BJP with no difference that got defeated by an alliance sans ideology or qualms in Bihar? Why do you play shy of accepting a harsh reality? You did not take responsibility in 2004 but blamed lack of ideology of Congress allies! You were leader of opposition in LS in 2009 who botched up Nuclear Agreement issue and Cash for Vote Scam in LS. Do you know the same channel that saw defeat of BJP in 2009 is encouraging you today? The same Editor was involved in a physical scuffle in New York, to discredit Modi and BJP? 

Is it not true that the same MM Joshi, alongwith Uma Bharathi and Madan Lal Khurana revolted against you in 2005? But in 2006 you were not ashamed to declare yourself as the most eligible PM candidate, even before the party declared you so? And was it not the same shameless old man that opposed Modi after the party duly deliberated and declared him PM candidate? You resigned all the posts and took the resignation back. In politics, stability of ideology and thought process is more required.

In 2009 you went to polls declaring yourself as PM candidate but you got a slap on the face by Congress, though mired in corruption. How can you compare yourself with Modi? He will happily forgo his position, if circumstances force him to. He is a yogi par excellence. Losers will be common population. Your whole exercise seems to be to bring back Sonia Raj, to enable yourselves enjoy spoils of office at the cost of nation.

Your leadership in 2009 brought down the tally of BJP led NDA to 159 from 181 in 2004 and vote share lost was 9%. Did you make yourself responsible for the fiasco and relinquish your ambition to be PM? No! With due respects to your age, not your qualities, I state that even today you are dreaming and salivating about the post. Kudos to your capacity to dream during day times. 

I am sharing this blog with all in BJP and all day dreamers in BJP and I wish at least one old Tantrik justifies his position vis-a-vis Bihar loss. 


During my Tenth Class there used to be a bed-ridden old guy who used to continuously repeat names of vegetables like "Brinjal, Brinjal,Brinjal. Drumstick, Drumstick, Drumstick. Lady Finger, Green Mirchi etc., " People used to call him senile, not Veteran. What should you be called, Mr. Advani, that you go on repeating PM Post, PM post?