Friday, December 18, 2015



A mischievous toddler was caught peeing at a public place, strictly prohibited for peeing, by a gentleman. He immediately ran a few yards and peed there. A police constable caught the two arguing and the gentleman told the truth. But the boy insisted that the gentleman peed first and that he only emulated him. And, as proof he showed the two wet places. 

Surprised? This boy grew up to be an IIT, an IRS and the Chief Minister of a Union Territory in the great country called India. Should I name him? Not needed. You all know. Whenever he is caught in the act, he will rush to the Media and one channel  is ready to film the other "WET SPOT".  The day he entered politics was the day I predicted (in a tet e tete with my son) that he would be a thorn in the rosy bed of Indian democracy. He does not follow any rules.  He does not believe in "rule of Law". The worst part is he does not believe in one word, "TRUTH". If we study his life, we can not but draw a conclusion that he is a fully developed "megalomaniac". And, he is surrounded by corrupt, dishonest, good-for-nothing followers, who are using his psychological problem to their advantage, just a like a selfish husband uses the ill-health of his wife, to sustain himself and grow. Examples abound, but it diverts the main issue.

Why is media so interested in encouraging this guy? No! it is not as much encouraging anyone but as it is, to see the downfall of Modi. So, whoever uses vitriolic language against Modi, he becomes a blue-eyed boy of the Media. Various factors define this hate - Modi campaign. One is, certainly, the drying up of advertisement revenue from Government departments. This would not, in itself, have turned the Media so inimical to Modi. Media was enjoying the sweet patronage of the powers-that-be for the past one decade, before Modi took over. They had sources in every Ministry. They had sources in every investigating agency. In fact, the main grouse of Media and Kejriwal seemed that they had no prior information from sources of the impending raid on the office of the Delhi secretariat. The sources dried up. There is full control over all institutions. Unsparing efforts are on, to muzzle corruption in the roots. This guy does not want it. Surrounded by wily foxes and jackals, he wears a mask of honesty. He thinks that by calling a goat a dog, the dozen thieves, including himself, can get away stealing the valuable goat. Once, his bluff was called, he started spreading canards. But is is impossible to distract the determination of Modi. He is a Sage, who conquered all the internal enemies. For a Sage there are no external enemies as he conquers anger, hate and jealousy.  

Alexander won wars on all the Kings in the world. He was retreating with his army from India. His wife asked him to get her one Rishi, as she wanted to know her future as she believed Rishis had magic powers. Alexander found one such Rishi in meditation and ordered him to follow him.The Rishi refused. Alexander drew his sword. The Rishi  smiled. Alexander was shocked. No one ever smiled when he was going to kill. He asked the Rishi, "Are you not afraid, you smile? Don't you know, I am killing you?" The Rishi replied, "There are two things you should know. Your sword can not kill me. Second, you are slave of my slaves".Angry Alexander demanded an explanation. The Rishi smiled and said, "  You can only cut my body with your sword. But I am not this body. I am something else. And, secondly, I conquered anger and desire to such an extent that they are my slaves. I never obey them, but they obey me. And you succumb to anger and desire like a slave. Am I not right that you are the slave of my slaves?"

This IIT guy should have realised this, the moment he saw on TV, a smiling Modi handing over a glass of water to his choking MP, who was shouting in anger and not only that also failed in performing the basic duty of covering the glass with a lid and Modi did it, with the same smile. Do we not see a similarity in the episode to the above story? Rishis and Sages are made of a different mettle. They conquer the six enemies. Those who are slave to the internal enemies use vitriolic language to please the base desires of his followers. His education is a sham. His culture is a sham. His honesty is a facade. 

And the third reason Media draws swords on Modi is their own apprehension bordering on paranoia. If the most powerful members of the first family could be dragged to court, it was only a matter of time before their sins came knocking on their doors.And they were plenty.So, the sooner Modi goes, the sooner they will be out of the woods. But it is a pipe dream. Loss in one of two or in all the state elections from now on also can not do anything to Modi's  position. Matters have been clarified many times. Snake poison has remedy. For every problem there is a solution. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

When one says he is honest he should be honest in word and deed. Just not taking bribe is honesty. Not telling lies too is honesty. If one does not take bribe or is not corrupt, but spoils the whole system with his blatant lies and goes out of his way to protect an allegedly corrupt officer, whither his honesty? There is no measuring tape for honesty, to say he is three yards honest or the other is four yards honest. Or to say that he is 56 KG honest and the other 65 KG honest.  Honesty is absolute not relative.  

An American,an English man and and an Indian were chatting. 

"In our country the airplane touches the sky when it flies"  the American said.

"Will it really touch the sky?" the others exclaimed.

"Not exactly. An inch below the sky, it flies" he said.

"In our country, ships can sail above water?"" the English man said.

"Will they not touch water at all?' asked the other two.

"Not exactly, they sink just an inch." explained the English guy.

"In our country, people eat through their noses" the Indian said.

Shocked the other two asked, "How can they eat through noses?"

"Not exactly! They eat through mouth just one inch below their noses"" explained the Indian.

Honesty should not be a relative subject as above. There is no one inch above or below honesty. Honesty is a fixed morale. One can not be dishonest to a wife by being honest to a live-in relation and claim honesty. It can not be by halves. If one has a wife and a live-in partner, he should have temerity to be honest with both and face the music. You can not claim to be honest and hug a convict Lalu, in the name of secularism. The mask peeled off then itself. Claiming victory by falsehood is Duryodhana-like. Raja Dharma demands more than vicious tweets to satiate the hunger of lumpen elements. 

It is easy to deceive a layman with sweet words and live life king size. Our politicians know this art very well. Our "ALTERNATE" politicians know this a tad better then the traditional ones like Congress and Communists, These traditional guys tell lies but get caught. But these LIE LIE TEE guys (Guys with two Lies and one Tee shirt) know this better. They adorn lies in place of lips. They know the art of cheating and if caught they play victim-card, cleverly. 

The official car of a businessman crashed into a tree and sustained  severe damages. The driver was on the verge of tears. Soon a crowd gathered there. An old man, traveling in another car, stopped and talked to the driver with pity. "i think you have to get the car repaired from your own sources" 

"Yes, sir!" replied the driver.

The businessman handed him over a Rs.500/- note and said " I hope these kind people leand a hand each" and drove away. 

Seeing the old man's generosity, many people contributed their mite. They praised the old man for his great idea"

"Yes! He is a smart guy. He is my boss, owner of this car" said the driver chuckling.