Friday, July 31, 2015


Today is Guru Poornima. And it is "Once in a Blue Moon Day", the full moon coming on a Friday, twice in the same month.

Please hear the Sloka.

To be frank I never took any Sage/Satvik/Sanyasi/Sant/Guru, as my Guru. I read, re-read many Gurus. I followed the Dharma they taught. And if anyone asks me who your Guru in life is, I always answer "My Conscience". This may sound surprising and arrogance personified but that is the way I follow. I depend more on the Karmic effects of my earlier lives and try to be as good as possible, so that, as per my belief, this Janma's karmic effect is lessened in future births. That will lead to salvation, I believe. That is why, I always donated any excess I had (sometimes I borrowed and begged others to help people in distress, despite opposition from all). So, I am loved and hated both.

I strictly believe in not preaching to others what we do not practice. I took all my suffering in life as Karmic effect and the mistakes and blunders I committed under the influence of forces unseen by me. I developed a habit of distancing from everyone who did or does harm to me or my family and so I hate none.   Today, I am all alone, only a nuclear family to support and sustain me. I feel my future is safe in their hands.

But, without Gurus we do not learn things in life. As we pass from childhood to adoloscence to youth to middle age to old age and to the grave yard, we are guided by Gurus. Inner conscience is the best Guru but it may falter at a time when you need an advice most. I too had many Gurus.


The Latest and might be the last, unless I survive 100 years, is my 2 year 9 months old grandson who takes utmost care of me. It may be God's gift he thinks ahead of his age and time. We have no TV for that purpose only, not to overload his brain. When we talk among ourselves, he hears, grasps, retains in his brain and uses the substance of our talk at the appropriate time. My children , wife and daughter in law most of the times advise me on one aspect, "Reduce your tummy".

So, the other Sunday, when we were sitting in a restaurant and the waiter brought onion pieces, first he asked me "Tata! (Grandpa in Telugu) Eat the onion". I said I would not, as I ordered South Indian food. He insisted. I politely refused. Then he advised me, " Tata! You have a very big tummy and if you eat the onion, your tummy becomes very small" and he displayed the big and small with his hands. Everyday, while going for a walk he tells, "You also come Tata! There is a big spider on the wall you cant see. I can see it. It will bite you if you are alone and you will be really scared". As we taught him only English and Marathi, he speaks spotless English including tenses and adjectives and corrects our accent sometimes. He advises me to shut down the tablet as it burns the eyes. I hope he will lead me to the Salvation path. 


You might have grasped it was my chidren's turn to teach me somethings in life. They tell me where I may have committed mistakes in life, teach me the latest in technology, guide me on subjects of my blogs, help me with drawing pictures and all the more keep libraries in all the three homes for me to read when I am there. My elder daughter imposes strict discipline in her talk and actions, my son fights with me to rectify me but it is my younger daughter who tells whatever she wants to tell in a straight, soft language and is my guide in life. She is the most studious and hardworking of all with tremendous amount of patience "in sustaining life" in great difficulties. These three are my penultimate gurus. My daughter in law too plays a good role as a Guru. She takes the liberty of a daughter and even fights with me to rectify. My son too chose a wife that would prove a Guru in his life.  My sons in law love me and treat me as their own father but rarely take liberty to advise me. 


You heard many times that she taught me patience and perseverence. She faced the worst test of her life, my loss of job and slow and steady decline in my fortune, my psychological problems, with utmost patience, never discussed these issues with anyone and her social behaviour during the days of turbulence was as if nothing had happened. She worked as a teacher and lecturer and was the first Guru to my children and the best in my life. 


In my first job, my Administrative Officer in LIC of India, Sri JRK Murthy,was my first Guru who taught me the art of leading people. My immediate superiors used to complain that I was belligerent but he was telling them that I was "analytical" and in my testmonial, he wrote the same. "His analytical approach to issues will make him an immediate asset in any assignment he is given". I will post the copy of this in next blogs as it is in Hyderabad now. 

In my Bank, my Manager, Sri Y.Satynarayana Murthy in Hyderabad was my first Guru, who was allocating time to teach any new issues in banking. He was affectionately calling me "Pottoda" (small guy). His training helped me a lot in the bank and subsequently too. 


I was the blue eyed boy in schools and college and hence, all my teachers were my favorite Gurus. But two teachers took my growth as personal challenge. One was my Head Master Sri Jasti Seetaramanjaneyulu, English teacher and Sri P. Ramabrahmam, Mathematics, who were burning midnight oil to mug me up in the subjects. I can proudly say that because of them, my brain has become a human computer and even today, I can total four digit numbers in my mind and tell the total. I can total a thousand two digit numbers on paper without using pencil and tell the total. My respect to them never diminishes.


The real guru in my life was my father. I still remember him as a strict disciplinarian, a bold and haugty gentleman and a man who sacrificed all, to make us graduates. When in school, he was teaching us English before a kerosene lantern and was sitting there till 8'o clock until we finished our studies and was giving permission to sleep at 8'o clock. I still remember standing in front of him with folded hands till my graduation was complete. He taught us honesty, reading books, news papers at a very early age, politics, events that were taking place in the world and how to bravely face interviews. A great soul. It was unfortunate that within 45 days' of my getting first job , he left the world, the saddest event in my life that I could never reconclie. (For more, read the book I am going to come out soon on my travails in life and the Gods and demons in life "The Churning of the Ocean of Life") 


For any one Mother is the first Guru. She must have taught me walking, talking and behaving. As she was not educated she never taught us subjects. But one thing she taught me was "FOLLOW YOUR FATHER. HE IS THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD" . Yes. That helped me. Of course, she taught me cooking and spending hours in kitchen that is now helpful to my "not so healthy wife" and children who are working and grandchildren who love South Indian Food recipes. 

On this GURU POORNIMA day, I pay rich tributes to all my Gurus in life. To end this blog, let me clarify that I am essentially a " Family Man" and my attachment to my small family is my everlasting Guru until the final call comes. I do not go beyond my family, while I help so many people with no attachments with them. I forget them then and there, unless they remember and come back to me. 

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara

Guru Sakshath Parambrahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha



Monday, July 27, 2015


Did you hear the story of the Sas-Bahu-Beggar story in childhood? If, yes, plase recollect. If not, here is the story. Please enjoy.

Once a beggar came to a house and sought alms. The daughter-in-law (bahu) who opened the door said there were no left overs of food in the house and asked him to come next day. The Mother-In-Law (Sas) heard the bahu talking to some one and asked her. On hearing the bahu turned away a beggar without her permission, the Sas called the beggar back, who came with lot of hope, was flabbegasted when the Sas told him that she owned the house and only she was fit to turn away a beggar and turned him away again. 

I never thought I would recollect this story, but for teaching my grandchildren.  Iam amazed this story being enacted in Delhi daily between an elected CM and the Congress appointee LG. Though BJP has no role in it, both try to score points over one another by bringing the Centre into the spar. It is a different story that BJP continued the Congress appointee in Delhi to see that the mud did not stick to their hands.

The fun part is the continuation of the serial of Ms.Smriti Irani, the respected, erudite HRD Minister's very famous serial "Sas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi". One day CM is Sas, LG, the Bahu and next day the roles reverse. 

So, when CM appointed his close confidant as DCW Chief, LG, the Sas turned down the appointment, recalled the file and appointed the same woman as DCW Chief. Not only that, he said, Delhi was his feifdom as he was ruling it even before the Bahu came in a love marriage between autowallahs and the CM. CM refuted this saying he was loved by more people than the LG and he owned Delhi. Voters were looking like the sandwiched husband in joint families. 

We can quote instances of the Sas turning into Bahu, Bahu turning into Sas and both hugging each other in a bout of sudden love when they think of the injustice meted out to both by the common bete noir, the Son/Husband. I need not name him. In this bonhomie,both spend crores on posters to hit out at the common enemy. But the statesmanly enemy huband/son knows that without his help both will be orphans. Hence he enjoys the opera in  Broad Way, where every one sings and none follows what they are singing. Too monotonous!

But before we go into incidents of this  'changing of masks' between Sas and Bahu, and many more beggar stories, let us learn a song in Telugu. I will try to translate it as sweetly as possible in English. This was a private song sung by the Andhra'a best ever singer Ghantasala.

అత్తలేని కోడలుత్తమురాలు ఓలెమ్మా కోడల్లేని అత్త గుణవంతురాలు ఆహ.. ఊహూ.. ఆహ.. ఊహూ.. అత్తలేని కోడలుత్తమురాలు ఓలెమ్మా కోడల్లేని అత్త గుణవంతురాలు 

सास बिना बहू परम पवित्र
हाँ हूँ  

बहू बिना सास अत्यंत गुणात्मक

 हाँ हूँ

(Mother-in-law without a daughter in law is sanctimonius and daughter-in-law without mother-in-law is sacrosanct)

కోడల కోడల కొడుకు పెళ్ళామా ఓలెమ్మా పచ్చిపాలమీద మీగడేదమ్మా .
ఆ వేడిపాలల్లోన వెన్న ఏదమ్మా ఆహ.. ఊహూ.. ఆహ.. ఊహూ 

बहू, बहू मेरी पुत्र की पत्नी मेरी माँ
ठण्डा दू पर मलाई कहाँ हैं 
गरम दूध पर लोनी कहाँ या
 हाँ हूँ  हाँ हूँ

Fight goes on like this. Mother in law asks "What happened to the cream on cold milk and butter on hot milk.

అత్తమ్మ నీ చేత ఆరడే గానీ ఓలేమ్మా పచ్చిపాలమీద మీగడుంటుందా 
ఆ వేడిపాలల్లోన వెన్న ఉంటుందా ఆహ.. ఊహూ.. ఆహ.. ఊహూ 

सास तेरी हाथ परेशान ज़्यादा मेरी माँ 

ठण्डा दूध पर मलाई रहता कहाँ 
गरम दूध पर लोनी रहता क्या  
हाँ हूँ  हाँ हूँ

Daughter in Law replies, "It is only your harrassment unlimited,. How can there be cream on cold milk and butter on hot milk

అత్తలేని కోడలుత్తమురాలు ఓలెమ్మా కోడల్లేని అత్త గుణవంతురాలు ఆహ.. ఊహూ .. అహ …

सास बिना बहू परम पवित्र
हाँ हूँ  
बहू बिना सास अत्यंत गुणात्म

हाँ हूँ

(Mother-in-law without a daughter in law is sanctimonius and daughter-in-law without mother-in-law is sacrosanct)

వంట ఇంటిలోన ఉట్టిమీదుంచిన సున్నుండలేమాయే కోడలా 
మినప సున్నుండలేమాయే కోడలా … ఆహ.. ఊహూ.. ఆహ.. 
ఊహూ ఇంటికి పెద్దైన గండు పిల్లుండగా ఇంకెవరు వస్తారె అత్తమ్మా 
వేరే ఇంకెవరు తింటారే అత్తమ్మా …

हंडी के उपर लड्डू कहाँ गया मेरी बहू
उड़द लड्डू कहाँ गया मेरी बहू
हाँ हूँ  हाँ हूँ

घर मे बड़ा बिल्ली हैं तो और कौन आते है सासू माँ
और कौन आके खाते हैं सासू माँ 

What happened to the Udad Laddus on the Handi, Daughter in Law?

When there is a big cat at home who else comes, Mother-in-La?w?

ఛీ పో… నీ జిమ్మడా…. ఉండు నీ పని చెబుతా… కొరివితో అత్తమ్మ గుమ్మానికంతా వచ్చిందీ పొమ్మని కాలంట కుట్టిందీ తేలు 
అయ్యో.. అబ్బా … అమ్మా … అయ్యో ఆ… ఎందుకీ పోరని ఏడుస్తూ మా అత్త మంచి దానిమలే మళ్ళిపోయింది ఆ… ఎందుకీ పోరని ఏడుస్తూ మా అత్త మంచి దానిమలే మళ్ళిపోయింది ఆహ.. ఊహూ అత్తలేని కోడలుత్తమురాలు ఓలెమ్మా కోడల్లేని అత్త గుణవంతురాలు ఆహ.. ఊహూ .. అహ … -

ची जा थैरो तेरे बात बताता हूँ  
सास गुस्सा मे लाए आग छड़ी 
बिछड़ू काटी उसको दरवाजा आते ही 
अय्यो, अब्बो बोलके पीछे गये सासू माँ 

हाँ हूँ  हाँ हूँ

जगड़ा मुझे नहीं काहिए बोलके सासू वापस गये 

Mother in Law went in and brought a burning stick to burn the hsnd of daughter in law.A scorpion at the door bit her and she retreated saying, "Why should I have this fight?,"

सास बिना बहू परम पवित्र
हाँ हूँ  

बहू बिना सास अत्यंत गुणात्मक

हाँ हूँ


You can hear the Telugu song here. I tried to keep the tune intact. You can try in Hindi.


Back to our blog. Without the CM and his antics, LG says he can administer Delhi better. Without LG the CM thinks he can administer State better. People are confused like the children in the house who are not getting quality food, sleep and education due to the sas-bahu squabbles. The owner of the house is enjoying the show as he has nothing to lose or gain in the squabble. He may interfere at appropriate time to show he is owner of the house. In the meantime, the population of Delhi, who speak many languages can sing this song translating into their native language and enjoy the fun.

But, you have to wait till the scorpion of vote bites the CM and he retreats. Pray God! You brought this on yourselves.

God save Delhi from sas-bahu-sas! 


Saturday, July 25, 2015


Yesterday Rahul was in Trichy to attend the birth anniversary of Late Kamaraj Nadar, the tallest Congress politician from Tamilnadu Congress. Youth might not be in the know, even Rahul would not have cared to look into history books (He only reads His Scripts, not History Books), there was a famous plan called Kamaraj Plan. In 1963, after the infamous China defeat (Himalayan Blunder), Nehru got elected but lost total control of governance and party. The then CM of TN, who was instrumental in taking education to rural areas and the Mid Day meal Scheme,that was emulated by later governments in many states  and then became the root of a corrupt system, Sri Kamaraj Nadar made a plan where all Congress CMs and Ministers who were enjoying the cozy offices resign and go into the rough and tumble of managing the grass root workers, who had been the backbone of the party. Nehru offered to resign but Kamaraj advised him to stay back as he was indispensable to India. (our ill luck)  He resigned as CM of TN, and was rewarded with Congress Presidentship. Whether his plan succeeded or not was a billion dollar question as the Ministers who resigned almost became inactive without power. Sri LB Sastry was reinducted as de facto Dy. PM, a minister without portfolio and later succeeded Nehru.

Rahul Gandhi was not wrong in paying tributes to a great leader of the Congress. But it should be worthwhile to mention here that Tiru Karamaraj Nadar is indirectly responsible for the dynasty rule of the Nehru-Gandhi family ruling and ruining us or else today, Rahul would not have been able to shed crocodile tears in front of Indians that they were suffering. In 1966, post the unfortunate demise of LB Sastry, one of the best PMS of India, Sri Morarjee Desai from Gujarat would have become PM but the "Syndicate" led by Tiru Kamaraj had other plans of proxy rule that Sonia repeated in 2004, by installing the parrot Indira. Soon, the parrot turned into a lioness and all the members of the syndicate had to bite dust and she took total control of both Party and Government. Later, she opposed the Presidency candidature of Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, one of the syndicate, brought out the slogan 'conscience vote' and saw Sri VV Giri got elected and split the party. Congress split into Congress(O) and Congress (I) and the same TN people had to hear stories from the last prince in the dynasty line up.

For more read

Now, for the part that is humorous, the Rahul speech.

He said, (not verbatim), "Many of you might not be knowning that he provided employment to many families. (Even I did not know any other family except mine, Rahul's)."

If I were his speech writer, I would have started like this.

"But for late Tiru Kamaraj Nadar, I would not been able to talk to you here as he provided employment without qualification to generations  in our family. So it was appropriate that I came here all the way to pay tributes to him."

What interpreter interpreted we know not, gathering clapped.

He expanded the theme. "He was the first ( Aside: the last) Congress leader to recognize the need for rural education.

Chandra, the Script Writer.

"We remember him for his contribution to rural edducation. But for my grand mother, Congress would have foolishly continued educating people. But, luckily, she recognized educating people would not give us votes and had to throw him out of the party. So, I pay tributes to her too. ( Aside: The fact that I still remain so, is proof of this.").

People again clapped as they still remained uneducated and did not understand him. (Remember Mark Antony Speech and claps he gets as random approbation from Rome's rabble crowd, that never understand what Antony is saying. Moral: When Romans speak people clap)

"And he introduced Mid Day Meal Scheme in the schools. By that many children then were supplied nutritious food. "

At this many in the crowd with protruding bones in chests thumped their chests, with protruding bones in palms clapped and some wanted to shed tears but they were dried up. These were obviously beneficiaries of the scheme over the years. Some silently paid tributes to the departed siblings eating the meals over a period.

Instead of troubling so many innocent souls, Chandra would have scripted the speech like this.

" Tiru Kamaraj Nadar is still remembered by many Congress leaders and cadres who ate nutritious food through the scheme and became prosperous today to serve you with enthusiasm. I am a live example. I fly whenever and whereever I want to fly thanks to such schemes by great leaders like Tiru Kamaraj."

At this people would have clapped really, as he is speaking truth unlike Kejriwal.

He told a story about a prince who heard sounds of Sun rays and grass drinking water. There is nothing special in this as leaders fly in air and are nearer to Sun and they do not allow grassroot workers any benefit, read water.

At this time, rain started. Rahul was getting wet. The interpreter asked "Do you want to leave or do you want to hear? " They lustily cheered him that he could continue.

One wife, who had to go home to cook for her mother-in-law told her husband that they could leave. "Wait! Roads are full of pot holes. We do not know where we fall. In this rain sound we cant hear anything.The best thing that happened. Let us take a nap. People in first row will clap and cheer". So, many people thought so and loudly cheered, "Go on! We are anyhow sleepy" The interpreter understood but conveyed different message to Rahul. Immediately, dna, First Post,ANI tweeted "People stayed back braving heavy rain." By the time tweets appeared many were napping.

Then, one very loyal (in Telugu we call Veera Loyal) Volunteer offered an umbrella that did not open as it was rusted. Poor people cant buy new ones. Observing his discomfiture, Rahul refused the umbrella. Offered again, he refused. Offered again he refused. So, dna, First Post and ANI reported through tweets that Rahul refused umbrella thrice. (Remember? Julius Caesar refused crown.

You pulled me by the cloak. Do you wish to speak with me?
Yes, Casca. Tell us what has happened today
To make Caesar look so sad.
Why, you were with him, weren't you?
If I were, I wouldn't ask Casca what had happened.
Why, there was a crown offered to him; and when it was offered to him, he pushed it aside with the back of his hand, like this. And then the people started shouting.
What was the second noise for?
Why, for the same reason.
Was the crown offered to him three times?
Yes, indeed, it was! and he pushed it away three times, each time more gently than the others; and every time he pushed it away my honest neighbors shouted.
Who offered him the crown?
Why, Antony.
Tell us how it happened, gentle Casca.
I could as easily be hanged as tell how it happened. It was mere foolery; I did not pay attention to it. I saw Mark Antony offer him a crown--but it was not a crown either, it was one of these coronets--and, as I told you, he pushed it away once. But for all that, to my thinking, he would gladly have taken it. Then he offered it to him again; then he pushed it away again; but to my thinking, he was very reluctant to take his fingers off of it. And then he offered it the third time. He pushed it away the third time; and still while he refused it, the unruly crowd hooted, and clapped their chapped hands, and threw up their sweaty nightcaps, and let out so much stinking breath because Caesar refused the crown that it, almost, choked Caesar; for he fainted and fell down because of it. And for my own part, I didn't dare laugh, for fear of opening my lips and breathing the bad air

Now, you get it, this offering and refusing was and is common for Romans. They accept the crown through backdoor or pretend they are invincible to the nation. Did his mother not refuse the crown and crowned herself by proxy?

He was drenched, people slept in the cool comfort of the wind, first rows excepted and the Prince talked about liquor policy. Might be he was unaware that liquor shops was one of the biggest scams in AP under YSR. He reads script.  That does not contain YSR  or Jagan.

Chandra would have dared to include in the script but he was never given chance though he rubbed shoulders with many Congress leaders and shared tables with them where the best Scotch was supplied. Why? I was there in a a five star hotel  as guest where liquor was supplied in 100 varieties. Drink and dance.That was marriage of a Congress leader with hotel owner's daughter. Food? Mid Night Meal! Very nutritious, made of Mid Day Meal funds? I do not know.

Rain stopped. Rahul concluded, "When I said liquor, rain stopped." All the reporters sent mails and tweeted.  What they did not gauge was rain cant compete with liquor. Liquor flows more powerfully in huge quantities in India. Rain Gods thought, next time better luck and went to share Nectar with Indra.

Hearing the word "Liquor" people woke up with a jerk and started leaving to the shops. "Rain, rain go away, come again another day, we do want a liquor a day" they went singing.

Rahul had more script to read. He read it next day in Anantapur, where Chiranjeevi came with FULL spirits to tell them Rahul came to console them by at least a half or a quarter. He laughed and danced at his joke. Raghuveera saw to the clouds to see if he can reap more money from them. It was not raining and no rusted umbrella was offered.

The tour ended. And for shouting in Lok Sabha,Rahul is taking lessons in King's Shouts.


Sarcasm? No. Satire? No. Humor? No. Fiction? No. Truth? No. Lie? No.

I am going to Delhi to ask Kejri, whether Modi was behind this blog and if control on Police is given to him he can prevent such interference in freedom of speech.