Monday, January 6, 2014


Modern day Cinema is all about love, hate, factions and politics. A scene in a park and a song in Bangkok is all we see. Rarely we find a song that conveys a social message. In good olden days, directors used to have at least a song with a social message even when it encroached upon the main story line. We find these in Hollywood, Bollywood or vernacular language movies. Being from the land of the "Italian of the East", Telugu I thought I could share a few such messages here. 

The following was a song from the picture "Velugu Needalu" which meant "Light and shadows". There were two or three songs in the film that conveyed a social message. I tried to translate and convey the message to the best of my ability both in text and rhyme forms. Hope you enjoy. 

The song starts like "Kala Kanidi, Viluvainadi......"

Life is not a bad dream. It is more precious than that. Do not drown your precious life in the never ending stream of tears.

Life is not bad dream,
It is but a melodious rhyme,
Drown not the life precious,
In never ending stream of tears.

When the wind blows down the flowering creeper will you leave it like that? Will you not water it  and see it booms again? 

When wind blows down a creeper,
That gives you a day a flower,
Will you leave it like that ever,
Without restoring it with water,
And see it blooms for ever!

Why do you struggle in the pitch dark surroundings and surrender yourself to the woes you face? Take the beacon light of courage and race ahead in life.

In the pitch dark never sit,
Brooding over depressing past.
Make courage your beacon light,
Go ahead in life and march fast.

As the precious stone lies hidden deep down in the ocean, there is pleasure hidden behind all the sorrows. Nothing comes your way on its own. Go search and find what you needed most in life.

Deep down the ocean, 
There lies a precious stone,
Deep behind your sorrows,
There lie hidden pleasures.
Nothing comes you way,
Unless you give it a good try!


This is life beyond the mundane politics. My life's desire was to be a good writer. I landed here. This song was always inspiring me in despair. It made a deep impression on my psyche.

This is the link for the song.