Sunday, January 12, 2014


The fight in 2014 is between Congress and BJP, rather a coalition led by Congress and the one presided over by BJP. By inference, it is a fight between Modi and Rahul, though Congress is still fighting shy of declaring him as PM candidate, By default, some self interested, (shall we say leftist or ultra leftist groups in the garb of NGOs?), through a paranoid media, are sustaining a thoroughly orchestrated campaign that a new rookie bureaucrat-yet-to be-turned politician, Mr.Arvind Kejriwal too is in the fray. Like the proverbial Brahmin Priest that believes a goat as a dog as four thieves vouch for it, these groups and media believe gullible voters do believe their repeated theory. And like the five blind men reading various body parts of an elephant their own way, sections in the media are trying to interpret the immature actions of the new Delhi CM in their own way. "Is Congress too behind all this?". It is too early to say. Congress has its own ways to stoop and win. 

Though it sounds preposterous to think that Rahul will not be in the reckoning at all, let us, for academic discussion, assume the fight is between Modi and Kejriwal. What differentiates the basic traits and characters of these two personalities, the former a leader par excellence in his own right and the latter not "wholly matured even as a  person", leave alone a leader? A billion traits differentiate the two personalities. But, it suffices to quote a few.

Fresh in mind is latest fiasco at the Janata Durabar so enthusiastically propagated by Kejriwal. As per news paper reports about seven thousand people congregated for the much propagated Durabar. About one thousand police personnel were deployed for crowd control besides scores of plain clothesmen that guard the CM and his ministers and the 'invisible' security apparatus provided to them (as confirmed by the country's Home Minister). There was commotion. People jumped the barricades. The CM was lost for ideas. He could not control the crowds. His appeals went unheeded. He went away from the Durbar. His explanation was meek that there would have been a stampede if he continued with the Durbar.

Compare this with the meeting Modi addressed in Patna, a hostile territory considering that the CM of Bihar was a personal, if not ideological 'bete noir of' Modi. The meeting was attended by 7 lakhs people approximately. There were bomb blasts just when the address by Modi was about to start. People were killed and injured. Modi did not run away from the site. If he did it, there would have been panic. There would have been stampede. He kept utmost faith in the security agencies and addressed the meeting. He did not even mention the blasts. Finally he asked people to leave without fear and in an orderly way. There was no further damage.

The contrast here is self-belief and belief in the system by Modi and mistrust in himself and the system by Kejriwal. Blaming the whole system for a small fiasco is what Kejriwal is adept. Rectifying the system to see that fiascos do not recur is what Modi is adept.

Modi took over as Chief Minister in   2001      . In 2002, a train compartment was burned by miscreants in Godhra and there were riots across Gujarat. Modi too was new as Chief Minister then. The most sinister campaign was unleashed first by Congress and the thread later taken over by Media and NGOS that Modi was incapable of handling the riots and later turning the tables on him accusing him of direct complicity.

Modi's response was most statesman like. He did not go round blaming the system. He did not target individuals that targeted him constantly. He did not launch a counter media strategy to attack opponents. Above all he did not blame the system either administrative or judicial. He allowed the system work within the parameters of rule of law. He did not, as a matter of policy never retract his statements. Did we ever see him vacillate on his stand or being indecisive or passing on the blame to others? No. He faced the ignominy with the heart of a lion. Only after all courts and SIT gave him clean chit did he speak. He said "Satymaeva Jayathe". Even then, he was sought to be haunted by Media that all was not over and there were higher courts. As is his wont, he did not react.

Compare this with the "pusillanimous" attitude of Kejriwal. He seems to be afraid of his own shadow. He feigns arrogance and uses fake ignorance to escape criticism. He retracts from his stated position fast and frequently. Before elections, he tweeted many times, said on TV channels and some reports said he swore on his children too that he won't take support from or offer support to Congress or BJP. He accepted support of Congress to form government. His alibi is "We did not ask. They offered. They can withdraw". If a spurned lover is got married to the person that spurns him/her in a police station, the bride/groom can not claim that the other is not his/her spouse. Whether willing or not the betrothal is lawful. There are many flip flops like this. He promised free water to all; gave it to those with meters who are mostly rich. He promised 50% power cut and reduced 20% being offered already and made it 30%. He said he would start investigation into allegations on congress leaders immediately and is now asking for proof by BJP. His Jan Lokpal got delayed already. His promise to roll back CNG prices is yet to see the light of the day. To garner auto driver votes he ordered police not to book cases on them thus giving scope for anarchy on roads. Friday morning he said he was waiving the ten month pending power bills and closing all theft cases. By evening he changed his version. To top all, he took many diametrically opposing positions about his security  and accommodation.  The only thing he seems good  at is pointing fingers at BJP for everything including his unending cough. This is in exact contrast to Modi who works for the welfare of people without fear or fanfare.

Modi was born in a humble family. He was brought up in poverty. He sold tea to make livelihood. He served patriotic people and learned lessons from them. He led a dedicated and disciplined life. He remained incorruptible in thought and action throughout. He was lauded so by the foreign dignitaries that saw him work.

Kejriwal was born in a rich family. He had opportunities galore to study in the best institutions. There was not cognizable proof that during his early days he devoted much time on nationalism or eradication of corruption. If so, many officers in his parent department would have faced what he now says is the noose. He was not incorruptible in thought. He dodged paying eighteen month salary after he resigned from IRS quoting some rule, that he knows does not stand scrutiny. He is said to have dithered IT payment until notices were served on him. Above all he did not hesitate to take support from the "most corrupt" congress and is now supporting them to the hilt. He may not be corrupt but is certainly corruptible unlike Modi.

Modi has been a member of the RSS, by far one of the most nationalistic organizations in the country today, whose volunteers do selfless service. Many Sangh Sevaks did not marry, as family life would be deterrent to social service. They worked for welfare of Adivasis in Bastar by staying amidst them and serving their needs. Despite Modi being castigated by many RSS functionaries on many occasions for ideological differences, he never ditched his mentors. He negotiated, tried to convince them or adapted himself to the ways of the Sangh for the larger benefit of people.

Compare this to Kejriwal. He joined the IAC movement led by Anna Hazare. He used the platform of IAC to project himself as a crusader against corruption. He pursued his own agenda and through press conferences he built a larger than life image by some unsustainable corruption charges on a few politicians. Against the diktats of his mentor he floated a political party out of sheer political ambition. He never tried to adapt to the ways of his mentor.

Modi is a proven leader who led a state from disaster to endless growth. He saw that all sections of society received benefits of his governance. He helped the Muslims who were distanced from him without fear or favour. He won elections thrice amidst sustained vilification campaign.

Kejriwal is rookie. He is an aberration., a creation of overenthusiastic and paranoid media that misruled a state just for two weeks. He is so paranoid himself that he may not win a second term in case of a re-election that he took support from the 'most corrupt' congress. Now he has his eyes on PM post with support from all the disgruntled groups including congress.

Please judge these two personalities by their traits, their intentions and their actions. Judge them by their track record and not tape record of hollow promises and shallow speeches. Vote Modi. Vote stability. Vote for growth. Let the youth enjoy the fruits of economic growth. Vote for a corruption less governance. Vote for good governance. Finally, please do not invite "Aimless Anarchist Parties: into the already fractured body politic.

Vande Mataram                                    Vande Mataram                                Vande Mataram