Sunday, December 15, 2013


By the time this blog is written, fate of Delhi Government formation still hangs in balance, the voters kept in a "Trishanku" , a Heaven created by Sage Viswamithra, between earth and Heaven. Delhi voters, who wanted the VVIP culture gone once and for all, were unwittingly caught in VPP culture (Value Payable By <repeated> Polls). 

A gullible family man (like the average Delhi voter), suffering from the menace of bed bugs for a decade saw an advertisement. "Get rid of the bugs; depend on us" and responded. He received a parcel and paid the cost by VPP. (Value Payable by Post). Happy that he could get rid of bugs, he opened and found one bottle of liquid and a knife, with instructions to use,"Catch hold of the bug, open its mouth and pour the liquid in the bug's mouth. If it does not die, kill it with the knife". 

What happened in Delhi was a repeat. The "bug poison" company is AAP. "Elect us and receive 'Value Post polls' (VPP)" was their slogan. Yes! the publicity was perfect. What more does a voter, suffering from all the ills of VVIP culture want? The sight of a hero who can climb an electric poll to reconnect the power supply disconnected by the corrupt system is great publicity. The promise of reduction of power bills by 50% and jailing all the corrupt officials/politicians within six months heated the blood of the youth Whatever be the other economic policies, the construction of a number of jails to imprison all would have provided enough employment to all them. So the voter responded. And he got a parcel of twenty eight MLAs. He got to know  the reality then. The pack of MLAs  cant do anything to kill the  'bug' of VVIP culture or corruption. They have no experience. They are haughty outwardly but pusillanimous inside. It is left to the gullible voter to kill the bug by going through the rigorous exercise again. (By vote or by "NOTA")

It was a matter of faith to the voter. He was under tremendous psychological stress due to reduction in real wages, rising costs, a rotten and corrupt system and lack of proper living conditions.  It is at such a time that the voters look towards a "Messiah". They thought they found one in Delhi too like they found various regional leaders that India produced. But he failed them by opting for another election. This was not unexpected. A person who ran over his own mentor for selfish ends could do so to the voters. Did Delhi voters learn a lesson? Let us wait. Aberrations are corrected by intelligent voters over a period of time. If emotions could win elections over a long period, AGP or TDP could have ruled their states forever. 

Ambition runs in Kejriwal's blood. He joined Anna's army riding on the high tide of anti congress mood in the country because of the various scandals involving crores of dollars. His ambition soured. He was propped up by self-interest groups who found decimation of congress inevitable and wanted the rightist party not to come to power. Fear of persecution might be one reason. So, once he found a platform to project himself, his mentors saw in him a possible tool that could divide the anti establishment vote and see that the 'rightist' party would not win absolutely.(Congress itself might not have been privy to this). A sustained media blitzkrieg was launched by these self-interest groups. Despite all this, he could win only 30% of votes and 28 seats. This shows that his message was taken with a pinch of salt by 70% of voters, who voted in large numbers. 

The biggest aberration is the thinking of Kejriwal, his followers and their invisible mentors. Soon after winning in good number of seats in Delhi their ambitions were further fuelled by their mentors. Result was the announcement of a contest over Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. This is the anti thesis of Kejriwal's original agenda of fighting a corrupt system. Till now, if there are two politicians that were untouched by allegations of corruption directly, we can take these two names. (along with some others). For, though congress was rocked by many a scandal, Rahul was never involved in the decision making process nor was willing to do so. He never openly supported any corrupt act by any politician. Personally he maintained a dignity that few 'apparent heirs' in India maintained. He never showed pomp in public life.

If we take Narendra Modi, he was lauded by even foreign dignitaries as the most 'incorruptible' politician in the country. He ruled a state for more than a decade. His administrative acumen was lauded by even his political adversaries. He took his state to the highest level of growth in a decade. He gave people of his state better living conditions. His connect with the people of his state was unparalleled. Few politicians won three consecutive elections in the country, despite sustained campaign by rival political parties, fringe groups in the guise of NGOs and self-centred media. So, it was laughable that Kejriwal chose these two over others to fight "corruption". If he was really interested in fighting corruption he should have taken on Karunanidhi's family in Tamilnadu, Y.S.Jagan's family in AP, Mulayam's family in UP, Mayawati in UP, Lalu Prasad in Bihar, Pawar family in Maharashtra or Sibu Soren's family in Jarkhand etc., against whom serious corruption allegations were made at one point or other whether proved or still pending. The reason for his leaving the 'faces of corruption' is that the news won't create as much sensation as the news of contesting the 'untouched by corruption" Rahul or Modi. The agenda is clear that they want Modi not to come to power. Rahul's name is only a"red herring" to mislead the voter that he is taking on the "dynasty" also. 

"All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind." quote


This is part 1 of my blog "Is AAP an aberration, a sensation or media creation?" Part 2 covers the "sensation" part.