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Discussion on caste based reservations and frequent agitations by powerful caste groups led or fed by powerful politicians entrenched in seats of power and brim with blood money stacked in Benami Accounts, is not new to India! "Keep the potboiling,already burning with the fires stoked by the Britishers, who, where ever they went, saw everything wrong with the culture and way of life there. So, as long as the pseudo secular groups, powerful Media groups who want their share of the pie in the powerful power circles, pseudo intellectuals under the garb of NGOs financed and prodded by interested religious groups abroad, politicians that do not want to see the populace educated and emancipated and individuals with bipolar mentality or split personality syndromes, ruled the roost they added coals from under the cauldron, by either prodding or provoking the suppressed groups and adding coals from under, none saw the the need for "affirmative action" on the issue. But when a backward of the backward occupi the seat of power and proved to be a tough nut to crack and who, instead of stoaking fires from under, started cooling tempers by all-inclusive policies, these groups started getting frustrated. This individual, the epitome of the living legend, who, by his call of Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas, made forays into hitherto untouched issues, educated illiterate masses by his drive of "clean India", gave sense of allignment instead of alienation from mainstream of hitherto 2,. suppressed groups, included the financially/by making banking accessible, thought of long term social security instead/short term freebies, made women part of the larger scheme by his "Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao" call, is making all out efforts through Make in India and Skill Development Shemes, to involve and impart skills to the hitherto neglected youth segment, won accolades from World Leaders through his call for investing in India, a human resource pool, atracting FDIs and FIIs to India as the most successful emerging economy and is taking many pro-active and positive initiatives to make us self-reliant and the rulers who hitherto united themselves to rule and divided nation to ruin the foundations got frustrated.

So, to keep the cauldron boiling, they started with negative campaign against the leader on fringe isues like Ghar Vaapsi/, Love Jihad, Moral policing, suit-boot Prime Minister, outgoing Prime Minister etc,, But these failed to cut ice with voters and BJP started making huge inroads into the hitherto untested areas like Assam, North East, Kerala, West Bengal etc., and where it has no immediate plans of ambitiously growing like AP, TN, Odisha etc.,the leader took the locally strong and amiable leaders into confidence and pitched for a powerful Federal India. Where the leader did not want to disturb the apple cart of locally acceptable adversaries like the CM of Tripura he extended an arm of friendship, This led to a hitherto uncharted script of New India that3. is slowly moving towards Unity in
Diversity after a very long gap from the days of Akhand Bharat ruled by King Bharata. The inaudible noises became shriller by the day with Congress trying hard to wash its sins of corruption, political debauchery worse than the oldest profession, crimes against humanity by snatching food from the plates of the poor and rich alike and building huge black economy that ate into the very roots of a phenomenon called India, by trying to pitch the leader beside them with allegations of going soft on the corrupt, criminals, mocking him of being only a CM, with no diplomatic knowledge etc., (their leader who misled the nation  for a decade was a head-nodding bureaucrat with no self-respect, the proxy leader was a semi-educated alien with no love to India and their projected leader is a semi-dumb -headed bachelor with no experience even as Junior Minister, leave alone, CM). But the noises made no impact and BJP won thumbs down in States ruled by leaders whom Congress wanted to project as corrupt and in a state ruled by themselves. So, the leader is growing stronger by the day, like a Banyan tree ? afraid that they can not grow under his pro-active rule that is giving shelter to all who needed it. With the trunk firmly entrenched in the soil of Akhand Bharat and its roots expanding fast, there was a need to cut the tree trunk for themselves to grow.

Definitive indicators of the coming together of disruptive elements came when the Pattiarch of 4. BJP and Octagenarian leader LK Advani warning of an emergency-like situation not impossible in India and Media usually distorting his statement. The second indication was an article published in a leading News Paper that disgruntled groups, political parties and NGOs ?creating a coup Of? by systematic violent movements to destabilize India and bringing back anarchy, The foreign funding of AAP and the self-declared anarchist winning an Union Territory with support of the leaders of the disruptors of India growth, the Indian National Congress, which is nothing but the Indian version of East India Company. Swallow wealth of the nation, throw crumbs to the poor, develop the nation but keep it poor, illiterate and subserving their interests perennially is the motto of both East India Comapny and Congress. Loot the wealth, enjoy the fruits and transfer the loot abroad and use it whenever their existence is under threat, is their ruling principle, So, when a strong leader emerged from nowhere and nation started breathing easy, these disruptive forces led by foreogn NGOs and their stooges here, facing long term incarcetation sooner or later for indulging in anti-national activities,started feeling the heat of the cauldron, they hitherto kept hot. But the fires at the bottom of the cauldron started abating with the lower strata seeing light at the end of the tunnel with pro-active and good governance and cauldron started losing steam. There is no further use of stoking fires at the5. at the bottom. So, the only other avaiable option is to pile up burning coals on the top of the lid of the cauldron. The result is instigating the hitherto neglected upper castes, who were strong supporters of BJP, while simultaneously trying to re-lit the fires at the bottom. The resultant effect is the birth of a Hardik Patel, who shot to fame overnight, supported by the Evangelist Media, with funding from unknown sources. Or we see no reason why Media house after Media house interveiws the split personality and report it as headlines. Editorials suddenly appear in leading news papers about need for "affitmative action", that they never cared to mention when Mandal Politics ruled the roost for two and half decades. It is more shocking that the Mandal champions Lalu, Nitish, Anarchist AK, Congress coming together to pitch for "Either scrap reservations or include all" call by the mostly average intellectual Hardik. If all are included under reservations it becomes presrvation of the erstwhile oppression which these Mandal parties played for so many years with no iota of protest from the foreign funded NGOs or Media. So, it is not love of upper castes that is driving these extinct species, fast falling into an abyss they dug for decades, but a specious and cruel agenda of these forces. Create wars among communities, stoke fires, indulge in arson and violence and reignite the passions of partition in 1947, when British left India in embers. So, this guy is funded and 6. guided to stoke fire among strong communites or leaders  in each state by bringing Nitish, Naidu, Raj Thackery etc. into picture..We have to see what new names he brings in future. Lalu pitched in, still thinikng that his base in the backward castes (who is more backward today than the forward?) is intact, extending? for upper caste reservation to create another vote bank. The resultant effrect is Congress warning of a violent agitation in Maharashtra, Shiva Sena joining the chorus preaching non-violence (?) Gujjars and Jats threatening revival of the agitation with violence etc. We have to wait and see how many more "idle" political groups join the chorus.

But, with specific intelligence outputs about the nefarious activities of parties facing extinction like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP etc., and AAP falling under its own weight, Gujarat Government read the "Riot Act" and brought the state  almost back to normalcy within a day. This divided the powerful Patel Community vertically with moderate majority and violent minority on each side. None wants violence perpetrated and future of posterity bartered to self serving and anarchist leaders. A stone is enough to break a glass house and a plane was enough to bring down the tallest tower in the world. Men, who speak terrorist language must be given long rope before they make a suicidal statement that sends him scurrying for shelter from the long arm of law. After all, Hitler ended his life and Napolean met Waterloo. Indira died 7. for sporting a Bhindranwale and Rajiv for sporting an oppressive state machinery in a foreign land. Sanjay met tragic death and the family that ruled and encouraged violence is paranoud about the Frankenstein Monster, they created. Short-lived were agitations that revolve around an emotive issue like a seasonal rainbow and long-lived welfare governments, who took the populace with them, with pro-active approach on all issues concerning the Citizenery. Media is, in one way helping by projecting this too-hot-to-handle youth, with terror-like intents, by projecting him as a hero. Even, Gandhi had to call off many agitations, when fringe elements resorted to violence ignoring his call. Congress, as a national party, should not join the bandwagon "Jai Hardik" sloganeering. If they have sources, resources, guts and gumption, they should take on the great Statesman Modi with positive agenda. Or it is end of the road for them and all the psychopaths they are supporting. 



"Many of  us believe that if wrongs are not wrong if the wrongs are done by nice people like us." Mr. Karan Thapar, you are living example of this kind of hypocrisy.

I was reacting to your column almost every week as I always felt that there was a huge mismatch between your thoughts and writings. But good friends on Social Media advised me to desist from reacting to your stupid observations as 1. they were always stupid bordering on idiocy 2. they border on hypocrisy and 3. your mind is trained to Congress' and hence Pak style of thinking because of your proximity to both. Hence, I was only surprised, not shocked on reading your Sunday Column today praising Pakistani establishment and lashing out at Indian politicos. I do not call it anti-national as our constitution provides for freedom of speech but is certainly self-defeating. If you wish to defeat yourself, Constitution guarantees that too, though I do not know the exact Article number. Or is it Pakistan constitution?

You were full of praise for Mr. Aziz, the Pakistan NSA. There was nothing wrong, he gave an interview to you in which he must have castigated Indian establishment as you did in your column. Your wave-lengths are similar. What you did not particularly observe, perhaps, there might have been an invisible army gun behind his back. Who knows? Pakistan is a Military driven dictatorial democracy. That is why their Prime Minister shamelessly went back on his promise at Ufa to leave Kashmir issue alone in talks with India. BTW, did you question him why he wanted to speak to Kashmir Separatist leaders before he talked to our NSA? Did you ask him why they went back on the joint statement issued a few days earlier? Did you ask him why there were ceasefire violations on continuous basis while they talked about talks?

You wont, because our leaders did not give you or your Pakistan counterparts any interview! They were heartless, remote controlled by ruthless "terror organizations". Is it not, Mr. Thapar? Because you did not mention what you interviewed him about and what his replies to your questions were, whether you asked leading questions to him with ready made answers as you asked your favourite politicians or you asked misleading questions with ready made answers in your brain as you usually would do in case of politicians in the opposite camp, always BJP, I desist comments on that of the story.

But I can tell you for certain what would have happened in India if any of our politicians or NSA gave an interview to Pakistan Journalist Karan Khan.

1. The newspaper that printed your column, that is not exactly their opinion as they fine-printed it, would have carried a head-line, " Modi's 56" has come down to 5.6". He allows our MEA or NSA to talk to Pak Journos in the midst of continued ceasefire violations by Pak and their unilateral cancellation of talks. Timidity in actions takes the place of temerity in words"

2. Congress and Communists would have blasted Modi for allowing the interview to take place. " Kya woh Pak ka Gulam hai kya?"

3. Rahul would have taken the opportunity to get a scripted pater in English written in Hindi alphabets and would have read it. " My great grandfather fought the 1962 war and won it but RSS called it Himalayan blunder. I came to protect you from the RSS and BJP". As he does not go beyond the script, you Media guys would not have asked him any further questions.

4. Kejri would have said Modi was planning something big to destabilize his government using Pak Journalists' connections. And he would have given ten more interviews to his contacts in Pakistan.

5. Your column would have read like this.

Our pusillanimous politicians talk to Pak Media. Brave Pak Media made no effort. ( Your headline)

You would have said like this.

"I'am going to do something that could take many of my close friends in Pakistan by surprise, but possibly, please them as well. It is also not you expect of an Indian MEA when he talks to a Pakistan Journalist. But all said and done I can't resist what I am about to do, as it is what I always do.

I am writing to praise the Pakistan's national security advisor, former finance and foreign minister, Sartaraj Aziz. He has many sterling qualities which his opponents at home or his adversaries abroad would not deny; an appearance of dishonesty that I like much when it comes to India. However, the quality that took me by surprise and was the cause of my admiration was his idiotic handling of foreign press, especially the Indian Press. Our politicians could learn a lot from his idiocy, that I admire.

My story begins five days before his scheduled visit t India. Brave as he is, he cancelled the visit. But before the cancellation, I tried to contact him but he brazenly refused to talk to me. Bravo, Aziz! I appreciate your patriotism to your country.

But my sources in the MEA tell me that the Devil's Advocate of Al Ja Dhaniya TV in Pakistan, known for its inherent hatred to all that is Indian, Karan Khan tried to talk to the Secretary in MEA. And he has told the MEA about it. She immediately agreed him to talk secretively to the Pak Journalist. Not only that she kept the PM and all Cabinet colleagues in the dark, about the impending interview. My sources say, he was given a go-ahead to talk to the Pak patriotic journo after the visit of the NSA, another great patriot of Pak. But, the highly patriotic Pak NSA cancelled his visit as he did not want to confront his counterpart here who was ready with a dossier on Pak terror activities in India and he did not want to ditch his own establishment by answering the inconvenient questions . Bravo! Aziz! That should be the spirit of patriotism. Never ditch your country by revealing their nefarious activities.

My sources in the MEA said that the next day, at midnight, when Al Ja Dhania Journo contacted the Secretary here he was ready on Satellite and the interview lasted 40 minutes. What they talked was kept under wraps. My sources in the MEA suggest that there is a quid pro quo involvement of the MEA here. And sources in the Congress suggest the winter session of Parliament too will be a wash out as they are going to shout out the proceedings and their VP plans a sabbatical again before that.

What should be condemned was the brazen manner in which our Ministers allowed secretive talks with Pak Journos while the brave Aziz protects his establishment and they continued their ceasefire violations on Indian borders bravely, except for two days when Rahul visited the border villages of Jammu and Kashmir. This, my close source in Pakistan, Mr. Aziz says, was done due to the respect they have for the Nehru-Gandhi family to have partitioned India and allowed them to brazenly massacre thousands of fleeing Indians in 1947/48. Happily for Pak, the ceasefire violations continued after Rahul returned to Delhi.

What our politicians should learn from Aziz is his patriotism to his country and his hatred to India and all that is Indian. A week passed and none in the Pakistan establishment contacted me to give interview till date. That confirms my admiration for my childhood friend Mr. Aziz that he is a living epitome of patriotism. "

The views expressed are personal. 

This is what he exactly has written in Hidustan Times today.

"I’m going to do something that could take many of you by surprise but, possibly, offend some as well. It certainly goes against the grain of the present atmosphere in the country. It’s also not what you expect of an Indian journalist when he writes about a Pakistani politician. But that said and done I can’t resist what I’m about to do. So here goes.

I’m writing to praise Pakistan’s national security advisor, former finance and foreign minister, Sartaj Aziz. He has many sterling qualities which his opponents at home or his adversaries abroad would not deny: a quiet dignity, a pleasing manner, a quick intelligence and an appearance of honesty. However, the quality that took me by surprise and is the cause of my admiration is his astute handling of the press. Our politicians could learn a lot from him.

My story begins five days before the eventually aborted recent Indo-Pakistan talks. Although we had never met nor even spoken and I was, for all intents and purposes, a complete stranger, I rang to ask for an interview. Mr Aziz readily accepted. “We’ll do it after the talks are over and before I leave. The High Commission will give you the precise time.”

The High Commission, however, never called so on Saturday, the day before his scheduled arrival, I rang Mr Aziz again. This time he chortled, as if we were old friends. “Of course, I haven’t forgotten but am I coming to India?” Then, before I could reply, he added: “Don’t worry, if I do I’ll definitely give you an interview.” I believed him. A journalist knows when a politician isn’t fibbing!

However, in the end the talks got cancelled and Mr Aziz didn’t come. So on Sunday morning I rang to ask if he would do the interview by satellite. I thought he would jump at it but this time he didn’t immediately accept. I could tell he was considering whether this would be the right thing to do. The conversation lasted 10 minutes but when he asked “What time tomorrow?” I knew he had agreed.

Mr Aziz gave me 40 minutes. He sat down in front of the camera bang on time and answered whatever questions I put to him. The tension of the preceding days didn’t affect his manner or his tone even though it was clearly discernible from his answers.

The important point I want to make is that a top Pakistani politician was willing to give interviews to the Indian media, even after the climactic denouement 48 hours earlier when the talks collapsed amidst acrimony and bitterness. Would an Indian politician have agreed to speak to the Pakistani media in similar circumstances? As far as I know, that’s never happened.

Mr Aziz defended Pakistan’s position with cogent arguments, a mastery of detail and appeals to the practice of the past or the logic of the present situation. You might not have agreed with him — and I often didn’t — but what was undeniable and, consequently, impressive is he was willing to be questioned, answered unhesitatingly and, therefore, did what democrats should do: explain, persuade, and try to convince.

A week has passed but not a single member of Mr Modi’s government has spoken to us about the collapsed talks. Our ministers have felt no need to explain, leave aside justify — and forget all about the thought of answering critics. Yet a Pakistani minister did just this.

A week has passed but not a single member of Mr Modi’s government has spoken to us about the collapsed talks. Our ministers have felt no need to explain, leave aside justify — and forget all about the thought of answering critics. Yet a Pakistani minister did just this.

(The views expressed are personal.)

This man's stupidity and hypocrisy know no limits. He has high praise for Pakistan and a very low opinion on India!

I had to state the obvious of what he would have written if someone from Pakistan contacted Indian officials and our officer had given interview!

This is one reason we see a Hardik Patel today disturbing the Indian growth story I leave the rest to your conjecture, readers of my blog. Know these guys and be on your guard always, Indians! 


Opinions in this blog are purely personal and Google has nothing to do with it!


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Who is Hardik Patel? Is he an ailment caused by an accident in the body politic or a symptom of a future ,systemic and chronic malaise, out to eat into the roots of a nation inching towards the most prosperous Third World Country, with the richest Hindu culture that is poised to lead a troubled world towards peace and prosperity? For this, we need to read about the background of the overtly flamboyant youth with covert nefarious designs. Few knew or heard about him two months before. But, rich groups of people, might be from outside his own community also, foreign funded NGOs who are facing heat from probe agencies on money laundering and Hawala transactions, their local conduits who were charged with misusing these funds on wine and luxuries and now are spending funds on the costliest Advocates that charge by the minute and get bails by the hour, rudderless and leaderless  political parties that are facing heat of probes for corruption and large scale embezzlement, small regional parties that have banked upon caste equations and illiterate masses of the so called oppressed groups, overtly secular and covertly communal foreign citizens holding Indian Passports that visit India once a blue moon , rouse passions in interviews to Journos that enjoyed unhindered power through the back door under a corrupt dispensation earlier and vanish in thin air, once their job is done tried to give him a larger than life image. All these have an agenda of their own to destabilize a peaceful nation under a strong leadership first time post Independence. These might be the people behind the sudden rise of an immature youth, who was an average student, a small entrepreneur in a small town of Gujarat and whose single point agenda seemed to be Modi- bashing, using reservations as a stick to beat him with. The ostensible reason behind may be the upcoming Bihar elections, that the pseudo secular opportunist leaders of disoriented parties that came together to stop the juggernaut of Narendra Modi.

The sudden declaration of support to the guy, who seemed torn between his multiple personality syndrome like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, ela Arvind Kejriwal, by the two socialist Messiahs of Mandal politics is not only surprising but shocking. How can they reconcile to the irreconcilable position taken by this guy that "Reservation for all or none" (Interview given to Hindustan Times, published on 28th August, 2015)? Will they cancel reservations to the SCs/STs/OBCs, few of whom are richer and more educated than the so called forward groups or will they push India to a 100% reserved Nation? We already earned a bad reputation of a nation on discount, thanks to the misrule of wolves and wolverines aided by the foxy pseudo secular Media, self-serving pseudo intellectuals  and ever-budding new parties with narrow caste and religious agenda. Is the word "SECULAR" in the preamble of the constitution that these guys never fail to brandish, just a farce or joke played on the nation's intelligence?

Or else, how can a Lalu, a Nitish, a Sonia  or Pawar convince the well nurtured and nourished caste and religion based vote banks that a Hardik Patel that suddenly rose to fame  overnight and suddenly turned a nightmare to both the reported upper and so called lower castes can ensure a classless society by totally abolishing caste based reservations? If they say, upper castes too should get equal opportunity in the society, where reservations have come to stay perennially, they will create unrest in the already privileged classes and vice versa. Will it not amount to self-deceit and imminent self-defeat and imminent political suicide of these parties? Did they not realise the immense potential of damage such unstable guys like Arvind Kejriwal and Hardik Patel can cause to the body politic? Should they sell themselves like peanuts in the political market, where sharks ruled the roost and now lions are bringing a semblance of order? Do they want to hunt for votes on their inherent strength or do they want to depend on the leftover meat by blood thirsty tigers, with ultra ideology and instability in thoughts and actions? Is it befitting for a ten year old Chief Minister, boasting about development, to first align with convict Lalu and corrupt Congress and then seek support from the criminally intentioned Kejriwals and Hardiks? Nitish should think twice. He is facing imminent defeat, for sure and Lalu will ensure it and Congress is not sure of itself. He should graciously leave and remain in the good books of the few voters who voted for him all these years.He should not destabilize the state simply because it did not vote him back to power nor should he tarnish his personal image by aligning with each Tom, Dick and Harry. Let him rid of the viruses that are afflicting his mind  and the body politic in Bihar.

Coming back to Hardik, he rose to fame suddenly. Gujarat Government is probing as to who prodded and funded him. Who created the violence that fateful day? Government of Gujarat has taken pro-active step of helping EBCs among OCs by increasing the scholarships etc., But one thing is certain. This Hardik is not an individual but a phenomenon afflicted by the virus of greed and jealousy ela AK and NK. His interviews to various Channels and News Papers prove one point. He has no agenda but Modi- bashing. It is the same as AK and NK and Rahul. Reservations is just a mask. There has been resentment in many states on the part of OCs, there were agitations led by strong caste leaders, there was violence in many states on this issue, but never before any individual or organization received so much publicity, support, empathy and sympathy as this misguided guy got. Be it Media, political parties or pseudo intellectuals, all have joined on one platform calling for affirmative action. Where were these guys all this time. As they were enjoying patronage of pseudo secular governments, they kept mum . Modi's takeover of the reins destabilized these groups so much that, they are paranoid about their survival. Efforts were made to drive wedge between  ministers and Modi, between senior leaders and Modi and between minorities /dalits and Modi. Faked Church attacks were symbolic of the rot these guys planned in the long run.

Hardik is only an outward wound on  the Indian polity, the virus is somewhere else. He praised Raj Thackery, who attacked Gujaratis in Maharashtra, in a no-holds-barred diatribe. He said Chandrababu was a Patel, not knowing that Patel system was not prevalent in Coastal belt or Rayala Seema but it was there in Telangana. He said Nitish was a Patel. How can he be, as he claims to be backward community leader? He praised Kejriwal, seeing what, none knows, except his coughing. He says, "Either enslave everyone under reservation or free everyone" What did he mean? That all those enjoying reservations are slaves of the system? What happened to the intellectuals from the oppressed communities, who shout from rooftops at the drop of a hat, if a lower level functionary of BJP says the same? Is it not an attack on the Solemn Constitution of India that granted reservations? Let BJP take this to the grassroots and roots of many parties will be buried deep under the earth, with no scope of sprouting again. In Gujarat the process of alienating the fringe elements sharing common platform to this dis-spirited guy has started with education of masses on the long term implications of his sudden love for all sections in society except  Modi.

He praises Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Baba Saheb Thackery and Raj Thackery in the same breath. What is his political acumen unless he is guided in each step by interested groups? He left Subhash Chandra Bose; his Soul must be happy.

He asks to stop supply of milk and vegetables to city markets. What a moronic idea from a youth who professes that he is a "know all" and Media projects him as messenger of Gods to save upper castes? If not supplied to city markets will the rural economy not collapse? Who will compensate them?

And during the rest of the interview, he concentrates on Modi abuse. While abusing Modi he parrots the exact language of Rahul on the same issues.

1. On Pak, he says ceasefire violations have increased under Modi. (His knowledge, like Rahul's, is limited. Now, government is more transparent and no files go missing, no information is hidden behind a veil. True RTI has come here to stay).

2. He says PM wears a suit. Which PM did not wear a suit? All Gandhian PMs wore suits. Rahul too wears it.

3. He says CM has no power. Gujarat is one state which the PM left to mend for itself and till now, no complaint came on the inability of the CM. She does not fly to Delhi every other day, as Congress CMs have been used to.

4. He wants to kill all terrorists caught immediately. But it was Kejriwal who has supported terrorists' point that they should not be hanged. He praised AK! Hypocrisy within days of public career?

Rahul's script from Hardik? Did he read news papers or hold the script paper in hand? Time will tell. He says he is ready for violent means to achieve his goal. Only two days earlier he has declared that he will quit the leadership if violence is perpetuated? What ails his mind? Who is triggering the flow of endless thoughts in this guy? A test for Government to tap the virus and kill it before it spreads!

In an interview with Zee News, he is said to have laughed away a question about his photo on SM with Togadia but when asked about his photos with Kejriwal he got furious and indulged in the worst diatribe on the guys who circulated the photos? Where lies the connection? Where is the Bacteria? Dr. Swamy predicted long back that AAP was a offshoot of ultra leftist groups. In addition, there were strong rumours that the main funding of the party came from Ford Fundation, that had been placed on watch list by the Modi Government. Where does this all lead to? Hope Gujarat and  Central Governments initiate an urgent probe and book culprits at an early stage, before the malaise spreads.

In the immediate context, the decision of Gujarat government to isolate Hardik through public campaign is the most welcome move, as forces behind him seem to be strong and sinister.

In a nut shell, it is not about caste based reservation, reverse discrimination, affirmative action, a Hardik here and a Arvind there, but a larger plot by sinister groups out to destabilize a stable and peaceful nation under the new dispensation, where people started to feel a sense of belonging as in pre-independence days. It is a grandiose plan to escape the noose for all the misdeeds the earlier rulers perpetrated keeping masses uninformed. The launching of Digital India by the Government might be the last straw on the backs of these disruptive elements as dissemination of information even to remotest corners of the nation will be fast and authentic as it flows through the transparent administration and not the crawling and boot-licking private media houses.

It is high time the Government is allowed its duty. Judge after five years. There lies the catch. If they wait five years, their very survival may at stake. Or did the Senior Citizens of the country ever see so many disruptions in civic life by opposition parties during the first year of office by a new government? Ultra motives are apparent and Hardik is but a pawn in the hands of wily politicos and the sooner he realises this the better for. By comparing himself to a Bhagat Singh, he can not become a hero overnight. They were committed nationalists. If he does this, he will land in the lap of Chetan Bhagat, at the most. His language is partly inherited from the friction writer!








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With the facile win in the Bangalore Corporation elections, BJP hit a hat trick after Congress launched a no-holds-barred attack on Modi that he was protecting criminals. In my earlier parts, I predicted that this would boomerang on Congress heavily in Bihar polls but for one, I never expected BJP to win a Metro City where educated voters took a holiday and the poor and illiterate voted heavily. This confirmed the first part of my analysis that perception of voters is changing, changing fast and is changing for good and the politics of 1947-48 of dividing and deceiving people will no longer work. A repetition in Bihar is on cards. If you talk, eat, sleep and dream an all- powerful adversary like Modi, it would not be a sweet dream; it would be a nightmare. My assessment since 2013 when I wrote my blog “It is Modi All the Way” on this aspect had been proved time and again.
Wins in Rajasthan and MP would not have caught much attention since these states were being effectively rule by BJP and ruling parties rarely lost by-elections or civic elections. But the noise over Sushma (an MP from MP), Shivraj (CM of MP) and Raje (CM of Rajasthan), at one go made by Congress, to regain lost ground in these states, was a flop-show. But, nation would certainly have seen the win Bangalore with glee, astonishment and aspiration as this state was being ruled by Congress and more so, till 18 months back, it was BJP that ruled BBMC and anti-incumbency would have been more on BJP. (It got less number of seats this time around than last time). But, being firmly in the saddle, the Congress faced a disaster because it chewed more than it could digest and had no escape route and committed political suicide.
The following kid story would suit the tale of the grown-up kid led party. If this kid ever read moral stories or his mom taught them instead of wielding the magic wadt to turn into all Black Gold like Midas, he would have mended his ways. But! Alas! His advisers sent him to border villages of Pakistan. I am worried about this kid as he has a habit of wandering here and there on sabbatical and vanishing in thin air. May God bless him with long life!
It was deep mid-winter and Freddie the Fox was very, very hungry. "Where am I going to find something to eat?" he wailed to himself.
The greedy foxBut as he passed a big oak tree his nose twitched. He could smell something delicious. Inside a hollow in the trunk was some bread and meat that a shepherd had left there. Freddie crept inside, and he ate and he ate and he ate. "Marvellous," he said, licking his lips when he'd finished the very last crumb. But what do you think happened? He was now so fat he couldn't get out again! He squeezed, squeezed and squeeze but it was no good. He was stuck fat. "Tee-hee-hee," laughed a passing bee. "You'll just have to stay there until you get thin again." And by the time Freddie got out he was hungry as before!
Moral: Never chew more than you can digest. And moral for Congress is to never shout more than they can defend with tangible evidence.
BJP shouted and stalled Parliament after truth about allegations came out. And Congress shouted in thin air asking BJP to disprove the allegations. It, kind of, misused its mandate in its over-ambition for power just as few families were misusing provisions of Sec.498a for greed of money. “Guilty until you prove your innocence”, a law passed by Congress.
This is the First Part of the emerging story called by Media, “The Deciding Elections in Indian Political History”. Did you hear this? Yes! Every Poll time, they parrot the same sentence. This time, it is the turn of Bihar. If BJP lost MP, Rajasthan and Bangalore, for our Media friends, the polls would have suddenly turned into milestones in India’s political history and imminent downfall of Dictator Modi. But! Alas! The SMILE TONEs came from BJP instead. See the magic done by voters. They just switched one letter and Congress went topsy-turvy and Media searched for other stories that had great bearing on our destiny. (I do not have a TV and hence am able to write and read so much. You can also donate your TVs to Congress sympathisers. Best way to take sweet revenge.)
Now, let us go back to our pet theme, Nitish Kumar and his greed for power. In my last blog I said, “Coalitions are tricky”. Not only tricky, they become funny too, if the partners vowed earlier that their DNA was not the same as far as corruption and criminality were concerned. So what will be the result? They go different ways. The more cunning tries to fix the less cunning or say, hardworking but both will be gobbled up by the Lion called EVM.
Let me narrate a story of the cunning fox and the hardworking donkey. Though hardworking, donkey is donkey, and it has no brain like the wily fox.
Once upon a time a fox and a donkey made a plan to go hunting together. "With my cunning and your speed," said the fox, "we're sure to be successful."
Too clever for his own goodAll went well until suddenly a fierce lion jumped out in their path.

The fox thought quickly, and went and whispered in the lion's ear. "If you let me go I'll lead the donkey into a cave from which it can't escape," he promised. "Then you'll have an easy supper."

The lion agreed, and so the fox did as he said, and turned to the lion looking pleased with him-self. "There you are," he said. "The donkey is trapped, just as I have promised."

"Well done, my friend," said the lion. "Now I can eat you for tea and enjoy the donkey for supper later on." And with that he killed the treacherous fox.

You know the wily fox Lalu and hardworking but no-brained Nitish. It is certain both will fight each other a covert battle and will be gobbled up by the Lion Voter, one for breakfast and one for lunch. There is a reason for my observation that these two are fighting a covert, proxy battle for supremacy in Bihar politics and Nitish is too clever for his size of brain and we know Lalu. If Nitish was clever, he would never have left NDA.
Till this July, Nitish and Lalu were not seeing each other eye to eye. They were bete noirs, both morally and politically. To speak truth, Nitish is an honest politician. He has tried to improve the lot of Biharis and has tried to end the jungle raj of Lalu family. But post LS polls he realised that Lalu was his only saviour as he would not be able to face Modi in a direct fight. He joined forces with him willy- nilly. Suddenly, he realised that he put at stake his hard-built reputation of honesty and as a face saver he tried to rope-in Arvind Kejriwal. The less we talk about Kejri, the better. He wanted to help Congress in BBMC polls by not contesting and transferring his votes to them as quid pro quo for the help rendered by them in Feb, 2015in Delhi. And we know his voter strength and what mature voter thinks of his honesty. These two pseudo honest politicos met many times.
We cannot say for certain, as we are not from Media and have no sources, but prima facie, it looked like that the illegal child that was born out the meeting of these two ultra -honest politicos seemed the vandalism in Gujarat, ultra left or guerrilla war type. “Hide behind a veil or a tree and attack surprisingly.” But Gujarat is led successively by strong-willed leaders since 2001.  The sooner this new Media Baby, Hardik, was born the sooner he vanished in thin air, as of now. Times of India reported that he said he would resign as the convenor of the Andolan Samiti, if the violence did not stop. The kid was scared of what politicians could resort to, using innocent young guys, with boiling blood.
All of a sudden, the Mandal theorists realised that Patel Community was backward after 67 years but they had no answer for the SC directive that reservations should not exceed 50%. The ulterior motive of these two parties and directed by Kejriwal’s ultra -ideology seems to be wean away forward caste votes by dangling the carrot of reservations for them too and retain their OBC, SC/ST votes telling them they are the real pioneers of the reservation system. Dr. Ambedkar’s vision was given a go-by with busses burnt and offices vandalised.
But will they succeed? There is growing fear in Pariwar parties that unless something dramatic is done it is impossible to stop the Modi juggernaut. For that they got the “thin vein” in the story of greedy fox, called Hardik Patel and used him. Will they succeed or commit political suicide together with Congress and AAP?
There is a moral in this story for these Mandal protagonists.
One day a hunter killed a deer and was carrying it on his shoulders. He saw a pig on the way. He placed the deer’s body under a tree and killed the pig and brought it under the tree. A snake hiding there bit and killed him. Before dying he killed the snake with his bow. A fox going that way saw the bodies of the deer, the hunter, the pig and the snake. She also saw the bow and vein attached to it. It thought, “I have food for three months but I will fill my stomach with this vein and snake today.” She tried to break the vein from the bow. As it was tight, the vein suddenly hit her on the brain and she was brain-dead.   
“It is always good to be satisfied with what is in the kitty. If you go for more and collect each straw of grass on the way, one day the straw may kill you.”
So, my dear Nitish Babu and Lalu Babu, you can do nothing to Modi reputation by creating vandals out of peace-loving population. If at all, your career will end. In the process, you can do no harm to Modi’s reputation, as Congress learned the hard way. There is no recourse for you other than serving people fearlessly and selflessly as Modi is doing. Or next alternate is “Quit and give chance to next generation”

paritrANAya sAdhUnA.n vinAshAya cha duShkRRitAm.h.
dharmasa.nsthApanArthAya sa.nbhavAmi yuge yuge..
For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteous Dharma, I come into being from age to age.