Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Kejri went to meet Doctor in a Corporate Hospital in Delhi.

"Doctor! I am suffering from severe headache"

"Since when?"

"Since my throat surgery after which the Surgeon advised me to talk less"


"I want to work 24x7 to remove corruption, Doctor! But this head ache is hampering my work"

"I was about to tell you to lie down. You did not allow me to complete the sentence and you already told a big "LIE"

"What is this Doctor? I am an IRS qualified gentleman. How can you say I told a lie?''

"Another lie! First lie down. Let me check."

So, the doctor started checking him from head to toe with his stethoscope.. Head, he said "pchh". He went on saying "pchh" until he reached the knee. Then he shouted, "Yes! It is here!"

The sixty plus seven nurses came running inside the consultation room. "What happened Doctor?" they asked.

"The brain!  His brain! I found it here"

"What? Then what is in his head? Is it empty? " wondered the sixty plus seven nurses collectively and individually. 

"No! In my stethoscope I could hear strange noises as if some mills were working inside. This is a case which should be thoroughly examined. Sedate him and keep in ICU. Tomorrow get his body scanned from head to toe.

The sixty plus seven nurses with the help of twenty plus one ward boys shifted him to ICU wondering why the side of his head is heavy and the side of his knees is light. Lanka Amba laughed and said " It is because his brain is in his knees and it is empty"

"But why is the head so heavy?" asked the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys.

Lanka Amba chuckled and said, " You will know after the head scan"

Next day the scan was done and reports came. All the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys surrounded the Doctor curiously. 

"Ha! Mr. Kejri, IR Ass!. In your head hundreds of rumor mills are  working. As the weight of the rumor mills increased your brain started descending slowly and reached your knees. Unless you close the mills, there is a danger it slips below your feet and reach your cousin Bali in Pataala Loka!"

Kejri was unmoved. He asked, "What should be done to close the mills, Doctor?" 

"Only way is surgical strike. Hit the head with a hammer. Mills will stop working"

"I heard of surgery. What is this surgical strike, Doctor? Are you a Doctor? What is your qualification?"

"I am MD"

"Oh! I know you must be Modi, abbreviated as MD. I want MS immediately"

"Who is MS?"

"Manish Sisodia" So saying , Kejri walked out of the Hospital and going outside spread a rumor that it is a Veterinary Hospital.

"This guy is incurable and incorrigible!" lamented the MD, the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys. Lanka Amba vanished from the scene.


PS: This is a humor skit meant to be enjoyed as fun. Instead if you spread it as a "RUMOR" you will be born as "Kejriwal" in the next birth. This is a curse of the Gods that are crazy.

Monday, November 28, 2016



In my blog Part 1, "OPPOSITION LEADERS PRISONERS OF WAR- WITH THEMSELVES", I explained the confusion among the ranks of opposition. Today, the day on which one party called for Bharat Bandh, one for Aakroash Divas, one led a march and one called for protest rally, sensing the mood of the people was against them. So, the confusion further confounded and the hopes of cornering the Government with popular support faded totally.

There is one song in the Telugu picture, "Tenali Ramakrishna"". Please view this link.

Tenali Ramakrishna, the maverick brain he was, starts planting seeds in the guise of a very old man. Babar Badsha going by that way laughs and asks him, "Hey! Old man! You are on the verge meeting with the Gods very soon. You are so old that you would not be able to see the seeds sprout into plants let alone eat the fruits. Why is this futile  effort  at this age?" Ramakrishna replies, "Hey! Badshaw! If our elders also thought like this, would we have been able to eat fruits today?" 

After Demonetization, Columnists sprouted like weeds in a green field. Weeds have no use and people entrusted with the job will weed them out sooner or later. If weeds had minds, perhaps they would have felt envious of the greenery of the field. The columnists are just doing that. Just as weeds have no use, these columnists have no value. They are mostly drawn out from the stable of the left liberals, where the hurt horses are either licking their wounds or waiting for the Vet to cure their wounds. 

The only point these headless columnists harp upon is that the total amount of black money in the economy is only 5% and that the total amount of counterfeit currency is only Rs.400 crores. Then why should the PM suddenly make 86% of the money unavailable? This argument is specious. This "SEED" of  demonetization should have been planted by the erstwhile rulers who ruled the nation for seventy years. By this time we would have had a corruption free and unaccounted wealth free economy. Now, Modi planted the seed. They ask, "Will it immediately cure the economy of the scourge of unaccounted income? They quote from figures that more money is hidden in Swiss Banks, in gold, in benami properties and in productive ventures in fictitious names. Will just planting seed result in trees giving us fruits? It needs a lot of follow up work. Watering should be done, fertilizers should be used,  pests should be tackled with pesticides, weeds should plucked out and dry leaves should be plucked etc., That is why the PM clearly said this was only the beginning and more projects were on the way. Any columnist with a little brain in his head would have understood the simple words of the PM. Instead they make yelping noises in the pliant news papers, on-line editions of TV channels etc., They are in pain because the government succeeded and common man welcomed the decision.We can just ignore these weeds or weed them out.

Now, let us come to the confounded confusion among the opposition ranks. Nothing can explain this better than the muted speech of our ex-Prime Minister. The discomfiture, confusion and chaos in the opposition ranks was totally exposed by the more political than economic Kejriwalic speech by the Ex-Prime Minister. The roar of the opposition in the initial days of Demonetization ended in a whimper with his listless speech. 

How did the roar of opposition start and how it ended in whimper on that day RS and on the 28th of November on the streets across the nation?  The opposition started its campaign on a wrong note. They unwittingly welcomed the Demonetization Scheme as path breaking. Many regional leaders and opposition Chief Ministers took their own time to react. While Nitish Kumar welcomed the decision as bold as his liquor ban decision, others except BJP CMs were muted. But the inimitable liar Arvind Kejriwal went a step ahead. That killed the opposition movement. As we all know, Arvind Kejriwal tries at one-up-man-ship  in his over ambition  to project himself as an alternate to Narendra Modi. It is like the jackal dreaming of usurping power from the King of the Jungle, the lion. As the  other opposition parties welcomed the decision and waited for a chance to corner the Government on other issues like management of the scheme, this guy jumped the gun and tweeted that he would prove that the whole scheme was a scam. As is his wont he appeared before the Press and made a few wild allegations. Among the allegation a few are

1. That the BJP leaders credited huge amounts into the account of the party just before the announcement. He could not substantiate the claim after BJP clarified. 

2. That the close friends of Modi, like Ambani and Adani were informed long back and they covered their tracks. What he did not know was Yogis like Modi do not have either friends or foes. All are equal for him. But where was the proof for his allegation?

3. That the whole Demonetization was a big scam. Where again was the proof?

4. He went a step ahead and demanded the scrapping of the whole scheme as it would  not contain black money in the system. 

This stand clearly was not digested by major  political parties. But Mamata bit the bullet and she wanted to  usurp the numero uno position in the opposition to Modi. So, she led a march to the President and Kejri, the jackal he was, understood that if he  participated he would have to play second fiddle to Mamata. He absconded.  Mamata tried to bring all other opposition parties on board but all of them took a position that the Scheme, per se, is in national interest. So, her march turned out to be a damp squib.

To make good the loss of face, Mamata played second fiddle to Kejriwal and together they planned a joint rally at Azad Market, a strong support base of AAP. But, alas! There were counter protests and soon the  news channels were airing pictures of the protesters and were gleefully reporting that the crowds at Kejri-Didi rally were much less than the protesters to their  protest rally. After that Kejri vanished from the Media glare and took to Social Media.

All this while all other opposition parties were in total oblivion as the Media overplayed Didi and Kejri. Only after Kejri has hidden his face from public glare and Mamata's crowds started dwindling by the day and after BJP stood second in by polls in WB, overtaking CPM, main opposition party the Congress realized that they were losing out to these petty merchants in political trade. So, they made Parliament as their boxing ring and started to disrupt Parliament. They forgot about Demonetization, they forgot the common man, they forgot the small businessmen and others and started shouting that the PM be present in the house though out. This is a meaningless demand given that the demonetization is not a scam like the 2G where the PM is answerable. It is for the good of the nation. And if there are deficiencies the opposition can point out the same and wait for a reply from the Government. The Government, per se, was not averse for a statement from the PM at the end of the debate.

After disruption of RS for few days one fine morning the PM was present in the  house. Whether it was co-incidental or whether the PM did not want to disrespect the PM's honor by not being present when an ex-PM was speaking we can not say. The PM must have been in the know that his predecessor was to speak that day. And what did Manmohan Singh do? He just read out a script prepared by his bosses in 10, Janpath. Nation expected better from an Economist than words like "organized plunder and loot" without substantiating where the plunder and loot were taking place. There was nothing in the speech for Congress to beat their chests. Their reaction was muted except a meek  statement that if Dr.Singh spoke it must have been true. Like Communists say, "As Mao said it it must be right"

Then came the AAKROASH, the Bandh, the march by Mamata and Jantar Mantar by Kejri. This is the end of the war. Kurukshetra war ended in 18 days with decimation of Kauravas It took almost the same number of days, from 9th to 27th November, for the modern day Kauravas to bite the dust. Truth triumphed. And the opposition turned out to the "PRISONERS OF WAR- WAR WITH THEMSELVES".



Saturday, November 26, 2016


Narendra Modi announced Demonetization on the 8th of November at 8 PM in an epic address to the nation. It was received with awe and appreciation by many sections of the society. It is not that these sections were not part of the system that created the black money. It is not that many of these sections never encouraged corruption. It is not that many of these sections never seriously thought of any reaction to the loot and plunder that the rich, the super rich, the business and political classes were indulging. And when they looked in Narendra Modi a crusader, who is ready to sacrifice his and his party's political future, with awe and respect, it was because they saw in him a dream come true. Many of these sections at one time or other thought of fighting a pitched battle on these plunderers, organized under the Congress Party and ignored by the Dhritarashtras of Kali Yug, Dr. Manmohan Singh et al. Each person that held and is still holding Narendra Modi in reverence, see  in him, the "same himself or herself" that dreamed of fighting the menace of corruption and black money. Many, including myself thought, " Why was  it not me?" We lost a chance. But we, collectively placed the strongest political statesman in the coveted post that gave him a chance to fructify our dream.

In contrast, at 8 PM on 8th November, the opposition parties were a confused lot. They were confused because opposing the bold move would have alienated them to the entire population except the 10% of people who held black money in cash. Outright support to him  would too have  alienated them to the public as it would have been a tacit acceptance of the courage and conviction of the Prime Minister. So their reaction was one of total confusion. They unwillingly and unwittingly welcomed the move as path breaking and would definitely help fight black money and corruption. Dr. Manmohan Singh too echoed the same sentiment in the Rajya Sabha.

But the Opposition lost no time in realizing their biggest blunder, for, by the time they recovered from the shock of the sudden announcement, an iota of which was not revealed even to the closest confidants of the Prime Minister. On a calculation of the effect of curbing the high denomination notes they realized that in the up-coming elections they will have, for the first time in Independent India, search for money to be spent in polls. Polls in India are controlled by money, that too unaccounted money. But how about BJP? It too lost a chance to spend money. But, the opposition, to their shock realized that this time around, BJP does not require money. The very decision, the boldest ever, is their money bag. This stumped the opposition leaders. 

They bit their tongue. Barring Communists, (who oppose everything for the sake of opposing. We can recall their opposition to the Nuclear Deal with US by which MMS got another chance to rule and ruin the country. Note that most of the scams took place during his second tenure as scamsters realized he was a lame duck) all other opposition leaders waited for the first day to pass on and when long queues were seen in front of the banks and people started feeling the pain of sudden vanishing of money from the market. One by one, they started shooting over the shoulders of the common man. They expected that this would strike the right chord with the common people and they congratulated themselves about their own "brains". Media helped them by choosing select few in the queues and getting a few adverse remarks from them. It is easy for the Media to edit the reactions praising the move and not complaining about the inconvenience. 

They were emboldened by their own counter master stroke. This emboldened Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal to form a common front and demand a roll back of the Demonetization. Fortunately for the nation and unfortunately for these two misguided nincompoops, the  public response was so poor that both of them are now more silent than MMS. They are like yelping street dogs that are in pain. See the Video. They stopped barking.

After making the reported pain of people in queues, shortage of change, suffering by small businesses (support base of BJP) and other figments of imagination failed to move the rock-like PM and also failed in garnering support of the public the Opposition wanted to corner the Government in the Rajya Sabha where NDA is in precarious position as far as numbers is concerned. So, they gave a notice for suspension of all other business and start of outright discussion on the Demonetization. Their hope against hope was that the Government would shy away from discussion, in view of the Media blaring 24x7 that people were disgusted with standing in the queues. The reality was otherwise. Indians, who were disgusted with the corrupt system perpetrated by these same politicos who are now opposing the bold move, decided on the 8th of November itself that, come what may "we will bear the pain for one or two months" 

To the dismay of Opposition Government accepted for a debate  outright. This stumped the opposition. They had no point to corner the Government. The two points they had were, '"Outright opposition of Demonetization or make a big issue of the disenchantment of the poorer sections of the country." The first would have eliminated most of the opposition parties from India's political map of India. So,, they harped on the second point. Speaker after speaker went on repeating the same point. By evening they realized they were committing  a serious blunder. Public view of the whole issue was in direct contrast with the jaundiced view of the opposition. This point was made very clear by Venkaiah Naidu in the closing hours of RS on the first day.

In the strategy session next morning of the opposition leaders, they would have decided that continuation of the discussion any further would make them a laughing stock. So, next morning they changed their goal post and decided that they would not allow the house to function. So, they came up with a demand that the PM should be present in the house for the whole  time of discussion. Why did they not put forth the same demand on the first day itself? It was because they expected to gain an upper hand in the discussion that day. When they realized that they were losing out in the debate in full view of the nation, they backed out and fled from the debate. Even Regional Channels aired the debate live. So they started making a demand that they knew the Government would not accept. And BJP played its cards deftly. BJP had nothing to lose if the debate stopped and nothing more to gain or lose if the debate continued as they were enjoying full support of the nation, except a few with hordes of illegal currency. So, they played ball. 

The discomfiture and confusion within the opposition ranks was apparent when Gulam Nabi Azad compared the reported deaths ( these may be fake reports)  to the deaths in Uri attacks and receiving flak from the Government. Though he stood by his words, the party lost another round with the already opposing public moving further away from the party. Or the repeated request of Sitaram Yechuri that the Dy,.Chairman move an Obituary Motion for the supposed deaths of seventy people due to Demonetization. When asked what proof he had he just flaunted a news paper. The Chair was so disgusted with his impudence that he remarked, "Condolences are not made on demand" . If anybody became the greatest laughing stock it was CPM and Sitaram Yechury. They already moved to third position behind BJP in WB by-polls. Congress was reduced to scrap everywhere.

In short, the Opposition lost the war with itself. Not only that they turned out to the "PRISONERS OF WAR- WAR WITH THEMSELVES".

(To be continued) 



Monday, November 21, 2016



Today almost the entire population of the country has at least a peripheral knowledge of how the economy works, the respective roles of the common man, the middle classes,the rich, the super rich, the tax payer  and the tax dodger. They also have a knowledge of the roles of the Banks, the Co-Operative Banks, the unorganized finance sectors like ponzi schemes, chit funds, the Co-operative sectors, the unregistered NGOs etc., Most of them understand the benefits of banking instead of dealing with cash. They know how terrorists operate and how their activities suddenly stopped. They understand the vicious campaign being run by the vested interests like the Media and Political parties.  They understand the role the Judiciary is playing in this muddle. They are cool. They are suffering but are compromising psychologically that the move to demonetize is in the best interests of the country. They are not much bothered whether only 5% of the money in circulation is black or it  is 95%. They think that even a Rs.1000//-  of unaccounted money that is going out of the system will help in the cleaning process. They are not saying, "Why should I undergo the pain for just Rs.1000/- of black money?" Instead, they are of the opinion that when termite enters the house, it is essential to  spray pesticide, though it is smelling horribly. He is ready to bear the pungent smell to rid the house of the termite, till the last egg is destroyed. He is not thinking, "The termite will, anyhow, be reappearing and why I should spray the pesticide and bear the pungent smell or vacate the house temporarily?" That is the common sense of the common man.

But a few, their  number increasing like cockroaches in the houses, armchair columnists lack this basic common sense and they are trying to spread panic among the public with their specious arguments and skepticism inherited from the opposition Congress, TMC, AAP etc.One such arm chair columnist, Subhod Verma, presented the stupidest arguments in his column today and the Times of India thoughtlessly, not only published it but made it the Head Line in its On-Line edition. I will not stoop to the level of these stupid guys by saying they hold black money but they certainly hold black thoughts.

Let me analyze his column and show how stupid his arguments are. He starts on a negative note, "With  cash starved  12 days gone". This guy does not understand the basic fact that as each day passes the cash is flowing into the system and queues near the banks are thinning by the day. The other day it took me just 5 minutes to exchange my quota of old notes. The only section that is worried and sending huge number of people to stand in the queues are those who stashed unaccounted money. So in most places especially in Metros like Delhi queues are artificial. There is a possibility that few political parties are sending their cadre to stand in queues to aggravate the inconvenience of genuine common citizens. Media wants to see the other way in such cases of delinquencies. 

He says the black money is anywhere between 27 to 90 lakh crores. And asks, "Is it all going to be unearthed by the Demonetization?"  A stupid question. These same guys questioned the Swatch Bharat initiative "Will sweeping with a broom make India clean?"  Today you rarely find a school going, college going kid throwing garbage on the roads. The transition will be slow and any reform is aimed at making the next generation happy. This guy should have known better that along with Demonetization other steps will be taken up to cleanse the system and no reformer hurries through decisions. 

He says

"No, it can't — because not all of this is in cash. According to various past government reports, black money exists in the form of different kinds of assets like benami properties, bullion, shares etc. Then there is one component stashed away in foreign tax havens. Only a fraction of the total black money is hoarded as cash."

Another stupid argument by this skeptic. Benami properties will come out once the origin of unaccounted money is traced. For that the demonetization helps. Likewise the purchase and sale of bullion can be traced once the whole cash transactions above a certain limit are prohibited. It will not be difficult to trace the hoarded bullion. Is the Government so stupid as these armchair columnists?  Same logic applies to shares. He might have  lost sight of the fact that the black money stashed abroad is being religiously traced by the SIT under SC supervision and already amount was recovered substantially. 

He says an optimum of Rs.6.5 lakh crore can be unearthed in this process and asks "Is so much pain necessary to get such small amount?' While it is not a small amount, he should have known that it is not the amount of  unaccounted money but the origin of such money that is being targeted. Once the  origins are known it is easy to plug their routes and get information about more unaccounted money. This guy thinks that after 30th December the Government will go into Coma again. He is not to be faulted. He saw only Congress Governments and tuned his brains to Rahul's way of thinking. It is going to be a continuous haunt and Government is going to see the end point of the sources. This guy should wake up to the reality of today and not live in 1975, the emergency days or period after that when nothing moved in the country.

The stupidest of the stupid arguments that he advanced was about the counterfeit currency in the hands of terrorists, Maoists etc., He says it is roughly Rs.400 crores and asks "Should we risk the pain just for this?" While I differ with him on the figure, it  is worth to risk a few days than to die mercilessly in the hands of terrorists and Maoists. This money is being used to buy arms and train in-house terrorists. Does this guy  want that? There are reports that suddenly calm descended on J&K. Does he not want that or does he want the mayhem and stone pelting continue for generations? Can there  be more stupidity than this? 

Next comes the nincompoop argument. He says this peace remains only until the counterfeiters again print fake currency. This guy does have more confidence in counterfeiters than in the Government that works as per a system. Sixty years of rule  by counterfeit rulers jaundiced his view. Or is he a piece from the same cloth? 

All said and done it goes to the credit of News Papers like The Times of India to spread false and malicious rumors and wrong opinions on such a massive clean up operation. 

And he head lines it "

Queues of pain for tiny gain on black money?

Another Stupidity!



Saturday, November 19, 2016



Demonetization of currency has been the largest such exercise in India after the Herculean effort of Arya Chanakya to bring the whole of India, Bharat, under one umbrella. "Uttishta Bharata" is the famous dialogue that comes out of the voice of Chanakya whenever he blesses a disciple or an adorer, a king or Samrat.  On the way to achieve this goal he faces many hurdles, many thorns come in his way and many conspiracies are done to destroy him. Come, what may, Chanakya acts with one and only aim. "Either I will unite Bharat under one rule or I will sacrifice my life in the struggle", he says. "What is not possible, I will never say" he says at one point. The task has been onerous as each Lord of a small piece of land thinks he is independent and can not be subservient to a monarch. But, the aim of Chanakya is to unite Bharat in order to prevent alien armies from other nations do not attack us. He finally succeeds. Many people are temporarily inconvenienced during the period of transition but they are happy after the goal is achieved. What happened later is history, we wish to forget. 

I am not an economist, so I can not go into the merits of the decision. But one thing is sure. Though outwardly welcoming the move many in the Political Spectrum, the Media, the rich Advocates who rarely get paid in checks, the real estate moghuls, the hawala operators, the big doctors, chartered accountants and a plethora of other people who are happy with transacting in cash and avoiding taxes are inwardly burning with rage. Even middle classes who sell properties and wish to receive part payment in cash and when they buy wish to pay part in cash are too unhappy. Small traders (outwardly) but who do cash businesses in crores every year and never pay any taxes are unhappy. People who expect to vote after receiving cash in return are apprehensive. So, generally Narendra Modi has made every one unhappy. That means he risked his political future just like Chanakya risked his own life for a cause. That is called statesmanship. That is called courage and conviction to stand for a good cause. 

What happens with demonetization. As a layman I can see more benefits than losses to the nation. As nation means people, in the ultimate analysis it benefits all the sections I mentioned supra. Banks will be flush with low cost funds. And this leads to a low interest regime like the USA. Less interest means more credit and easy access to credit. With more tax compliance more funds are available with the Governments. More funds with Governments more infrastructure projects like roads, railway, water transport, ports etc., will be undertaken. More projects means more work and more job creation. With the fear that the Governments can act tough corrupt will be on the back foot in the immediate context and common man will be less apprehensive to book the delinquent. This may take a few years. But results will be too sweet. 

There is inconvenience. Businesses are losing out 30-40% or more. Common man is finding it difficult to find change. Workers and daily wagers are feeling the pinch. Farmers are put to hardships unable to dispose off the produce. This is being shown in a lens by the Media. In a country of vast land mass and huge population there are bound to be inconveniences.  But speaking of revolt or riots is something obnoxious. Though inconvenienced, people are not too angry to revolt. They wish to see what kind of good days this revolutionary step brings. Man is a natural optimist. He never lives by the day. He measures his happiness as an average of the troubles and the pleasures of life. If each individual has to revolt just because there is a little inconvenience, the whole world will stop as in the period of apocalypse .

A girl who goes to the house of in-laws knows the troubles she has to undergo in a new environment. Even if the in-laws are very good people there are other inconveniences. She has to change her daily routine of 20-25 years. She has to change her food habits, her sleep habits, her dressing habits etc., It a rebirth for her, just as demonetization is new birth to the country's on-going economy. For that matter girls are not shying away from getting married. If they shy away the whole creation stops. Transition is painful. So too, the transition fro student life to the working life. The transition fro being carefree couple to responsible parents. For a little pain man does not shy away from bigger responsibilities for bigger happiness or gains. Looking back, he thinks, "It is good I have taken this risk" That is basic human psychology.

Today, I stood near an ATM of SBI. At any point of time there are fifty/sixty people. For the sixtieth man to receive his cash it was taking just 45 minutes.  I talked to those in the queue. I asked them to study the human psychology. I asked them how many hours they stand in the queue for having Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala. Three, four, seven or even twelve hours? Then I asked them what your feelings were when in queue and what they talked then. Most of them said they abused the TTD for the poor arrangements. They blamed themselves for going there on a day of rush. (The rush is ubiquitous, there is no day when there is no rush)).  Then I asked them what their feeling was after the Darshan. "Peace" And did they still blame the TTD? No more. Then I told them, after receiving your Rs.2000/- or Rs.2500/- you smile. Few people told me after they drew the cash that they were very happy. They forgot they were in queue for 45  minutes. They were happy I told them the abject truth of how humans behave.  

But, the Media is all out to exploit the situation by choosing selective individuals for expressing their frustration. I never saw them asking any satisfied customer what his feelings were. They are just fishing in troubled waters. We know the obvious reason. I need not explain. They are among one of the groups I mentioned supra. They are burning inside about their net loss. The Kejriwals and the Mamatas are plants of these big guys. They sold themselves to vested interests. Why are most CMs not opposing the move? Why is Nitish Kumar, the bete noir of Modi in politics is praising the move? It is obvious. 

Whether  Modi succeeds in his efforts to clean the system or the unclean guys win the war, time will tell. But Modi will be remembered for his supreme act of boldness staking his political future for decades to come. We salute Modi as we saluted Chanakya.