Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today, it is a case of failure of all four pillars of democracy. The Legislature failed to transact business a single minute for almost forty five days. This is the case in most states too. The judiciary failed to incarcerate a single corrupt politician during the past sixty three years. The executive failed grossly in alleviating the suffering of the masses. The Media failed to present a true picture of what is transpiring in the three other arms of democracy. Instead, as the recent events proved it connived with lobbyists to dictate the terms of governance as per the whims of a few famous journalists.A dangerous trend that emerged during the past few years is the counterattack by politicians of all hues on the persons that make allegations. ‘ Your back too is black’ is the common refrain. People are thrown into a dilemma on who is the ‘holy cow.’Above all, we, as commoners failed to raise a voice of revolt against the failings of the system. Instead, we preferred to be a part of the rot. We are happy to be divided on caste, colour, region, religion, poor and rich. We compromise our long term interests to a few subsidized freebies. We enjoy viewing a news channel the sings praises on a politician whom we adore, whatever his failings. We feel proud that our economy is growing at 9% p.a. even during a worldwide economic crisis. We fail to know and understand that the growth in our economy is mostly contributed by the services sector. We fail to grasp that the either agriculture that constitutes a 70% of our population is growing at less than 3% and that our manufacturing and infrastructure sectors are growing at less rates than what is expected.
We do not blink an eyelid when we are driving on roads that do no more exist,  even though we know that crores were spent on the the same very recently to be spruced up. We compromise by consuming a quarter kilo of onions/vegetables instead of a kilo a day. We do not protest though we know that the prices increased due to the wrong policies of few corrupt politicians/babus. No strong protest is heard from urban populace when hundreds of farmers are dying or killing themselves across the country due to crop failure. But these same people demonstrate violently, if need be, in case their dearness allowance is not increased in consonance with price increase, which again may be a result of crop failure.
The worst failure of the system is our un-stinted loyalties to a leader or a dynasty. We fail to see their failings. Our energies are wasted in recollecting the sacrifice their ancestors are said to have made for the nation and try to console ourselves that as grandsons/daughters these families are destined to rule us forever, whatever be our plight. We also fail to understand that a weak leader, though non-corrupt leads the nation only into an abyss, an irretrievable  mess and unsolvable conundrum.
Finally, we enjoy reading columns of writers who only preach what they never practised. These include retired bureaucrats, ex-governors etc., who never thought of raising a voice of  protest and resigned as a mark of resentment when they were enjoying the cozy comforts of the grandiose office they occupied.
Unless  commoners  become leaders unto themselves and unitedly fight the system, forgetting their caste, creed, religion and region, richness and poverty etc., this malaise will continue. Leaders and statesmen like Narendra Modi, who have the vision, energy and a history of true sacrifice can do a lot in this regard. Shall we hear him?