Friday, April 22, 2016



The Judge was flabbergasted. He was dumbfounded for words. The Public Prosecutor came to his rescue.As the PP rose there was a sudden silence in the Court Hall even without the Judge ordering it.

"Your Honor! The state objects to this untimely, pernicious and undiplomatic intervention by my learned friend Mr. Gupta. If he has anything to say, he can implead himself at the appropriate stage. We strongly object to this kind of bulldozing on the Court's valuable time"

The Judge recouped from the sudden divergence of his mental faculty and said in a slow but commanding voice. "I am sorry, Mr. Gupta! I hope you understand the consequences of your action. As a senior attorney, it is unbecoming of you to overstep on the Court's authority. I hope you know the import of your statement."

"Yes! Your Honor! I apologize to the Court for the inconvenience caused by my sudden intervention. I am sure of what I am talking."


As the smoke cleared the first task of the policemen was to take the accused out of sight and to secure the detention of the learned M.Gupta! Gupta vanished out of sight and the accused Sagari was lying on the floor.

She was stabbed in the back with a sharp knife that was shining like silver.


Suddenly in that instant Gupta saw in Ms. Rani Dutt her true character. The lackadaisical, smirking refinement, the gracious courtesy of her manner was a mask. Beneath the partially condescending, partly amused but always polite manner with which she regarded the world, was a barbarous shade. It is an inherent self-indulgence which covered  itself with a pretense of utmost civility.

"What do you say?" she taunted him again, with her politeness masking her narcissism and her haughty selfishness.

"What should I say?', thought Gupta. He was dubious. He started thinking fast. "I should deal with her with circumspection. No law can catch up with people like Dutt. They need a different  path that was never trod upon by any one previously. She needs a shock treatment"

"Should I take your silence as a :yes;;?" she is trying all her wit and wisdom on him.  Gupta knows the likes of her. He dealt with many hardened criminals, whose masks he peeled off and showed their real faces to the world.

But Ms. Rani is made of sterner stuff.  She knows her Kings, Ministers, Horses and Pawns too well. She knew how to play her game. She never shot in the dark. She knew her target and hit the bullet bang on target.

"You know me!" there was a defiance in that voice. She peeled off the mask herself. "I can pull strings from top to bottom. There was nothing I could not accomplish if I wished."

Gupta sat hearing her with amusement. Let her talk, he thought.

"Not that I will do any harm to you or your family. You are one of the best lawyers the country ever produced.  I know your worth and work. I know your connections." Again she wore the mask. "But I wish to make it clear once and for all. If I want something, I will get it.  I can ruin lives, how so ever great they are in the society. I can see that you are bankrupt before you know what is happening. I can de-licence you from the Bar in no time."

"But, I wish not to do that. What I wanted was a small help from a giant member of the legal fraternity. You know you can do that." She used her chattering ability. After all, she is a woman who talks breathlessly on TV for twenty four hours a day non-stop.

Gupta paused. Will she carry out her threats? With a man like him? Gupta has seen the world from many angles. "It is possible" he mused, not unduly perturbing himself.

"Would you like a coffee or a drink?" he asked calmly.

"Toughest customer to deal with!" thought Dutt. "Coffee, black and no sugar" she said loud.

Gupta rang the intercom in the kitchen and ordered two black coffee and sugar for himself and biscuits. He sat there without uttering a word as if waiting for the coffee to come. Dutt too played for her time, keeping calm.