Sunday, October 6, 2013


There is a dialogue from a hit Telugu Picture "Bommarillu. In that a 25 old son says to his father," Dad! To keep you happy I suffered for 25 years. No more." It is time people from both regions in AP tell politicos, "To keep you happy, we suffered a decade. No more." Please, people, call their bluff and live happily. Or, there is no future for your children.

Now, start reading.

“Hey! You! You can not enter the park”, the Sikh Guard at the entrance of the park tells Bruce Lee and shows him a board. “Pets and dogs have no entry”. Ad when he allows a Japanese lady with a pet, Lee goes on a beating spree all around the park, because it is a Martial Art Film and he is Bruce Lee. These, translated-into-English-Hong -Kong films have a touch of fun in them and whenever I see these films I recall the political scene in India and have a hearty laugh.

 Not that fighting is fun but it is really, when these guys slug it out in English. You can also enjoy the fun. The Sikh guard in front of the park is expected to shout, “Hey, You!’  His face looks furious but in the translation he loses the steam and sounds like “Meow”.  Did you ever see the scrolling news items? “The PM talks tough. He takes on the Pakistan.” Or “Sonia Gandhi turns furious on the opposition in the Parliament” or such other scrolling news. If you observe the videos clippings of these news items, you will remember the above scene. PM looks as meek as he usually is. We can never follow what he is articulating; anger, frustration or humor as we can only see the lip movement as in the Hong Kong films. And Sonia Gandhi is seen furiously thumping desks and gesticulating. We remember the two characters in front of the park, the Sikh Guard whose words and action  do not match  and Bruce Lee who goes on thumping all those who suddenly spring from nowhere; from  walls, from earth and some suddenly dropping from skies.

And there is invariably one character of an old Martial Art School teacher with a long beard who teaches Martial arts. He also talks tough like our PM. You will only not guess that he is talking tough unless you see his face because always his speech very meek. His beard covers his lips. “Hey! You! Why are you beating our students?” And all the time he says this, purportedly furiously, the guys from the other school go on a beating spree non-stop. Best course is to mute the sound, see his face while simultaneously reading the captions, if you can do both.  Sometimes, I feel how good it will be if the news channels write captions of what our PM talks so that I can mute the sound and read it. (One advantage here is we need not see his face as he shows absolutely no emotion at any time like a saint).

Most of these films have two schools of thought like one Japanese, one Chinese or like one Kung Fu and the other some other Fu. They go on relentlessly fighting like the Semmaandhra and Telangana politicians. We can’t understand why they are fighting unless we see the films many times. “Hey! You! The Ching Chee School is the best in the world.” “No! Hey! You!  The Chung Chu is School is the best” And the fighting starts. For half an hour relentlessly, they fight and what you hear is the sound of “Hey! Hu” Ha!” and hundreds of them suddenly crop up from nowhere. They fight each other and you do not know who is beating who as they look alike, until the last scene, when suddenly the bearded man appears and says in an emotion you will never understand. “Hey! You! Cheng Chun! You saved the honour of our School”. And the inimitable Bruce Lee shows his muscles once again with a furious face as if he is going to beat the bearded old man. Never expect that as the film ends there.

Now you compare. “Hey! You! You politicians from Seemadhra! You have no right to stay in Hyderabad. If you want you can open a curry point here.” A leader from Telangana says from his safe turf. The Seemandhra politician reacts from his own safe turf’ “Hey! You! You have no right over our Hyderabad. It was developed by all the three regions equally”. “But who built Assembly hall, Charminar or Mecca Masjid? Not You, Hey!” the other TG (Telangana) leader says. “Who brought GVK, Reddy’s, Satyam and all other so on and so forth?” one other Andhra guy reacts. But unlike in the films they never meet face to face. May be, if they ever meet in large numbers in a public place like Public Gardens, there will be lots of “Hey, Hu, Ha”s. It would be fun to see even paying for the ticket. And like in Chun Chun films, all these guys look alike as they are cousins and unless they talk you can never identify which guy is from which region. But what we have here are some intemperate remarks and some un parliamentary words. Nobody knows why they are fighting for even if he is seeing its rewinding daily a number of times for almost a decade.  People from both sides are bewildered. It is they that are losing heavily in the turf war. Luckily they do not crop up from nowhere as in the Chin Chun Gun films. Or else the State would have become a big battle field by now.

The only hope is that one of these wins one day and he flexes his muscles furiously and the bearded old man comes and says with no emotion on his face, “Well done. Dhum Dhum” . You saved the day for us.” But as these people are mainly from Andhra Pradesh who rarely see a Hong Kong Movie, they expect it to end like a typical Telugu or Tamil Film where all quarrelling parties come together in the last scene (whether divided or united), form a circle and laugh heartily with the “Subham” card showing and all audiences leave the theater with tears of happiness in their eyes as it ended happily or tears of sadness for having emptied their pockets for such a shabby movie, for one decade.

I too hope (I hail from AP though I have nothing left there but some dried up dreams), that it will be a typical Telugu Film in the end and all will come together and part happily to their respective safe turfs to live happily either united or divided with no hard feelings. And I hope, by that time the bearded old teacher is sent to his retirement home. And all may live happily thereafter under a new young teacher.


Since past two days, my lap top room was occupied by Vani, for some reason. That is the only room where the Wi Fi works. I was out of Twitter and saw many Hollywood Movies out of which “Fist of Fury” was one. I saw Telugu News Channels also and that led to the blog.