Thursday, August 29, 2013


“Food Security Bill” is termed “Vote Security Bill'” by BJP. But it ensured the bill is passed very smoothly. Even after “Amma” had left LS with fever, Sushamma saw it was passed without a hitch. The talk in 67% of the hutments, pavements, slums,temple steps and abandoned train compartments where the poor live and do not sleep due to hunger, is that both the Ammas are hand in glove to ensure little food for them and more security for themselves! They retain their own positions, one as the ruler and the other as the 'ruled'. Lord Krishna said “ who are you to win or lose?” Media foodies had lots of food on their plates. But “only the tables are turned in favor of the ruling Amma”. “BJP did not understand the Bill” they tweeted and distributed sweets. Some revisited the photos of bonhomie between the “Ammas” in “At Tea” hosted by the President on Independence Day and mocked! They said, “ They laughed him out of Delhi's club”. Prima facie, it sounds true!

The truth lost is that only an “Amma” (Mother) can know the hunger of children! In Mahabharata when the “Amma” was left with no food, Krishna created food from a single grain to fill stomachs of lakhs of Brahmins sent by her adversary Duryodhana from his " Innocent Priest Bank”. The secret not told in the Book was that these Priests were kept hungry for four years on purpose, showing them the Akshaya Patra (that ensures food security for all) Amma was owning! See the pleasure of the priests who ate after four years and later slept for one year to vouch/vote for Amma!

Food is a miracle created by God! Elizabeth Gilbert in the book “eat, pray and love” said “I am a better person if I have less food on my plate”. See Amma's vision of bringing out the best of persons in her adopted country by leaving 'no food' on their plates for four years! But she needed to butter them now to buttress her own fortunes by ensuring they vote! So a morsel of food (her own cronies say this) is served on their plates for some days! Later the system takes care to see their plates are empty for another four years! Pot holes on high ways and loopholes in the system are common! There is a mythological angle here too! Lord Krishna consumed two fistfuls of grains brought by “the eternally educated poor” Sudhama. He was endowed with lots of wealth along with the Lord's heart.. It is said “Rukmini” Ammal stopped him from eating the third as that would have left Krishna poor. Now, roles reversed. Poor are rich in hearts, votes and poverty. Amma is poor in heart, votes and poverty. With the first fistful of grains given by Amma the poor give away their hearts. With second one, they give away their votes. If they eat the third, there is a danger of their giving away their poverty too. Hence, the system acts fast and stops them from eating a third. Amma can see poverty but can not endure it! She has to sleep, after all! If she goes hungry who empathizes with the poor? Hence, it is not acceptable.

Robert Frost said, “ The wife (mother)who cant cook food but cooks is more exasperating than a wife (mother) who can cook food and won't”. Now, see the paradox. If Amma wanted she could have provided food to the poor during the past four years. She could, but did not, even though economy was flourishing! Now, suddenly she decided to provide food when economy was stumbling! She could not provide but decided to provide! The economy could not take the half-baked food (FSB) and threw up  (vomited is bad word, hence not used)  Rupee and Shares! Markets smelled foul! As markets saw South, FM saw  West! PM was mute. Amma still has fever. Sushamma cant talk out of immense pleasure! She scored few points here!

Charles De Gaulle said, “ How can you rule a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?' Poor Gaulle (guy) he does not know truth! It is easy to rule if there are 24600 castes! The more the number of divisions in people the easier to rule! Our rulers learned primary lessons from the British. Now, they are looking to us for further training in “divide and rule' . But our rulers know how to unite the people in the 'battle of ballot”. Soups they may not serve, but sops they give! They know better than any one that hunger unites them. That is the enigma. Those who never knew hunger know people unite when hungry. The only logical explanation seems to be, “When we are united in hunger for power, by anti thesis and synthesis, it is assumed people hungry for food too sure stay united.” So musing, they brought a Food Security Bill with a promise that people eat and sleep till election are announced. For BJP old guard it is a double whammy. You know why.

The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” A quote. In a country where 67% of people still look for a morsel of fresh, nutritious food and rulers and opposition parties vie with each other to claim credit for it, whom should we pity? I pity the people on top. How so ever they hard sell this 'morsel' theory, this time around they are in for a shock. The only sane voices amid this din were those of a few Chief Ministers and ex-Chief Ministers. Their voice is lost in the din.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”―Abraham Lincoln. The poor are certain to say “If this is food and if you too eat food, give us your food” Or “If this is grass and if you too eat grass, give us the grass you eat.” They have to answer. And the saner voices are certain to unveil the truth this time! And one voice is certain to quell all the voices in both these parties! We wait for D-day!


Final word:  “Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food. You can go a week without laughing.”  Joss Whedon

Let us enjoy the humor of life but let the poor not go hungry for years. Curse of poor is curse of God. For, M.K. Gandhi said, "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”