Thursday, September 5, 2013


Since mythological times ‘jail’ has a special significance. Lord Krishna was born with in the four walls of jail. It is said when the uncle of Krishna has been forewarned of a danger to his life from the eighth born baby of his sister Devaki, he keeps both Devaki and brother- in –law Vasudeva in the same cell of a jail. Why they were not kept in separate cells to prevent birth of children is a question never asked and never answered. It is Divine Politics.

Present day ‘jails’ are filled with ‘divine men’ and ‘destined men’. The ‘divine men’ show you a way to reach divinity through various ‘divine acts’ in their serene Ashrams. The ‘destined men’ rule over the multitude and when chance occurs, jump over the walls. Funnily, even though they jump the wall a few unfortunate ‘wall jumpers’ are named “gate crashers” involved in various gates, sourced after “Watergate”. So they are taken through the gates of a jail and are kept under the cool comforts between the four walls of the jail. These ‘cool’ comforts are their “cells”. Though against rules, it is rumored that the ‘divine’ and ‘destined’ men are provided with cell phones to continue their divine and destined acts, mostly political in nature. If blown out, this will be named “Cell Gate” inside the jail gates and Media celebrates it with breaking the same news thousands of times. If it is from a hostile state to them, they might continue the act of breaking until the voice of news- reader breaks.

Many ‘wall jumpers’ are bailed out even before they are named after the gates by the powerful. These bailed out wall jumpers are provided with party tickets for future elections. Only yesterday one highly educated CM of a state tutored his future officers about this ‘wall jumping’ act by politicians. He named it “political corruption”. He sermonized thus, “Forget about political corruption. All the money amassed in political corruption is channelled back into the Economy . ” Hence, these ‘wall jumpers’ are provided security through various acts of the powers that be so that people that were fleeced of their tax money need not worry as the money comes back to the nation.  So, after right to information, right to education, right to your own food, now comes right to your own money.  Next elections might be fought with this ‘game changer” political arrow!

Some lucky among those ‘jumping the walls’ and involved in various gates come out of jail gates through bail. Once, they come out, their taint of corruption vanishes by a divine act and they reenter the political vacuum left by them. A beleaguered nation looks awe-struck as their followers celebrate, declaring that, ‘law takes its course’.  There is no fast track for law to take its own course. It is like a 10000 k.m. marathon subject to clauses, sub-clauses, provisos and what not? As a pill to the ailment, even if a PIL is filed and the highest court rules that it is against law to provide them positions, some divine act will again be enacted and security is provided to them.  

There are a few unfortunate cell inmates that won’t get bail. So what? They fast and get admitted in a Corporate Hospital to get relief. They run their political outfits through the four walls of jail. Their kith and kin run through the streets shouting about the injustice committed to the ‘innocent’ children of the nation. As I told because there is no fast track to run the course, the law gets exhausted at a point. People in India have a tendency to forget and forgive.  After a time they close the gates of their minds to all the ‘gates’ that crashed on their faces a few years back. They wish and pray that these innocent children be brought out, so that they can rule them over again.

There are other unfortunate inmates who are not bailed out by their ‘deemed Gods’ as law has to take its ‘course’. So, after a few years say five, six or seven they suddenly get back into their memory that they, in fact, followed the state policy on various issues. They consult their conscience or the conscience of the adversaries of their deemed Gods and mail letters from their cells accusing their gods of not bailing them out. “After all, we followed your policies. You could at least have missed the files to protect us.” Media breaks this news with vehemence and breaks it again and again. All political parties question the wisdom of the state in pursuing a policy of no-tolerance on criminals. After all, if the state followed a less no-tolerance policy these innocent guys would not have been in their cells. So the matter stands.

Here too, there is a mythological touch.  It is said Vasudeva fell on the feet of a donkey to achieve the divine object of Krishna  reaching his destination, so that he can eliminate the Demons.  In the present episode as to who fell on whose feet and the divine objects they have in mind are yet to be revealed. Then they become part of history! Or for help, the ‘divine men’ behind the jail gates might be approached to know the truth!


Note: Who 'jump' your walls when you are fast asleep or out of town? I hope you can guess. They don't need gates. Courtesy "Watergate" they are named gates here too. I would have named them walls like "Coal Wall, Spectrum Wall, Game Wall etc.,"