Sunday, September 1, 2013



“If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.” 

This is a continuation of my earlier blog under the same heading.
“It is not great if we try to overcome problems. We should see problems do not arise” he said, in Tamilnadu in March 2010. In Parliament he took an exact opposite view. He accepted they committed  many mistakes. He said  they created problems. In fact, they created problems in all states. In AP, for example. Does it make any sense?

“We are brininging more administrative changes to make governance more transparent.” he said while addressing NRIs in January, 2011. And on Robert Vadra he kept silent saying he is a private citizen. On missing files, he says he is not a custodian of files. Whither transperancy, if the PM iis not willing to bring political parties under RTI?

“We will take effective steps to bring back black money from other coutries”, he said in 2011 on the “vote of thanks” motion on President's address! How many times did he dodge this question taking shelter under multilateral agreements? Did he not know of these when he spoke in Parliment or was he misleading the nation?

“I never asked anybody to buy votes. It did not come to my notice if any one purchased.” he said to India Today, in March 2011. What honesty, Mr. PM? Why do you hide behind a veil always? Two mistakes make one good excuse. You go on doing blunders and show excuses. If PM does not know anything, why should the country have a PM? Cant it be self-managed?

“Take decisions without fear. For fear of future persecution, if you don't take decisions society will be further harmed”. What sane words from a Prime Minister? He never took any decision for fear of persecution. Result is total policy paralysis in the country.

“Rupee fall is temporary”, In May, 2012, on board special aircraft returning from Mayanmar. And the PM knows what the percentage of fall in Rupee since then is. Did he not know then they there were domestic factors? Was the economist in him not able to foresee future contradictions worldwide?

“Poverty is coming down. Real wages are increasing. There is fiscal stability in the country.” In CWC meet in June 2o12. Today the reality is, by their own admission 75% rural and 50% urban population are poor and require food security. Which one of these is a blatant lie?

“It is not difficult to achieve 8% growth rate. If you give us power again we will achieve”. He has to answer this himself. If we answer his prayers, as nation we are doomed! 

Whatever he has been saying during the past niine years was belittled by himself when he put the entire blame on the US, Europe n Syria etc,, and finally on the opposition parties who he says, did not allow him to work. He said “He was not a custodian of files” when asked about missing files. He, as well, seems to have said he is not custodian of our lives anymore. How can he take care of each life when he cant take care of each file? Opposition members shouted “PM Chor Hai”. They were not right in that. We accept. Except under Sec. 498A of Cr.PC no one is guilty until proven. But an Asaram Bapu is guilty once an allegation is made. He must be hanged, as per our news channels. Not Yasin Bhatkal whom the Bihar Police do not want to question, as their political bosses lose votes. It is a different secular issue for him/them.

Ultimately, he feigned anger on opposition parties, ignored the main issue and sought sympathy of middle classes who are waiting to celebrate his imminent exit. He wanted to reenact the 2009 episode. Then it was Nuclear. Now it is unclear to him and very clear to the middle classes. After hearing what he spoke, I feel he likes India and not the Indians. He likes India because it allowed him to rule for nine long years. He seems to have no prejudice! He hates all equally. He talks to himself because he seems the only one whose answers he accepts. World stopped caring him. Most times he refuses to answer the questions as he does not know the answers himself.

In the final analysis, it seems he is telling us “ I cant go back to yesterday as I was a different person then” From Alice in wonder Land! He lives in the past glory. We want future glory.

We can sum up thus. I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.” 


Note: This blog was intended to expose the lies of our Prime Minister during past nine years of rule. Hidden under the veil of honesty these sweet lies tell the 'story of India" whether growth or fall! After his speech in Parliament brazenly trying to hide the facade of lies and put blame on opposition BJP to reenact 2009, it is inevitable the ball is taken to his court.

The PM's quotes were courtesy "Eenadu" Telugu daily in a middle page column today under heading "Punayabhoomi" who painstakingly collected the PM quotes. I thank them.