Sunday, September 1, 2013



Like the layers of an onion, under the first lie is another, and under that another, and they all make you cry.” 

He looked 'pathetic', is a simple statement. I am not a vocal critic of individuals. I always try to maintain a thin balance between ideologies and individuals. But when I saw him defending his own 'facade' of honesty and his failed economics in the Parliament I could not but change my stance. Since this blog is about him, who, sans any ideology to boast of as his own, ruled us for nine long and excruciating years I am forced into a path I never tread, personal criticism.

There was vociferous demand from all quarters in the Parliament that the PM make statement on the sagging economy, the falling rupee, failing investor confidence and the impact of fall in all indices and constant threat of downgrading by rating agencies.. Added to this, there is the deeper malaise of banks being downgraded by rating agencies and the ever increasing NPAs despite all the window dressing done by them. And then there is fear of escalating CAD and Fiscal Deficit. All this comes up and above the deeper malaise of scams that ate into the vitals of economy. First, it was said he would intervene in a debate, that we seldom see! Then FM went on 'board” saying “all is well, it will end well, don't panic'.But persistent demand forced the PM agree at last to talk, on a subject he is deemed an expert. Alas! It turned out a damp squib. He blamed all in the world except himself for the present scenario! Shocking! All that later. Let us see into his personality traits and the various flip flops he committed during his nine year rule.

That he is an economist is known world over. What  kind of an economist he is, is an enigma always. Under the shadow of a maverick politician Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, he is said to have brought out Indian Economy from the abyss. That he was only a bureaucrat following orders in a known fact. When he was made PM by the supreme sacrifice of the single leader of the country, all expected he would show his mettle. That was not to be. Albert Einstein said “Two things are infinite; the universe and the stupidity; I am not sure about the universe” Stupidity at its heights of our PM brought us to a state where we even stopped thinking “what next?”

He is said to be honest. It is a facade. An honest man never keeps silent when, in his own name, lakhs of crores of public money is being fleeced by his leaders and lieutenants. And he says “Behind my silence there are thousand words” and then too he fails to say those hard words. Let us analyze a few of these “Manmorals” (we might name) during the past nine years. “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough” is a good quote. He lived twice, both times he lived wrong and wants a third chance to make all his wrongs right. His growth story has at best become a boring, never ending serial.

In July, 2004 he wrote to the Chief Ministers “ We should transfer rights and powers to the people” What he did was to keep all his rights and powers in the hands of one leader and leave the nation in the lurch.

In August 2004, while addressing the anti corruption officials of states he moralized, “ With consensus, we should evolve fool proof rules and regulations for all departments for better working of Government Institutions, moral code of conduct for political parties and moral code to all the public servants.” Now we see CAG being demoralized by constant attacks, CBI being called a “caged parrot” by SC as its independence was compromised by none other than the PM himself, RBI Governor had to openly castigate the Government of policy paralysis and undue intervention. He commandeered the cabinet that brazenly sought to bring political parties out of RTI. He presided over a cabinet meet that sought to appeal in SC to reverse a landmark judgment on criminals not contesting elections! “Anyone who thinks sitting in a Church can make you a Christian, can also think that by sitting in a garage you will become a car” is a quote. If he thinks, by moralizing he can be sought to be honest, he is grossly mistaking us as fools!

While addressing Superintendents of Police in September 2005 he preached, “In your professional duty, you should not succumb to political pressures. You should draw a red line somewhere.” He is not a politician. But did he ever draw a red line? Instead he offered his worn out shoes to an Untested Tube Baby politician to lead this nation of many challenges (multiplied during his rule)! What a hypocrisy!

“Good health is the birth right of every citizen” he said in March 2006. But he singularly failed to arrange an ambulance to his only leader when she suffered from fever and other ailments right under his nose in the Lok Sabha. How is it with ordinary citizens?

“We should establish special courts to provide speedy justice in corruption cases”, he said in April 2008, while addressing Judges of High Courts. And what did he say in the RS the other day? “Corruption was there, it is there and will be there?” Did he spell out what he did to root out corruption? No. No.

“Government must be pro-active, imaginative and see that growth is inclusive.” he said while addressing CII in April, 2008. Then, why by his own admission, 67% population is looking for bare necessity of food? Why is the price of onion suddenly jumping? What is the per day income of poor you are assuming, Mr.PM? Rs.33/_ in Mumbai and Delhi? Is it inclusion in growth after nine years?

“If we are given a chance again, we will see that the country comes out of economic morass in hundred days” he said while addressing an election rally in Rajasthan in 2008. The state is due for another election. And he says in Parliament that they committed mistakes and domestic issues contributed to doom in economy? If he accepted failure so brazenly why does not he quit and rest?

“Not only small cases, but big fish indulging in corruption should be made to stand trial.” He repeated in the meeting of anti-corruption bureau officials in August, 2009. And what did he do? He made daughter of MK from Tamilnadu as RS member to secure his own seat, even when corruption charges on her are being probed. And how many big fish are booked till now?

“Government is taking all steps to bring prices under control within a few weeks” he said in CWC meeting in January 2010. After few years, the prices are increasing by leaps and bounds. The CWC is still meeting and taking disastrous decisions! He is quiet!


Note: This blog was intended to expose the lies of our Prime Minister during past nine years of rule. Hidden under the veil of honesty these sweet lies tell the 'story of India" whether growth or fall! After his speech in Parliament brazenly trying to hide the facade of lies and put blame on opposition BJP to reenact 2009, it is inevitable the ball is taken to his court. The second part will follow as it is lengthy already.

The PM's quotes were courtesy "Eenadu" Telugu daily in a middle page column today under heading "Punayabhoomi" who painstakingly collected the PM quotes. I thank them.