Tuesday, September 22, 2015




Before I reply to the AAP's most honest Journalist, I would like to tell a small story to readers of my blogs. The story has no relation to what I want to  tell him, but as it is interesting and to keep your interest in what I write, I am telling this story. Between honesty and dishonesty, there is always a thin line. Escape one day, you are honest. Caught red-handed, you are dishonest. This is life.

Two people, one boy and one girl wanted to marry. The boy was dishonest through his life but hid the fact from the would-be bride. The bride too was spending time in a Red Light area, to fill stomachs of her family members. She too hid the fact from the boy. Marriage was celebrated. Nuptials was arranged with fanfare. After enjoying their married life first day, both woke up in the morning. He gave her a Rs.1000/- note by force of habit and she returned Rs.500/- honestly by force of habit. Both felt guilty and apologized to each other.

This is the crux of the story. 



Ref: Your column in NDTV. 


You are too young to add any thing more to your name! I can add Beta, but that will be insulting my son who lives very honestly and is a very good citizen. I am proud of the fact.

I wanted to reply you in humor. But after I saw two reports in news papers today about the ways of AAP, I thought you did not deserve humor. You deserved a soft hammer. But, I had to change it to a heavy hammer as "Ways of AAP are unorthodox and a Theater of the Absurd". I wrote about two years back a blog 


That his methods from the beginning of his career had been unorthodox was a proven point. How far an unorthodox person, who changes stance at the drop of hat, fits the political bill is a million dollar question. It was fate awaiting Delhi that they elected him. It was fate awaiting Kejriwal that he chose you as adviser throwing out all the good people.  What kind of content we are getting in Editorials now-a-days is any one's guess. If you take credit for the content value, I accept your contention, as you deserve no more. 

Today, when I saw Rajdeep Sardesai apologizing AAP for the untruthful story on Onions, I knew exactly what happened. I am also a Post Graduate in Journalism, highly professionalized, but I never worked for any Media House. I not only gained Master's Degree in Journalism but I mastered the subject out of interest. I do not work for any one as I think working for money with Media Houses is like selling our wisdom to the unworthy. Nation knew the close connection between AAP and Rajdeep. It was number one point. That Rajdeep ran a story on AAP was unbelievable and if someone told him the same, even Rajdeep might not have believed. Fortunately citizens are wiser than the professional journalists. Your facade was broken there. For proving yourselves honest, you need not plant a story, deny it spending crores on advertisements to professional news papers, like the one you might have worked, get an apology from him that he is wrong and write a column in one more pliant Channel's Web-Site "See! How honest we are!"

First question, a two year old boy too asks you is why you avoided purchasing onion from NAFED. Was the quality bad? Do you know, KCR sold onions at Rs.20/- when price was ruling Rs.80/-. Do you know Chandrababu sold at the same rate? Do you know, when Delhi was quoting Rs.80/- Mumbai was selling at Rs.60-70/-? So, you decided you would be honest if you invested more of public money and  offered subsidy? Why was this information leaked on the Channel of Rajdeep? Why was it not to others? You purposefully did not quote the Channel name, I feel. I do not own a TV. So, I do not know, who has aired it. But I saw Rajdeep tweeting apologizing to you. If some other channel aired it, it was not needed for Rajdeep to apologize. I made one and one two and surmised Rajdeep aired it. You can clarify. If Rajdeep really aired it, it was a deeper malaise. Deeper, because you preferred to spend huge amounts on advertisement to prove honesty. For proving honesty, publicity is not necessary. If you have a mask of honesty, you need publicity. People can discern the honest from dishonest. You need not write here "Brutus is an honorable man" Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. People can separate water from milk. They are like swans. They separated you guys from the honest long back. Many of your MLAS are facing charges. One MLA submits a fake degree and CM says he has believed his certificate. What kind of a CM can not identify fake from true? Either he is faking himself or wanted the police bungle somewhere.

Today one of your MLAs was issued NBW.  He talks to professional journos like yourself over phone and tells that he will not be seen until SC hears his plea. Is he blackmailing the courts or casting aspersions on the High Court. He committed another breach of law, that is, contempt of court.
People now know why you guys want police under your control. You think you can control them. They are more disciplined than you. Even if working under you there is a law of the land that you can not escape. You guys can not beguile the public by your pep talk. 

If, for every news story the channels air that proves wrong, governments go on issuing advertisements spending crores, 5% of GDP should be spent on unproductive expenditure. And people doubt about the omissions and commissions. Did you not doubt all Toms, Dicks and Harrys till you got power? Clock turns full circle. Your time has come. You can not escape, as you guys do not fit the governance of a small state. Clean your stables first. NDTV is always ready to print whatever scrap you write. I see many columns there. Their agenda is very clear. You know that and people know. 

Can you clarify which Media Channel/House is singing paeans of Modi? Quote one. We can quote ten channels that favor AAP. Your arguments spit on your faces. So, media is telling you it is being blackmailed by government. You can approach courts. Or I may approach quoting you. No government can do that either overtly or covertly. It is unconstitutional. I hope you will prove your point with documentary evidence or apologize to Central Government  for your misdemeanor." I have seen promoters running to ministers, politicians, government functionaries for advertisements, and editors asking for selfies with ministers." You may prove this too or apologize to public for misleading them.

You were from Media. And you say it has crawled. What is this? Professional Journalism? Now, you are resorting to self-bashing. You are not qualified as a journalist. You were M.Phil. (Soviet Studies) That shows your leanings and the USSR type disintegration of self. Please study journalism to be a professional Other subjects are complimentary only. There are codes of ethics for journalists. You lack them. You defy your own commandments day in and day out to share food with alleged criminals in your backyard.

For your information, I read Kuldip Nayar, when you were ten years old. I saw emergency and I always prefer Indira Gandhi to Arvind Kejriwal. When she was doing something wrong she was having conviction to own responsibility. You guys lack it. Pray you are at least as good as Indira Gandhi.


'शरेयान सवधर्मॊ विगुणः परधर्मात सवनुष्ठितात सवधर्मे निधनं शरेयः परधर्मॊ भयावहः" 
'sreyan sva-dharmo vigunah
para-dharmat svanusthitat
sva-dharme nidhanam sreyah
para-dharmo bhayavahah' 
It is far better to discharge one's prescribed duties, even though they may be faultily, than another's duties. Destruction in the course of performing one's own duty is better than engaging in another's duties, for to follow another's path is dangerous.