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As Bihar enters the decisive phase, it is meet we discuss the good work done by NDA government led by Narendra Modi. Readers of the blog are welcome, if they feel there are shortcomings, they can send comments. I will analyze.  It will be preposterous to compare Modi performance with Nitish performance as Nitish ruled Bihar for ten years, he was ably supported by BJP, both worked in a very hostile atmosphere with UPA at the Centre, creating hurdles and not helping the state. The negative role played by Lalu and Company can not be underestimated. So, let us confine to Modi rule though Nitish too did good work to develop a state ridden by violence, crime, fraud, scams and corruption at higher levels when he took over. He did a good job before three Wichches appeared as in Macbeth to hailed him "KING OF INDIA". Ambition took over the good sense. His downfall started and will end in November this year.

(From Part 1)

In my previous blog I dealt with what the nation lost, what kind of a fractured nation, dispirited body politic and ruined economy were handed over to Modi. Though we can not identify the forces at work to destabilize the nation to escape the noose that is tightening by the day around necks of the scam tainted and the corrupt, we are sure such forces are at work. One reason is that the present supreme political leader is incorruptible, getting strengthened by the day and is being appreciated as world leader that will take India to the pinnacle of growth both economically and culturally. The new Black Money Act is sending shivers in the spines of people who accumulated black money.

(From Part 2)

“It is impossible to know when and how much water a fish drank, similar is the act of stealing government money by officials.” 


Part three deals what Modi inherited in the form of political debauchery, corrupt bureaucracy, irresponsible politicos, silent PM, rule by the inept and inefficient, by proxy from outside. free- for- all federalism, scam tainted higher echelons of power, toothless investigating agencies with almost all heads of these agencies led by caged parrots and an inactive and sometimes pliant judiciary. 

"Kautilya reflected serious concerns about opacity in the operations of the world of the corrupt. Illegal transactions were so shrouded in mist that he compared embezzlers to fish moving under water and the virtual impossibility of detecting when exactly the fish is drinking water. He also noted that while it is possible to ascertain the movements of bird flying in the sky, it is difficult to gauge the corrupt activities of government officials."

He realized its inevitability but chose to remain positive and committed to root it out in the administration through elaborate and strict measures. This is the real significance of the Arthashastra as far as the issue of corruption in contemporary times is concerned.


That corruption is universal and not restricted to the present set-up is a fact of life. But, a weed must not be allowed to grow into a tree, a tree into a forest, a forest a dwelling land for wild animals, where innocent, poor animals find it difficult to live. But this is the kind of the most degraded forest that Congress and its stooges made India during the past 67 years except few spells of good government. They too could not do anything substantial. Reason was the the pressures of governance are too many in India. Chanakya says the fundamental duties of a ruler are 

Getting what has not been got, guarding it, developing it and then distributing it, these four constitute state policy.

But the few good rulers failed to distribute what they got equitably. That is where Modi is expected to succeed and is succeeding.

When he took over, the whole nation was in a mess of corruption, with the higher level politicians exposed "nude" on graft, nepotism and frittering away financial and national resources. Leave alone Centre each state ruled by Congress and their cronies, partners, allies and family and friends fleeced the populace, showing them the "TRISHANKU'S Heaven" of right to eat till right to graveyard. Peanuts were given to public and Cashew Nuts were grabbed by them. While leaving, they declared 67% of population was poor.

Let us go State by State and know what scams were unearthed by the investigating agencies and the auditors. This is the tip of ice berg. More have come out, are coming out and will come out. Let us first see the  massive misuse of office by these so-called secular forces supported by foreign funding agencies. It is necessary to read about all these at one go, so that we know the real magnitude of the resources frittered away by the goons that ruled us.


In alphabetical order and in the magnitude of frauds, YSR regime in AP topped the list of states. In one of his columns long back one Senior Columnist, now a BJP spokesperson, a highly secular journalist wrote that YSR was said to have financed the whole Congress campaign in five states in 2007/08 (Year not certain) and grew larger than his mentor, the Congress President. If alive, he would have been a tough competitor for the post of Congress President today. (He was a known dissdent in Congress always and threw chappals at PVNR).

"Adarsh, commonwealth and 2G scams are mere peanuts in front of what YSR and his son have done during last 8 years in Andhra Pradesh," this was what Naidu said after Jagan was sent to jail first time. 

1.Jala Yagnam

This was the brain child of YSR. He created an artificial hope in the farmers that he would irrigate 100 lakh acres in the arid regions, specially Telangana and Rayala Seema. He mooted 26 projects initially and later increased them to 86, as he tasted the money flow. He released Rs.90,000 crores as mobilization advance by amending laws. By this the contractor gets an advance of running into thousands of crores for taking up works. Many projects had no clearance. The main beneficiaries were MPs from Congress, Ministers, MLAs and few TDP leaders too. Not even canals were dug. Of the targeted one lakh acres not even ten thousand acres were irrigated and government lost 90,000 crores as advance. This was where Sibal could never say there was zero loss, as cash flew out like kites. Investigations and court cases are on. Read
for details.

2. Housing Scam  

The cabinet sub-committee constituted to curb corruption and protect public money has unearthed a massive housing scam in which more than Rs 7,000 crore was allegedly siphoned off by politicians, contractors and officials. This was unearthed in April, 2015. Seven lakh houses do not exist as of date, out of 43 lakhs on paper. Further reading

3. Mining scam that spread to US based NRIs

A U.S. grand jury this week handed down an indictment to six persons including K.V.P. Ramachandra Rao (65), MP and a close adviser to the former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, in a $18.5-million titanium mining scam.
The U.S. prosecutors noted that the defendants had, beginning in 2006, “allegedly conspired to pay at least $18.5 million in bribes to secure licences to mine minerals” in A.P., a venture that was expected to net more than $500 million annually from the sale of titanium products, including sales to a company referred to as “Company A”, headquartered in Chicago. Further reading here. The culprits got temporary reprieve from courts, as it involved a foreign power.

4. Money Laundering

The irrigation scam was successfully used by the family members of YSR by laundering the money through bogus companies and getting invested in defunct companies at huge premium on shares, This money was invested in real estate and empire building. Charges are being heard in courts. 

This is only tip of ice berg. Man Mohan Singh may say, there are thousand words, unspoken, behind his silence. but there were thousands of scams in which lakhs of crores were looted. What punishment he and his mentor deserve? 

2. Assam

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered a case of alleged embezzlement of central funds to the tune of Rs 3,000 cr by the state agriculture directorate.

This is perhaps one of the biggest financial scams to be probed by a central investigating agency in the state after the NIA probe into the scam in the Dima Hasao district involving Rs 1,000-cr in 2009 and the letter-of-credit scam in the veterinary department in 1996 amounting to Rs 400 cr. Further reading here.

Louis Berger Scam:

The US Department of Justice(DoJ) disclosed last week that New Jersey-based consulting firm Louis Berger International Inc would pay $17.1-million criminal penalty to resolve charges that it had paid bribes to bag government contracts in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Kuwait between 1998 and 2010. The company had allegedly paid Rs 6.1 crore for two water projects in Gauahati and Goa. This is one of the biggest bribery scandals to hit the Congress Governments in Assam and Goa.  

Read further:

Schools and Health Scams abound. Many schools that were given funds of crores of rupees existed only on paper. ANMs were recruited without proper scrutiny. Lakhs of rupees changed hands. There are many other scams under investigation. Did it all happens without knowledge of Congress High Command?

Arunachal Pradesh:

Former Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Gegong Apang was arrested on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the Rs 1,000-crore public distribution system scam and remanded in seven-day police custody. A Special Investigation Cell, formed by the Arunachal Pradesh government, arrested 61-year-old Apang under charges of cheating and forgery under IPC and relevant sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

He was CM of many parties and many coalitions. Presently he is with BJP. (Unconfirmed. If so, he must be removed forthwith from primary membership). He holds no position as of now. 

Indira Awas Yojana Scheme Scam: 

A scam in a centrally sponsored scheme has reportedly surfaced in the state with the All Arunachal Contractor Welfare Association today alleging a Rs 1,000 crore scandal in Indira Awas Yojana being implemented by the department of Rural Development. 

For more read

This is about three states. Please be reading my next part 4, 5 on other states, Part 6,7 on Central Scams, Part 8 on what was done and part 9 on what is expected before 2022.

On reading these blogs on corruption, many questions will be raised on what is done till date. Just as Media was denied access to echelons of power, all leaks were strictly plugged on the progress of investigations. But when an FIR was filed, a leader is summoned, a red corner notice is issued, a charge sheet filed, a leader is arrested or gets protection by active judiciary in parts we know the ball keeps rolling.

The latest heartening news is a comprehensive bail bill is ready in which strict rules are being framed to see thst the rich get bails fast, thanks to the costliest lawyers twisting the cases and poor lounging in jails. This Act may see a sea change and this may be one reason rich cuplrits and convicts are spending huge funds on individuals to rake up controversial issues and destabilize the nation. But till now common man stands steadfast behind Modi and people like us should educate more people about continuity,

Reagarding the final act of jailing or fining the corrupt or annexing illegally amassed wealth, the leader is following Chanakya who said thus.

Things should be examined with reference to facts patent and latent, and inferences. anger should be overcome after proper analysis. 

The ruler should learn one quality each from the lion and the crane, four from the cock (murga), five from crow, six from the dog.

One should learn from lion to undertake a task well-prepared, whether it is a big one or small. Like a crane, the learned one should control his senses and knowing the aptness of time and place, accomplish all tasks.

From a cock one should learn four things: getting up in time, fighting, division of responsibility among allies and enjoyment after attacking oneself.

From the crow one should learn five things: sex in secrecy, secret action, and catch in time, unruffled behavior and distrust of every one.

These are six qualities of the dog: desire for much, satisfaction with little, deep slumber (A natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended), quick awakening, devotion to master and bravery.

From the donkey three things should be learnt: to carry the burden even though tired, not to mind heat or cold and to trudge (walk heavily and firmly) ever satisfied.

The discerning one who practices these twenty virtues mentioned conquers all enemies and he himself remains unconquerable.

svasti praja bhyah pari pala yantannyayena margena mahim mahishah |स्वस्तिप्रजाभ्यः परिपालयंतांन्यायेन मार्गेण महीं महीशाः ।May the well-being of all people be protectedBy the powerful and mighty leaders be with law and justice.