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There was a story. A snake that bit so many pedestrians repented in front of a Sadhu. He advised her to desist from biting. Pedestrians observed the snake was not biting and started stoning her whenever she came out. On his way back, the Sadhu saw the plight of the snake and made enquiries. The snake told the story. "I asked you not to bite, but I never asked you to stop hissing."

We know that Mr. Devendra Fadnavis is a wise man, a soft-natured leader that fits the bill to rule a soft state like Maha Rashtra. By this time he would have found himself fish out of water in states like AP. PV Narasimha Rao failed even where T. Anjaiah succeeded.  But, his soft nature should not lead to a paralysis in governance reminding us of Man Mohan Singh. I am making this statement consciously. It is good corruption is controlled in higher echelons of power. It is good investigations are fast forwarded in Scam cases. It is months before big fish go to jail, but get bail. It is good big plans are afoot to build good infrastructure. It is good Railway Stations are getting special attention with many micro changes and macro. It is good big projects get clearances fast, example, Coastal Road, fly overs, foot over bridges. It is good long pending Dharavi redevelopment plan is cleared fast. It is good there is considerable improvement in the communal environment. Hoarders are facing tough times.

But all said, one point he is missing out is his inability to control party men in squabbles with Shiva Sena. There is basic difference between these two parties. SS was formed to fight for Maratha pride. BJP is for national pride. There is no ambition for SS to expand beyond Maha Rashtra, though they make noises. Nation wants BJP and BJP wants nation. In this backdrop, it is primitive, premature, illogical and self-defeating thinking on the part of BJP to aim for Civic Body of BMC on its own from now on. If SS wants to win on its own, let it try. None of the two will be able to win on their own.

These skirmishes are eclipsing the main issue of civic life in major cities here. Mumbai did not move an inch on civic responsibilities or improving upon the civic sense of people. Killing has again become easy with gun wielding mafia targeting pre-set targets, Petty crime, that was never there but got life during Congress and NCP rule did not abate. There is no rule that is followed by even law enforcing authorities,. It may be, they succumb to local pressures to look the other way, when an innocent citizen makes an appeal or complaint. This shows all is not well with micro management. The only improvement was in cleanliness, that anyhow, is done at the behest of BJP top leadership.

The other day, my daughter-in-law asked me. "Daddy! What changed in Mumbai that you still support BJP here too?" (She voted with enthusiasm to BJP in both LS and Assembly polls)  I gave a lame answer, "Wait,Beti for four more years". She said I was talking like a politician.

What do we expect at micro level? We expect a police officer responds immediately after you say some thing is wrong some where. The phone takes fifteen minutes to connect, a sleepy voice replies that a van is on the way, it never comes, we sleep in our AC rooms happily.

Today morning, the nanny looking after my grandson came with severe head ache, nausea etc., She said last night loud noises of drums and crackers started at 10.30 PM and continued till late night. Poor guys, they do not have AC rooms to sleep like me closing the windows. It is sweating heavily here. They have to open windows to get the wind in. Instead of wind, ear-drum- breaking sound comes. What can they do? Dengue and H1A1 are spreading in these areas like wild fire., There are sick beds in almost all households. Talk to any one, he/she has a tragic story in her slum/apartment. How do these patients sleep peacefully at night?

We have a rule that all noises should stop at 10 PM. And if noise starts at 10.30 PM, beyond tolerable limits and our complaints go in vain, it indicates, at micro level, there is something seriously wrong. On Janmashtami day, on 5th September the same situation prevailed. We complained at 10.15 PM and half an hour later. At 11.30 PM the police said since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, they got special permission. What a lame excuse? Irrespective of faith, religion or sect the rule must be implemented. There was no relief granted in any GO as far as I know. When Lord Krishna was born the whole world was silent, so much so that, Vasudeva had to fall on the feet of a donkey to see it did not bay out of ignorance. Silence would have been better tribute to the Lord, not sounds that irritate the other people. That day, I tweeted to all from top to bottom. None responded. They were busy terming Bihar as Jungle Raj.

Yesterday, the loud sounds started at 10.30 PM. We complained. They continued. I tweeted to all those, I could think, could help. There was no response. I pleaded that people suffering from diseases were having harrowing time. I put on my AC and full fan, closed windows and slept happily as I could afford it. My real face again showed me how bad I was, not to have pursued the matter when I saw the plight of the domestic help, who is a senior citizen herself. These are copies of FEW tweets.

Please stop this nonsense of loud music daily at 10.30 PM. What is police doing? My last tweet.

How can we know? His department should know. RT and ask your friends to RT.

Good Morning Sorry state of affairs in Mumbai. Who is ruling Mumbai, Sir?

No action was taken meant, there was permission for yesterday's sound show also. So, every other day police violate the rule they set for themselves and Home Ministry under the CM remains an onlooker. Citizens have to bear the brunt. On 17th the famous Ganeshotsvav starts. It is sending shivers in our spines, how we will bear the high decibel noise. We have changed the government hoping that the micro level problems will be resolved. Nothing has happened. For these things to happen five year term is not necessary.

I hope yesterday was the last day of these loud sounds beyond 10 PM. Hope the Home Minister cum Chief Minister will at least hiss if not bite any one.

In 2010 I was in Stockholm, Sweden. Immediately, after going there, I was given instructions by my daughter.

1. Do not talk loudly in public places.

2. Do not throw garbage. Search for a bin. They are every where.

3. Do not burp loudly as we do in India, do not spit anywhere, cross only at pedestrian crossings.

4. After 10 PM, do not operate mixers, grinders. Do not walk with heavy steps after 10 PM. Reduce volume of TV. Volume should not go outside our walls.

5. Do not wash utensils after 10 PM and before 8 AM daily, making sounds, Use dish washer.

Despite all this, my 11 month old grandson was throwing toys after playing after 10 PM too. Immediately, a notice appeared in the notice board of the apartment society that parents and care takers should see their kids did not make sounds after 10 PM. We saw that he slept or the toys were hidden.


I hope, at least now, that we got good governments, we learn, our leaders learn, those pulling strings learn, those giving permissions learn and those patrolling roads learn. Or at least the CM learns hissing on law breakers. This blog is written in public interest. Hope it will get shared with as many as possible.

Why The Sandalwood Tree Burnt?

चन्दनानपि दावोऽग्निर्दहत्येव।” is the inspirational Chanakya quote (चाणक्य सूत्र) that we will be discussing today. The English and Hindi Translations are stated below:

  • The forest fire burns even trees like sandalwood.
  • दावानल चन्दन अदि को भी जला देती है ।
  • Things affecting people around you will gradually affect you.
  • Being good is not enough.
  • Physical laws apply to all with no exception.
  • Don’t be rigid as a tree.

This spiritual quote has multiple interpretations. Have a look…
Here the sandalwood tree represents a man with qualities. It represents someone who isn’t ordinary and someone with value. On the other hand the forest fire represents the destroyer (Also interpreted as time i.e. काल the destroyer). It can also be compared to someone wicked or evil in other contexts.
We humans don’t live in isolation. As a social being we are connected to each other in some way or other. This means that things affecting our fellow beings are likely to affect us. The next paragraph might help in explaining the point.
There are few social evils (like corruption, radicalization, terrorism, drug abuse etc.) that most people tend to ignore. They ignore because it’s a common psychological defect in animals to ignore almost everything that does not affect them directly. The inactivity of good people is sufficient enough for the rise of evil. This is how bad things grow in a society and for this reason even the sandalwood tree (a good man with qualities) burns when the forest (society) catches fire.
Chanakya has a moral to tell us here. Today you may beat drums at 12 midnight and patient in the neighborhood suffers. Tomorrow he will burst crackers, you may have a patient in your house that may suffer. Help others to help yourself. Or let the government read the rule of law and punish offenders. In good governance, there is no place between your man and my man. All are alike. Learn from Modi.
कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन। 
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥ २-४७

Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
Ma Karmaphalaheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani

You have the right to work only but never to its fruits.
Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction.


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