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"The best place to live is where fools are not honored, grains are stored safely, where husband and wife don’t quarrel. Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) resides at such locations."


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I like to hear speeches of two people, one a statesman who speaks his mind simultaneously reading minds of others. The other who wanted a crown but landed as a clown. The former grew up as  a tea-seller to become PM of a nation. The latter grew up in the lap of the powerful and landed in a tap of drain water. Both were God's gifts to nation. If the latter became PM, you could just imagine how we would have cursed the God!

Whenever Rahul speaks, it creates interest. Will he tell anything new this time? Did he learn a few new words, since the past one month? Every time he disappoints me. This reminds me a joke.

A Guru or Priest was visiting various villages and repeating the same words in every meeting. The supplier of the equipment like the loud speakers, who was forced to follow the Guru/Priest to every village, was so bored, vexed and horrified so much that he wanted to teach the Guru/Priest a lesson of his life. The speech was going on like this.

"Ways of God are mysterious. We do not know what He does, where He does, how He does or why He does these mysterious things. For example, you are sitting here and hearing my preaching. But you do not know what is happening back at your home. All mystery!....."

The Mike-Man (Man who supplies the speakers) got up said, " I do not know what is happening in my house. But I know what is happening at yours. Your wife is eloping with your neighbor as you are not going home" The Guru/Priest stopped the lectures and went back home. He changed script next time around.

Like this, whenever and wherever he talks, he talks "Suit-Boot Sarkar" and this time he said  that PM talked to only people who wore suits. Recently he met Sufi saints. He meets many Sadhus, many Christian Priests. He met his own mother in the Lok Sabha and wished her and chatted with her. This guy went to FTII, Pune in Jeans Pant and Tee Shirt. None fell for his advances, luckily. Remained a bachelor.

I recollected this joke when he repeated the charge of Rs.15 lakh suit. May be he thought inflation was increasing as in UPA regime. He increased the cost by 50%. That day even Rupee recovered 1.6%. This guy is economical with words but does not know economics.

“You name it, we’ll make it!” Was the big sign outside the new restaurant on 13th Avenue. “There is no food we can’t make for you!” “Excuse me sir”, said a man with a heavy Russian accent to the waiter, “I would like please, A Garden Salad with Russian dressing.” “RUSSIAN DRESSING?!" Screamed the head cook, “I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF RUSSIAN DRESSING! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO GIVE THIS GUY? “Don’t worry,” said the owner to the cook, “I’ll take care of everything, you just make the salad.” And that’s how it happened that two minutes later the waiter walked out with a big Garden Salad and a picture of a Russian man putting on his pants.

There is a lesson for Rahul here. When he says, Congress Dressing, do not be tempted .They may bring a Salad with a nude man just dressing, backing up. We cant say. He proudly refered to Mahatma Gandhi who wore loin cloth to achieve independence. Yes! He also earned the name " Half Naked fakir" (Sorry! Bapu! I respect you but can never reconcile to the fact that you lent your name to these morons.) The other day, Rahul went to FTII in a Jeans Pant and Tee Shirt. Luckily for them, none fell for it. He did not remember Gandhi then. He should have gone in Loin Cloth and seen the reaction. 

He said Modi was feku. He promises and never delivers. His grand mother promised "Garibi Hatao" and after 4.5 decades, this guy went to polls with the slogan, " 67% of you are poor, we will make you rich". Who is real feku? Hope Biharis knew better. 

He said Modi was snatching land farmers and these guys from Congress are holding a farmer meet  to boast that they have made Modi bend backwards on LAB. And one Congress leader said yesterday that Modi was implementing LAB through back door, through states. These guys knew they were beaten at their own game. That was the reason a recent survey showed NDA states ahead in the first ten places (one missing) in the ease of doing business. Now, Congress is left with no option but to ask their own states to follow or fall back. If they do not follow the LAB and amend laws investment goes to NDA ruled states. They know a revolt is in the offing and Modi has made them lick their fingers. They were on the wrong foot on LAB. The moronic advice that Rahul is getting shows that those in Congress with brains either left the party, kept their brains in deep freeze or are using them to bail out alleged criminals. With what they will beat their chests in farmers' rally? They would tell that Congress Ruled states lost heavily because of their moronic action? A catch-22 situation.

On GST too Congress knows Modi will roll out GST on 1st April 2016. He has ways of doing things with no pain to people and all pain to the opposition. It is "dream" of opposition that a defeat in Bihar will halt GST. Win or defeat, the reform is going to move on the date on which it is originally mooted. And growth engine will not stop. GST numbers are being rolled out on 1st April, 2016. How will it be done is Government's cup of tea. Rahul may not know but some Congress leaders are in the know of things. Once GST is rolled out and LAB shows results, nation is headed for growth and no force can stop Modi. What can a Rahul do, without learning simple words?

He says in Congress, in CWC meetings, "One voice is heard here, one there, one on top and one from the bottom. We are the most democratic". That is why mother-son are ruling perennially. "In BJP only Modi only speaks." If there are followers who nod their heads to whatever leader says. it will be nude democracy. Modi hears even the common man. He is giving strength to the voice of people. His Mann ki Baath today is an example. Which Congress leader ever made you hear common man's voice in PM speeches? The PM. himself, had no authority to talk. But there is one connoisseur that will call the bluff of this mysterious party as in this story.

A gorgeous woman entered the royal court of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu when he was busy with the courtiers. With all her pleasing manners, attire and conversation, she attracted the gathering that day. After a little dialogue with the King and his prime staff, she took out the most delicate and flimsiest sari from a small box that would hardly be sufficient to place a pair of ear-tops.
Exhibiting the saree to the royal court attendants, she addressed the king, King of Kings! A group of divine weavers are working for me. They can weave similar delicate, thinnest and beautiful saris. They are capable of weaving celestial fabric, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.
If we have your majestys blessings and support in addition to appropriate allocation of funds, they can do wonders and exhibit before the honorable King.
Satisfied with the exhibit, Rayalu believed her words. Allotting required funds for weaving the celestial fabric, Rayalu asked her to get the job done with thorough research and of course within the year.
The gorgeous woman and her weavers enjoyed the comforts and treatment extended by the King to the royal court guests for one year. Even after the lapse of one year, there was no news from the woman about the research nor the weavers exhibited any products before the King.
Rayalu ordered some of his employees to inspect the weavers’ guesthouse and enquire about the weaving of celestial fabric that was fit to be worn by the Gods. The royal employees at once left for the guesthouse.
The woman welcomed the inspectors and took them to the location where the weavers were working seriously not even noticing the presence of guests in the room. The inspectors were aghast when they entered the room. There were no looms, no thread spools, not even a string of thread in the room. All the weavers sitting there were pretending to draw threads and weave. Every act was as if they were weaving something, with empty hands. The inspectors could not realised what was happening there. They asked the woman about the invisible fabric. She threw a lovely smile at them and told in a low husky voice. “Gentlemen, the invisible or celestial fabric is visible to only those who are pure along with purity of their parents. Of course, I believe that you can see the clarity of design and beauty of the craftsmanship of our weavers.”
The inspectors were worried of being branded as sinners, if they spoke truth about what they saw. They did not dare to probe against the guests. Moreover, they appreciated the delicacy, accuracy, and what not about the work being done at the guesthouse. They stood by the roles they played at the guesthouse, in front of the King Rayalu too.
The feedback of the employees augmented the enthusiasm of Rayalu. He was eagerly waiting for the finished products to be exhibited before him and the royal court members. Some days later, Rayalu ordered his men to bring the weavers to his court along with the finished products.
An unusually big gathering assembled in the royal court to witness the celestial fabric exhibition. As part of the introductory speech, the weavers addressed the gathering. They pointed out that the fabric was made from various divine materials. Hence, they would be visible only to those who are clean by soul along with purity of their parents. The whole gathering went silent for a moment, as no one could see any fabric in the hands of the weavers. Still, they maintained, out of fear of humiliation, that they were able to view the exhibit, started applauding the beauty, and praised the weavers.
Just then, King Rayalu accompanied by Ramalinga, entered the court to witness the exhibition. Weavers repeated their standard phrases. Rayalu stared at the hands of the weavers for a moment and whispered to Ramalinga, “I regret to say, I cannot see any material in their hands. Is that my own sin or my parents’?” “Nothing comes to be visible in thin air, My Lord!” replied Ramalinga.
Rayalu grew suspicious, “What do you mean?” he asked. Ramalinga in a low tone audible only to the King said, “King of Kings! These weavers are cheating our eyes and brains with their deceptive speech.”
Rayalu urged Ramalinga to make public, the cheating of the weavers. Ramalinga turned towards the gorgeous woman and in an astoundingly inquisitive tone told her, “What a beauty! How rich are these textiles, Lady. The King of Kings Rayalu is anxious to view your stepped up decorum, if you wear those celestial material.”
The lady understood that Ramalinga deciphered the secret of invisible weaving. She was confused for a moment. She could neither disregard the King’s order nor stand nude in the crowded court in the guise of wearing something, which actually was nothing. She thought that the only way out would be to fall on the King’s feet pleading mercy. Immediately she did so begging for pardon. This was how Ramalinga was once again instrumental in protecting his King.
But as strong BJP supporters, we thank Rahul for removing the ventilator from the sick political bed of Nitish Kumar, in one meeting. Now, no specialist can save him. One more meeting, we can write off political career of Nitish.

Though men be endowed with beauty and youth, and be born in a noble family, yet without education, they are like a palas tree, which is void of any sweet smell.